What's Happening

  • Rescue Roundup

    Flagstaff - Saturday July 29, 2017 9am-3pm

    Hello all - Mark your calendars!!! Rescue Roundup is coming! Join us Saturday July 29, 2017 from 9am - 3pm in Flagstaff. Check out the website for more details http://www.rescueroundup.org. As we get closer, we will provide more details.

  • Help us fund Ruby's surgery

    Ruby is just a young girl, but unfortunately has a hip replacement in her near future. Please read her story here and help if you can. http://azbcr.org/Donate.aspx Anything you can give will help us with her expensive surgery and rehab

  • Fostering - You CAN Do It!

    From ShelterMe.TV

    Listen to this fantastic short video that explains the life of a foster. This is why we can't keep every dog that we foster - we have to make room for more dogs!

  • Texas 21 - Puppy Mill Rescue

    On April 13th, 2011, twenty-one (21) Border Collies were rescued from a shut down puppy mill in Jefferson, Texas. Six volunteers from Arizona Border Collie Rescue drove 3 vans loaded with empty crates to Odessa, Texas to rescue these pups.