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  • Karli (Gallup Girl)

    Adopted 01/20/2018

    Karli is a poster dog for extreme survival. She is living the best possible life with her adoptive family. She is active and devoted and ambulates extremely well on her two front legs. She has her own facebook group: Karli's Korner if you want to know more about her story.

  • Newman

    New Name: Ollie
    Adopted 12/18/2017

    I would really like to thank the whole AZBCR for giving me the chance to adopt a beautiful dog, that now I have officially fallen in love with him. Me and my husband have been wanting to get a dog for a while we recently graduated college, then we knew we were ready to have a dog in our life. Ollie came into our lives right before Christmas weekend and it was the greatest gift ever. One thing that stands out to me the most, it's the fact that he has bring so much joy and happiness to us. I have dealt with depression and anxiety all though my college life, mostly ups and down but I learned to live with my anxiety and learned to manage to controlled it, but now Ollie has had an astonishing impact on me, because ever since we brought him home, I have had zero anxiety attacks and I live happier everyday. THANK YOU SO MUCH AZBCR!

  • Rowdy

    Adopted 12/17/2017

    I lost a Border Collie to cancer, recently, and my Jack Russell went into in such dispair, she started to show signs of separation anxiety...panting, shaking, drooling, even throwing up. I was home most of the time recovering from foot surgery, but as I became more mobile and would leave home, I'd come back to a shaking, panicked dog. I saw Rowdy at a dog fair and fell in love with his confident, affectionate, curious disposition. I've had 2 Border Collie and love the breed. They've been good around my horses and we've had fun doing agility work...I thought Rowdy would be a good fit for me and my Jack. As it's turned out, my Jack has actually come alive. She's attempting the tricks I'm teaching Rowdy...amazing for a 15 year old and she's content again.They play together, sleep together. They are the odd couple out on walks and just today, I heard a gal tell her dogs, "that's what good dogs look like, why can't you be like that"! Can't wait to see all of his potential.

  • Rowsey

    Adopted 12/16/2017

    I have had Rowsey for 6 weeks now but she fits in so well with my family that it feels like she’s been with us longer. She went from hiding under the bed and cowering in the foot well of the car and afraid of everything to be a funny, smart, very playful affectionate girl. She loves walking with Grizzly and Fox and playing with them and loves going to the Riparian to see bunnies and hiking. She now sits up and looks out the window in the car. She is better at meeting people and other dogs and loves going to Starbucks with friends. She also sits on my lap and snuggles and is all around a wonderful dog!! I’m looking forward to many years of watching her grow more confident and maybe even take agility classes. I love her so much and am so thankful to AZBCR for bringing us together.

  • Finn

    Adopted 12/16/2017

    We adore Finney. He lives on six acres and is learning agility. He also runs with me. He lives with two bc and two rat terriers. He loves everyone!

  • KayDee

    Adopted 12/12/2017

    We met Kaydee at the 12k’s of Christmas. After talking with her foster dad, Todd and hanging out with her, I knew she was the one! Her sweet personality instantly won us over. In a matter of days she became a mama’s girl, just what I was hoping for. She’s a great walking companion, and a snuggle bug. Making her perfect for taking naps or reading in bed. Kaydee dose well with our two small dogs, Meghan and Memphis but did take awhile to get used to the cat. She has now taken it upon herself to guard the cat at all times making sure that Abby behaves herself! Lol She fits into our family perfectly and we are madly in love with her.

  • Samson

    New Name: Cody Casanova
    Adopted 12/04/2017

    AZ Border Collie Rescue is top notch. The adoption process was so smooth and thorough. I love how you came it did a home check before you allowed Cody to come here…. :) Everyone was so pleasant and helpful. Loved how you work with Wag-n-Train Dog Rescue (Jamie Wheelwright) here in Utah to help get the dogs from Utah in Foster homes. We are in love with Cody Casanova (previously Samson, but we changed his name, he liked “Cody” and LOVES the Ladies) He was part of the family instantly. He potty trained in one day, knows the lay of the land and is really good with our wild horses here I feel so blessed that we were connected, this is his FOREVER home :) He is a love bug and so chill and smart!

  • Ace

    Adopted 12/04/2017

    One month after adopting Ace, my husband has been diagnosed with cancer. Having this fantastic dog by his side has made this life altering event so much more bearable. Ace is a major source of love and caring. It's hard to always worry about yourself when you know this wonderful animal is depending on you. My husband and Ace go every where together.... the gym, restaurants, to Ace hardware store (where they gave the dog a special Ace nametag), to the dog park, on long walks.Ace sleeps in our room, and stays with us all day long. If we happen to go out without him, homecoming is being greeted by tail wagging, licks, and happy squeals. Thank you, AZBCR for bringing this wonderful animal into our lives.

