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  • Alfonso

    Adopted 03/07/2018

    Fonzi is a big love bug and a huge snuggler. His new dad is retired, home alot, and I'll bet they are snuggled up right now.

  • Kirby

    Adopted 03/04/2018

    We are so happy with our new buddy, Kirby! He has filled a hole that both my wife, Gail and I have been feeling for the past 1.5 years. You see, this is the very first time I've been without a furry friend for the past 50 years!! Over the past 20 years, we have had at least 2 Great Pyrenees in our lives. Then, my last one, Cheeka, passed away a year ago last October. I have always been attracted to the Border Collie breed, and decided that I would go on a searchquest. That's how we found AZBCR. Looked at alot of dogs that went fast. Then BAM! We got the call that Donna Kelly had 2 brothers that were wanting a forever home...we chose Kirby. He has proven the best about Border Collies...highly responsive, well trained, loving, and SMART! In short, every dog I've had has been "special", but I believe Kirby getsthe final trophy. THANKS YOU SO MUCH AZBCR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dart

    Adopted 03/02/2018

    Dart was adopted and will be loved and well cared for from now on. He came from a rather abusive situation and he is safe now.

  • Bean

    Adopted 03/01/2018

    Bean is doing great. He is a sweet boy. We attend obedience class regularly, and he continues to make progress in becoming more well-behaved. Saturday I took him to Lake Pleasant. At first he was tentative around the water, but once he figured out what it was, I could not get him out. He really enjoyed it and the people around us had fun watching him have fun. Lots of people wanted to pet him after watching him. He was gentle with the strangers.

  • Toby

    Adopted 02/27/2018

    We are glad to write a success story about Rowdy (formally named as Toby). We are so very happy with him and think he is with us as well. He is truly a success story. Rowdy came to us with a lot of baggage, but clearly he was full of love and wanted to please. He very quickly knew he was a part of our family especially as his trust grew. With some patience, Rowdy went from fear of not getting enough to eat (had to use a maze bowl) to free feeding with a regular dog dish within a month. He love, love, loves to play with his tennis ball...more than one is heaven! He has learned to sit stay, and wait. Our next challenge is to work on his fear of water. He loves his walks and knows the exact time to get his leash. If I forget, reminds me.We searched for a couple of months for a new dog, and we would only have a rescue. We were told that we were fourth on the list, yet somehow it was meant to be with this boy.

  • Cheyanne

    Adopted 02/27/2018

    I don't really have any great story to tell. It seems that Cheyanne and I bonded from the very beginning. In the very short time we have been together, she is now part of my life and household. She can be a real cuddle bunny at times and at other times rather aloof. But we have fun. We go on a couple of long walks twice a day and have several "tug of wars" with her rope. Much fun. She sounds like she is going to tear your arm off but it really is just so much "sound and fury". Her regular spot at night is on the pillow right next to mine. And boy, can she snore!! I got a new Frisbee today for us to play with. She isn't quite sure what she is supposed to do but chase it and then play keep away with me. We will work on that. I am attaching several pictures, all of which I think I have posted on the AZBCR website. At any rate, I have fallen in love once again with this amazing creature and have a new best friend.

  • Oreo

    Adopted 02/25/2018

    Oreo came from the Humane Society in Utah, like many of our recent dogs. His foster most described him as a 1 year old BC mix who is all energy! Wow! We trust his new family is keeping him very busy and making him feel very loved. Happy new life, Oreo!

  • Spud

    Adopted 02/25/2018

    Spud is really so sweet. He has settled in well over time. The single biggest thing that has happened in Spud’s life, aside from the adoption itself, was that we splurged to have our entire almost 2 acre Prescott property fenced in (5 ft welded pipe no climb welded wire) that now provides him a huge new playground that he just loves to explore and race around. He’s curious about everything and I don’t think there’s a tree, bush, or boulder on the property he hasn’t explored. Also, while I’m still walking him twice a day plus playing tennis ball fetch after the evening walk, the additional running around in the yard is finally tiring him out! He has an incredible amount of energy! After the first week, he “adopted” me and I can’t go anyplace without him following alongside me all day. It’s pretty cool. I even had to move his bed into the master bedroom to a place where he can see me in bed to feel at ease and go to sleep.

  • Abby

    New Name: Annie May
    Adopted 02/23/2018

    Our first beloved BC pup, Maggie May, was adopted in 2014, from AZBCR, she was 7 months. We tragically lost her to Valley Fever this past Nov. and were totally heartbroken, and lost. Worst Holiday season ever. So I decided to start looking to help with another BC and saw this great photo of Abby that was being flown in by Pilots Paws. We had the opportunity to "puppy sit" for a day, and finally we were so "smitten" with her great personality and "talking" ability we asked to adopt her. We re-named her Annie May. She has developed into the sweetest girl, as everyone said, she is a LOVE BUG. She has fit in well, although it took Molly (Corgi mix)a couple days to make the adjustment, and now they are THE best of friends. WE couldn't be happier with our new baby, there is NO doubt that she rescued ME. A big thanks to all of the dedicated volunteers and especially Kelly Quinn.

  • Diggle

    New Name: Diggle
    Adopted 02/23/2018

    I'm Diggle. I don't mean to brag but I'm pretty awesome. My foster mom said so and she's now a foster failure. I love toys and balls. I'm just a big sweetheart and long to be a lap dog. I don't believe it when my mom says I'm too big for that. Can't be true!

  • Norman

    Adopted 02/20/2018

    Norman's new family is probably too busy with him to share a story. He's a busy guy who needs lots of structure and exercise. A great dog in the making. Happy life, Norman!

