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  • Bonnie

    New Name: Meeka
    Adopted 07/18/2017

    Meeka is doing great, it was an adjustment initially, especially with her potty training, but she is doing a whole lot better now. Meeka (she was Bonnie while in rescue), her new sister Sqweeks, and I try to go hiking at least one day a week on the weekends. She gets lots of walks and loves to play, especially with her kitty sister Sheba. She was scared of Sheba at first but now there's nothing more fun or exciting than when Sheba decides to play with her. Meeka is definitely a cuddle bug and will lay as close as possible as often as possible when we're inside together.

  • Roxie (Pele)

    New Name: Pele
    Adopted 07/16/2017

    Roxie is a very sweet and gentle girl. She has warmed up to us quickly and is fitting in quite well in our home. She's a joy to come home to and brings more life to our home.

  • CeCe

    New Name: Poppy
    Adopted 06/19/2017

    Cece ! Hard to believe we've had CeCe, now Poppy, a month already. She loves playing with her pack mates and sticking her tongue out. She is really good on the short walks she's been on, and has learned paw and spin amongst other things. Even her coat has completely changed from just a few weeks ago! Thank you Chrissy O'Meara Donovan and everyone at AZBCR

  • Paisley

    Adopted 06/18/2017

    Paisley is a gorgeous girl and our job is to make her know that the world is a safe place. She likes to be busy but lots of things make her nervous. We trust she will be super comfortable in another few weeks and an awesome dog. We love her already.

  • Jessie

    Adopted 06/17/2017

    Our new JessJess has quite the personality. She and her big sister, Shiloh, are getting along better and better each day sometimes even playing chase. We love the way JessJess prances when she's excited about something, like eating! She's not toy motivated, only food, but is beginning to take a small interest in the ball, chasing it from time to time. JessJess gives the sweetest kisses and loves to cuddle. She is absolutely the best traveller in the car and is excellent on the leash loving her walks. Because she is mostly deaf, she's teaching us a few things. When someone leaves the house, we wave bye-bye to her as she watches us leave. Otherwise, JessJess wanders the house looking for whomever left. Motioning your hand to your mouth puts her in a frenzy because that means DINNER!! We finally found her off switch! Thanks, AZBCR, for the opportunity to give this special little girl a furever new home.

  • Artemis

    New Name: Artemis
    Adopted 06/16/2017

    This sweet boy fits in well in our busy household. He's learned a lot quickly and is always ready to go when we are.

  • Crackle (cricket)

    New Name: Gaia
    Adopted 06/11/2017

    I would love to talk about Gaia. I could talk about all of the helpful roles that Gaia plays in our lives - honestly, there are so many that I'm not sure how we got along before her...she's our alarm clock (we never forget to set her), our landscape architect, interior decorator, night-time toe warmer, and personal fitness trainer. She also consults on pool maintenance. In addition, she manages our social calendar (introducing us to lots of happy folks at the dog park and on the trail). Gaia can be a bit bossy - she always reminds me when I've left something out that I should have put away or when the trash needs to be taken out fortunately, she uses positive reinforcement (kisses, tail wags, and lap cuddles) to gently nudge me towards good behaviors. I think most importantly, she reminds me to find daily joy in the little things...something any good friend will do. I don't know how to repay her for all the things she does for us, but I do hope that she loves us as much as we love

  • Mary Kate

    New Name: Romy
    Adopted 06/10/2017

    Our sweet pup, who is now named Romy, is growing up. She is affectionate and fun loving.

  • Charlie

    Adopted 06/09/2017

    Our family started the "buddy" search about 6 months after our beloved Amigo died and we found our surviving Cattle Dog, Murry, missing his big brother. I scanned rescue sights and we went to shelters but never found a fit. Then, I contacted Kelly at AZBCR, after seeing her adorable Christmas card with all her Border Collies. I gave her our wish list, spent hours reading dog bios and even called a couple foster families but nothing panned out. One day Kelly emailed, "I think I may have found you a dog." Kelly is passionate about getting her pups placed and had been watching for just the right scenario for our family. And boy was she right. Charlie and Murry hit it off from the first sight and smell and are best buddies now. Murry has found his new forever friend and he is really rising to his new big brother role. We couldn't imagine our home without Charlie. Thank you to Kelly and everyone at AZBCR who work tirelessly on behalf of Border Collies and all dogs in Az!!