  • Walter

    New Name: Socks
    Adopted 12/03/2017

    Our family adopted Socks in December and he is an energetic, loving addition to our household. Socks has the sweetest personality and loves to give hugs. He will play ball and frisbee all day if you can keep up with him. He fit in well with our 2 other dogs and is learning what to do with the 2 cats. Shortly after adopting Socks we lost our 10 year old border collie to lung cancer so Socks has become the leader of the pack (our min pin is a follower). 2 weeks ago we added 2 border collie puppies to the family so now he has playmates and is teaching them how to have fun and act like normal border collies. Socks is an eager learner and has learned new tricks already and wants to learn more. He is great with the kids, always ready to play and cuddle. Border collies are wonderful pets and we thank AZBCR for all they do.

  • Moser

    Adopted 12/03/2017

    After losing our beloved BC mix, Oreo, we waited. When we were ready to open our hearts and home again, I remembered the website and started to browse. We surfed all the sweet dogs and decided that with the area we have, a puppy would suit us better. Moser caught our eyes! What a handsome little man he was! We set up a meet and fell in love instantly. He is spoiled beyond compare. So smart, at 4 mos old, he can sit, stay, say "please", high five, it, and spin. He has puzzles that our daughter bought for him this Xmas and has mastered both. He loves his bath, pool and snuggling in bed with us at night. Everyone thinks their dog is the best, we are no exception to that rule! Your foster system is the best! His foster mom, Annie, had him house broken and had all ready taught him a few of the tricks listed. We have had such a good experience with Arizona Border Collie Rescue! We can't thank you folks enough for all of your hard work and dedication!

  • Arizona

    New Name: Freckle face red gir
    Adopted 12/01/2017

    Arizona was a young, owner surrender. She came to stay with us as a 'temporary foster' on her way to the Arizona Border Collie Rescue, but she never left. I can't imagine why anyone would have given her up! She immediately won over our hearts. Arizona has that effect on almost everyone she meets! The name Arizona fit her perfectly. Her coat reminded me of the Sedona mountains and she never made it to the AZBCR. The first two months she was with us, she was quiet sick with a respiratory flu. Now she is much better and this sweet little ball of lightning can't stop moving! Arizona loves going on adventures with her fluffy sister, Berlin. Thank goodness she loves snuggles and naps too! "

  • Grace pup - Van (Gre

    New Name: Moe
    Adopted 11/30/2017

    Moe (formerly Van) was in need of a loving home, and we were in need of a little brother for our playful 8 month old BC, Max. We were told he was usually outgoing, but wasn't very outgoing with the potential adopters he met before us. Lucky for our family, Moe chose us! He walked right up and fell in love, as did we. Moe is a lover and cuddler, but also loves playing with his big brother, as they are close in age. He learns a lot just from watching him. He is a mama's boy! He doesn't leave her side, ever. He has learned some commands, but is working on more. He's a little guy with a BIG heart, all he wants to do is love. We couldn't have found a better fit for our second BC addition to the family.

  • Maverick

    Adopted 11/25/2017

    When my fiance and I adopted Maverick a few months ago, we thought we were adopting a sweet boy who liked to play ball. What we got was so much more: sneaking in little kisses at every opportunity, Mav is a ball of sunshine, the king of hiking, and a ball-playing machine. He's wonderful in every way. Thanks AZBCR!

  • Stella

    Adopted 11/11/2017

    We are loving Stella and Shadow. We never intended to adopt 2 dogs! They are a handful at times, but we still love them. We realized right away that we all needed training, so we hired a trainer to teach us how to train our dogs. The two of them together are a lot of dog power. I can now go out with both of them together for a walk and not get dragged down the street. They are very friendly to people, but I am not sure they have been around other dogs and animals, so we are working on all of that. I am not sure they had ever seen a bicycle, because they went crazy the first time they saw one go down our street. So we got ours out and let them see what it is. Baby steps! I still want to be able to take them out on hikes and up to our cabin. We just need to make sure they don’t go crazy on someone else’s dog. But the good...they are so lovable! We have 4 teenage girls at home and they all love them and my 2 youngest love to sleep with them.

  • Grace pup - Jefferso

    New Name: Koda
    Adopted 11/11/2017

    We were so impressed with Arizona Border Collie Rescue from the beginning. Traci spent a lot of time on the phone making sure I got the best fit for our family. We went over to see Grace's pups and the little one with the red collar became our "Koda." He is now nearly 4 months old, potty trained and has lots of commands mastered. We are in training with him and both Koda and I love every minute of it. It is very rewarding. Koda is incredibly smart and loving and wants to be around people and other dogs. Kelly and Kara took such good care of these puppies before they were ready to find furever homes. We are very lucky to have Koda as our third boy in the house... our Band of Brothers!

  • Grace pup - Mac (Ty

    New Name: Dax
    Adopted 11/11/2017

    Dax is the most amazing pup so far ,the potty training is going very well , he comes when you call him. Retrieving the ball is going very well.and he loves us as we do him.

  • California Shadow

    Adopted 11/11/2017

    We are loving Stella and Shadow. We never intended to adopt 2 dogs! They are a handful at times, but we still love them. We realized right away that we all needed training, so we hired a trainer to teach us how to train our dogs. The two of them together are a lot of dog power. I can now go out with both of them together for a walk and not get dragged down the street. They are very friendly to people, but I am not sure they have been around other dogs and animals, so we are working on all of that. I am not sure they had ever seen a bicycle, because they went crazy the first time they saw one go down our street. So we got ours out and let them see what it is. Baby steps! I still want to be able to take them out on hikes and up to our cabin. We just need to make sure they don’t go crazy on someone else’s dog But the good…. they are so lovable! Especially Shadow. He would let you scratch and cuddle 24/7.

