What's Happening

  • Help Pisa (now Phoenix)

    Help us pay for her medical costs

    Hi, My name is Phoenix, and I am a very happy girl! I was given the name "Phoenix" because I rose out of the ashes of a landfill in New Mexico. Somone dumped me there after my back legs were broken. Can you believe that? I was rescued by the wonderful people at Arizona Border Collie Rescue and transported to my foster home where I am be3ing loved and fed and cared for, which is a huge relief. Even though my back legs are going to need surgery, I still get around pretty dang good and love to play with the other dogs in my new house. If you could donate any amount ($1, $5, or more) to help non-profit AZBCR, it would help pay for my surgeries and for fostering so many other Border Collies who are looking for forever homes. Thank you for listening to my story. -- Phoenix

  • Mountainside Middle School Donation

    Mountainside Middle School students, Paige Albrecht and Greer Coleman, created this fantastic video for their assignment in Mr. Hartzel's Language Art's class. Thank you, girls, for your donation to Jasper's Medical Fund, and for helping raise awareness for dogs in rescues in Arizona. Paige's family are AZBCR alumni, having adopted their dog Kenzi (formerly Meadow) in 2015. Miss Kenzi also has a starring role in their presentation! Please join us in congratulating the girls on a job well done and enjoy the video! (Click the title to see the video)

  • Fostering - You CAN Do It!

    From ShelterMe.TV

    Listen to this fantastic short video that explains the life of a foster. This is why we can't keep every dog that we foster - we have to make room for more dogs!

  • T-Shirts Available

    Don't forget that you can help support AZBCR just by buying a great T-shirt! We also have hats and visors in many colors.

  • Texas 21 - Puppy Mill Rescue

    On April 13th, 2011, twenty-one (21) Border Collies were rescued from a shut down puppy mill in Jefferson, Texas. Six volunteers from Arizona Border Collie Rescue drove 3 vans loaded with empty crates to Odessa, Texas to rescue these pups.