  • Roper

    Adopted 06/09/2017

    We first became introduced to AZBCR at the Holiday Pet Festival in December. After talking with the volunteers we knew we needed to get involved, most likely as a foster. Unfortunately, our 10 y.o. Aussie had to have an emergency splenectomy that same weekend, putting our plans on temporary hold. We received news that our Aussie had Hemangiosarcoma, a very aggressive form of cancer and our time with her was limited. We knew we needed another dog before she was gone. When we first saw the pictures of Roper, we fell in love with her immediately and knew she was the puppy for us! Our name went on the waiting list and we crossed our fingers. We brought Roper home on June 9th and June 13th we had to say goodbye to our amazing Aussie. We believe that all things happen for a reason. Roper is very smart and a star pupil at puppy class and has such a goofy personality. She makes us smile every day! Foster Chrissy gave her and her siblings a great 8 week start! Thanks so much to AZBCR.

  • Myrtle

    Adopted 06/09/2017

    Myrtle came to us on a foster "swap" she was pretty broken down and very shy, but oh so sweet! Within 24 hrs she was fitting in to our family perfectly and getting comfy on the couch! Within 5 days of fostering her, I had a couple different people reach out to me for meet and was at that time that I just knew I could not let her go!!! I sent the news to Traci that I was going to adopt Myrtle (I didn't even run it by my husband first??). And yes, we became FOSTER FAILURES! She remains shy at times and is very fearful of thunderstorms??????? She is a totally different dog in the mornings, crawling on to the bed and being wild, playing like crazy! Myrtle has stolen our hearts for sure, we just love her to pieces! AZBCR is an amazing organization and I'm thankful for all they do!

  • Willow Spring

    New Name: Ruby
    Adopted 06/09/2017

    All is going very well with Ruby! She is 15 weeks old as of yesterday, and she has very quickly become a cherished member of the family. Her official name is Ruby Jr. because just 3 days before we brought Ruby home our 17 year old dog, Junior, died. She'd lived a good long life and was ready to go, but of course, we were heart broken. My son came up with the idea of calling our new pup Ruby Jr., and she has definitely honored the memory of her namesake and has eased the pain of our loss. Ruby has also become fast friends with our other dogs, Charlie and Pookie. She is a star at puppy class and is just as smart and energetic as I had hoped she would be. Overall, success! I appreciate your checking in with us, and all that you and AZBCR do for these amazing dogs. Ruby is the second dog I have adopted from you all I had my good boy Logan for 9 years and still miss him terribly every day.

  • Riggs

    Adopted 06/08/2017

    Riggs is doing great! We absolutely adore him. We are so pleased to have been involved with AZBCR, first fostering and now adopting. I honestly didn't think I could fall so hard and so fast for a dog as our two previous Border Collies lived to the ripe old age of 13 and we literally thought they broke the mold with those two dogs. They set the bar pretty high. We are happy to say that Riggs has filled the void that was missing in our home. We love his energy and disposition. We are so in love with him! We will always continue to support AZBCR in any way we can. Although we currently aren't fostering with the addition of the new pup we will volunteer and help in way we can. Everyone within the organization is so passionate about rescuing Border Collies and put so much effort into matching the right dog with the right family. We love AZBCR and can't imagine our lives without Riggs. Our lives were also enriched by fostering dogs until the right family came around for them. Thank you AZ

  • Tippy

    Adopted 06/08/2017

    Tippy has an amazing new home. She gets to hike, swim, and hang out with her big brother, Duke, who is so calm compared to the wild and energetic Tippy. It's been a great home for her and you'll see her on Facebook alot, sharing s.

  • Biscuit

    Adopted 06/08/2017

    Biscuit was one of 7 pups born to CeCe, a foster dog. We haven't heard back from Biscuit's mom so we assume they are having too much fun together to take the time to share a story. Happy life Biscuit!

  • Parker

    Adopted 06/08/2017

    This cute little pup got adopted along with the rest of CeCe's litter. We haven't heard back from the foster family but we trust all is going well. Otherwise, we might have heard something sooner. Happy life Mr. Parker!

  • Becker

    New Name: Maddie
    Adopted 06/07/2017

    I'm Maddie now and I'm too busy being a puppy to give you an .

  • Buddy

    Adopted 06/07/2017

    My wife Kris and I adopted Buddy during the late part of June. The day we picked him up, he did not feel comfortable on a lead, and he did not like to ride. We knew we had our work cut out for us if he was going to be our "Go Everywhere With Us" dog. The first day we just let him settle into his new surroundings. On the second day we walked him around the neighborhood, and by the end of the walk he was doing OK on a lead. The third day we took him to a dog park to get him used to riding. Over the next week, we took him to the dog park every evening. By the sixth trip, he jumped into the back seat of the truck by himself without even being coaxed. He continues to grow, learn and impress us every day with his intelligence. I know the breed is very smart, but I am amazed at how quickly he picks things up with only a little bit of work. He is not timid and is always up for new challenges and adventures. He has a great personality, disposition and seems to know what we need.