  • Grace Pup - Steele

    Adopted 11/10/2017

    One of eight male pups from loving mom Grace, this boy got off to a great start in life and is now living the good life and growing fast with his new family.

  • Grace pup - Bon Jovi

    Adopted 11/10/2017

    Ian and I had a tough time choosing just one of Grace’s pups when we met them, but Tapeats, formerly Bon Jovi, stood apart fairly quickly. He would come sit on your feet but also had a lot of personality and was quite active. He and our aussie/cattle dog mix, Sycamore, immediately bonded and play all the time. Super Bee, our border collie, takes a little longer with puppies but she has already come around and is now joining in on the fun. Since this is a question we receive often, the name “Tapeats” derives from Tapeats Creek in the Grand Canyon National Park and is also one of the Canyon’s sandstone layers. Tapeats comes from Ta Pits, a member of the Pai Ute tribe who showed Major Powell the creek in 1871-1872. Tapeats is only four months old at the time of this writing, but he has already traveled through 16 states. Thankfully he’s a trooper in the car! Thank you Arizona Border Collie Rescue!

  • Grace pup - Creed (R

    New Name: River
    Adopted 11/10/2017

    River (his new name) is 4 months old and He is on his way to The Women’s March (his first March was for MLK -walked total of 6 miles). He weighs 27 lbs. has big paws, very calm, gentle, crate trained but mostly sleeps with us all night. He is a very sweet, little guy that gets along well with his sisters Bella (toy poodle - 9 lbs, 7 years old), Lily (Spaniel Mix, 12 years young). They play and sometimes nap together. He is also gentle with Frida our orange cat -8 Years old.

  • Kansas

    New Name: Ruger
    Adopted 11/10/2017

    2 of our dogs crossed rainbow bridge in the last 11 months. One was a 12 year old border collie. When we saw Ruger’s picture and story we knew we had to have him. From day one he has been such a lover and snuggler. He lets me hold him like a baby and gives kisses on command. He fits into our pack like he’s always been around. He has expanded our hearts after they had been broken by loss. Ruger is too smart for his own good at times! The vet said he’s going to be a big boy as he is already “big boned”. We love him and couldn’t be happier! This rescue has been so supportive and a great place to adopt from. They care about the animal, not the money, unlike other rescues. Thank you so much from us all - Dennis, Samantha, Payton, Scout, Groot and Ruger!

  • Dottie

    New Name: Cassidy
    Adopted 11/08/2017

    We have been blessed to adopt Cassidy (formerly Dottie) from AZBCR. She joins our 8 year old ACD (blue heeler) Sam. Our almost 2 year old twins absolutely love her and she is so good with them. We were looking for a dog that would fit our family and be gentle with our kids. Cassidy has fit in like she was always meant to be part of our family. She brings so much joy to our life and we are so thankful to her foster family for sharing her with us.

  • Scout

    Adopted 11/08/2017

    Wow, I’m Scout and I can't tell you how happy I am in my forever home in time for Christmas. This family and home life is amazing stuff. There are beds on the floor everywhere. I didn't know about these toys in baskets, but found out they squeak and get tossed for me to chase and return. My older sister is unsteady on her feet, so I'm very careful not to bump into her. I lay down on my back and let her choose how she wants to play. I have her moving around more, so she follows Mom and me to the barn more often where we lay in the sun. I follow Mom around while she does horse chores. I just lay down around the barn when Mom gets on one of those horses. Sometimes I go exploring the creek and check out where all the birds live. There are four cats that live in the barn and I don't mess with them, cause they swat me on the nose, OUCH! My little sister is a cat too, but she lets me sniff her and basically ignores me. Life is so good!

  • Gemma

    Adopted 11/06/2017

    This beautiful girl came from Utah to our rescue where she learned alot in her foster home about how to get rid of her crazy BC energy. She has lovely manners now and is living with people who do have time to love her and train her. She's gonna be a really good dog now.

  • Rico

    New Name: Oakley
    Adopted 11/02/2017

    Oakley (previously known as Rico) is a precious, sweet, loving, funny, goofy, adorable, and charming addition to our family. He is both a momma's boy as well as a daddy's boy! He fits in just perfectly. He was working on his fitness when he came to us, and we are quite an active couple! He's learning that he LOVES walks and exploring. He also is slowly (but surely) becoming a fan of hiking as well. He's so fun to take with us everywhere we go - coffee shops, restaurants, family functions, etc. He has the cutest "skip" hopping-run (and that's saying something because he loves walking over running, that's for sure!) when he gets really excited when he sees his family. That's even when we've been gone 1 second! He truly is a charmer, and has worked his way into our family and friends' hearts, just like ours. He is a safe dog that we trust around people, kids, cats, and other dogs. Oakley loves leaning on you to show you how much he loves you, and always loves to be as close you a

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