  • Mattie

    Adopted 02/19/2018

    Mattie came from Utah and was described as a girl who loves to walk and play. She knows alot of commands and might like to herd to some sheep. We hope all of these activities are keeping her busy and content in her new home.

  • Walt

    New Name: Bucky
    Adopted 02/19/2018

    Walter is now Bucky. He was described as a sweet and loving puppy with a sassy streak. I'm trusting that his forever family loves all of those things about him. Happy life, little guy.

  • Jagger

    Adopted 02/15/2018

    This young boy, Jagger, was described as energetic and playful. He also had a snuggly side said his foster family. Somebody got really lucky when they adopted Jagger.

  • Flacca

    New Name: Luna
    Adopted 02/15/2018

    We brought Luna (formerly Flacca/Nika) home a month ago and she’s already become part of our family. She’s so relaxed and such a love, it’s hard to believe she’s not even a year old. She’s great with our five year old son and adjusts her level of play to be careful of him, and she keeps a close eye on him for us too. She’s also taken it upon herself to be the protector of our house, a job she takes very seriously! Heaven help any cat crossing in front of our front windows. She’s definitely found her place here in our home and in our hearts. Thank you AZBCR!

  • Shelby

    New Name: Lennon
    Adopted 02/13/2018

    Now named Lennon. This little girl is 100 percent love. Who wouldn't fall for her?

  • Keeley

    New Name: Pickles
    Adopted 02/12/2018

    The day started like any other. Off to do a photo shoot with a lovely lady and her horses! Once finished we were packing up to leave and she asked if I would mind taking some shots of a foster pup she had taken in for your rescue. Of course I said. Bounding towards me comes this ball of excitement and joy! Next thing I knew I handed my camera to my husband, sat down on the driveway and was enveloped in pure happiness and shenanigans! I loved her that second! But having lost a beloved pup Oliver in December I was not sure I was ready for another. You cannot replace one pet for another, at least I can’t. I had no decision to make. My heart made it for me by growing to let Pickles easily slide in! I was a goner! Pickles has brought life back to our other pups who were also mourning the loss of Oliver. Pickles is exuberant, unlimited energy and friendliness and her spirit is infectious! You cannot be unhappy around her. I didn't need another dog but I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Honey

    Adopted 02/09/2018

    Last month we brought home 12 month old Sophie ( formerly known as Honey Buns). Sophie has a delightfully perky, sweet, sweet nature. She loves her brother, Shiloh, and is never far away. Sophie's playfulness has re-ignited Shiloh's puppy-fun side which has been so tender to watch!! Sophie also knows her Grandma Jean always has a doggie treat hidden in her pocket for good, little girls. Lucky Sophie, Lucky us!! Many thanks to AZBCR for helping us find our special girl!!

  • Spot

    Adopted 02/08/2018

    Spot came from Idaho where she lived on a farm until her owner passed away. She has successfully transitioned to life in AZ and has a wonderful new home. Happy trails, Spot!

  • Lunadita

    Adopted 02/07/2018

    Lunadita is a very shy girl who is super well behaved and reasonably low energy. This is how her foster mom described her. Someone got super lucky when they rescued this sweet soul.

  • Reeser Piecer

    Adopted 02/03/2018

    We didn’t adopt Reeser, he adopted us. When we were introduced to Reeser at the Anthem event on February 3, he came up to me and literally laid on me and would not stop licking my face. It was as if to say “I’m going home with you you can’t say NO!”. Well, he went home with us that day and we’ve kept each other company ever since. He loves to explore our property and hangs around us while we tend to yard work. And if you get out of his sight he will come looking for you. But his favorite thing to do is have the ball thrown to him. He is so good at bringing it back and gently placing it at your feet. We’re still getting to know him and understand him, but he is one happy BC and loves to be with us. We are so happy.

  • Diamond

    Adopted 02/02/2018

    My long time good friend and travel pal, my Blue Heeler, is now 17.5 years old. While she still has the heart of a cattle dog, she just cannot travel or run trails anymore. I was looking for a new trail dog that would also be a companion for the Blue Heeler. A friend of mine recommended AZBCR. I was impressed with the interview/application/screening process and how hard the volunteers at AZBCR worked to try to find just the right match for me. I visited "Diamond" at her foster home, where she was adjusting well to her new environment...which included plenty of other animals. Diamond is a bit older, but she has adapted well in our home. She is already bringing me her leash in the morning for her walk! Thank you AZBCR for a fabulous new friend and trail partner!

  • Luna

    New Name: Dharma
    Adopted 01/28/2018

    Dharma (formerly Luna) was described by her foster family as a lovely dog that absolutely loves everyone. We think her forever family must be pretty lucky.

  • Blitzen

    New Name: Dash
    Adopted 01/28/2018

    My new family calls me Dash (I was Blitzen). They say I'm smart and learning fast. This was a foster failure. They couldn't let him go. Love it!

  • Kimber

    Adopted 01/28/2018

    Kimber is a fun dog to have. She came very overweight. She is doing well on her diet and I can finally feel a rib! Her energy level is getting better all the time! She runs and plays with other dogs in the park and her loving personality continues to grow. I love her very much. We went to Fountain Park and saw foster dad Andy this past weekend. That was fun! Occasionally she and my alpha female have issues but for the most part she is happy in the yard. A little nosy and likes to know what is going on in the neighborhood! We are all happy with her. She is not a playful dog but she is a great big teddy bear to love! This dog behaves exactly as described. Your volunteer evaluations are dead on!

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