  • J.D.

    New Name: Zion
    Adopted 06/06/2017

    Our experience with AZBCR could not have been better. We decided to adopt from them even though we live in Colorado, and they were able to work with us long distance to fill out all the necessary paperwork and complete the home visit. We waited for the litter to be born, and got to watch excitedly as 7 little pups grew up. His foster helped us pick the perfect match, and was more than willing to send photos and videos to help us decide. We flew out to pick Zion up, the foster mom provided everything we needed for our road trip, and (other than the 3 dozen or so potty breaks!) he slept most of the way home. Zion is an exceptionally good dog. T While we have worked hard on training, both for ourselves and Zion, it has all built upon the foundation set in those first 8 weeks of life. He is confident, obedient, happy, and full of energy. There isn't a day that we don't laugh day at his hilarious personality. We love our new family member and think all of your volunteers are amazing.

  • Louise

    Adopted 06/06/2017

    We no longer have the shy little puppy we met just last week. She is now super bold and has no problem arguing with us when she feels things are unfair...literally. This week she learned to go up the stairs! Our apartment is on the second floor, so for the past week we have been carrying her up and down them. After some coaxing though she overcame her fear/confusion and has conquered them. At first she had to take them one step at a time, but now she has progressed to running up and down them. She is also doing great on the leash when we take her outside. She still pulls a bit and has her feisty moments but we'll be able to go farther soon.We have been working on "sit" and "down" commands with her so when we can enroll in puppy class, she will be a star pupil. She has gotten really good with "sit". I'm also working on "wait" and "come" with her. She is such a smart little pup. We feel so lucky to have her.

  • Zion

    Adopted 06/02/2017

    This puppy coming to me in the classic "who saved who"? I was sitting at work on a Monday when I saw her face. In an ugly high kill kennel in the middle of farmland Utah where she was supposed to be put down the previous Saturday. I was sure that someone already had her. But when I read the comments there were many remarks but no "I'll get her". I responded that I'd would go. Kelly Quinn asked if I was sincere and without a doubt I said yes. The puppy called to me and within 24 hours I had her. Now she's settling into the city life where there is good food, dog sisters, a people bed, kisses, kitties to chase and yummy treats. We're still working on the shying away from hands but soon she'll forget and only know that hands are for pets. I started calling her Zoe. Then lately Zozo which reminded me of ZuZu and her petals in 'Its a Wonderful Life'. Where George, the main character, is given a second chance by God. Divine intervention? Fate? Who knows. Who saved who?- we both did.

  • Ekko

    Adopted 05/31/2017

    Here is a photo of Ekko sporting her new doggles! This girl is so smart and cooperative that we're still having trouble believing it. We are so lucky to have her.

  • Odie

    Adopted 05/29/2017

    Odie is listed as the sweetest and cuddliest dog that his foster family ever had. No wonder he didn't last long at their house. He's pretty cute too. We wish Odie the very best in his new life and trust that he will never wander the streets alone again. Happy life Odie!

  • Phoenix

    Adopted 05/29/2017

    Phoenix tells the story about what rescue can do for a dog's body and spirit. She was thrown out like trash but found by a kind police office. She was brought into rescue where she has been loved and rehabilitated to the best of our abilities. Phoenix smiles throughout her day because she knows she is loved and will be loved forever. She has a spirit that just shines through.

  • Snoopy (orange)

    New Name: Mirk
    Adopted 05/29/2017

    Mirk (previously known as Snoopy) is a busy little boy! Well, not so little anymore. He's grown into his long floppy ears quite nicely, but now at six months of age, has those long floppy legs! He travels well (good thing, as we're on the road a lot!), he sleeps well through the night (sometimes on the bed, sometimes in the crate beside the bed), and he LOVES to play. We took a fun road trip this summer to Yellowstone Dog Sports near Red Lodge, MT where he got to swim in the dock diving pond (no diving for him) and go on a couple of lovely hikes in the mountains - one 6 miles and lots of elevation gain! He was a Good Tired Puppy that night. He is learning things slowly but surely - mostly he's just enjoying being a P U P P Y!! He chews on my other ABCR girl, Teasel, relentlessly, and she enjoys chewing back. He and my other boy, Bracken, get along, but Mirk does seem to respect his elder. I hope to start some agility foundation work with him soon. He does love everybody.

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