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  • Tucker

    Adopted 09/17/2017

    Tucker is doing great and the perfect addition to our family. Our two boys are in love and enjoy playing and snuggling with Tucker everyday. Our family is adjusting to having a dog, even the cat, and it had made for lots of laughs and family time all revolving around Tucker! This is our first family dog and we are learning as we go together. Tucker is in puppy kindergarten with a local trainer which he loves and he is learning lots of things very fast.

  • Hershel

    Adopted 09/09/2017

    We waited a long time to get Hershel because we rent and needed approval from the homeowner prior to us getting him. It was perfect timing all the way around. We picked him up from Tucson and headed back to Phoenix once home, Hershel integrated into the pack with Duke and Tippy quite fast, quicker than we had imagined. He is the sweetest, most mild mannered dog, who has brought a lot of calmness to the mix, but also a very fun and loving playmate for Tippy. He loves to go for walks and loves his daddy, waiting every day by the back door for him to come home. Hershel loves to eat, chew on marrow bones and Nyla type bones! We never need an alarm to wake us in the morning, because Hershel is up at the same time every morning, letting us know it's time to rise and shine! We fell in love with him quickly, and honestly, we can not imagine him not being with us.

  • Mandy

    Adopted 09/09/2017

    Marley (formerly Mandy) came to live with us a couple of weeks ago. She's a dear, and we are so attached to her already. Marley does need some extra attention, and so we'll have an animal behaviorist/trainer come to our home next Thursday. This is necessary before Marley will feel secure enough to attend basic training classes. We'll also work with the trainer to help Marley overcome her separation anxiety, so that we can leave the house together. We look forward to helping Marley feel more comfortable so she can have a full life ahead.

  • Maya

    Adopted 09/03/2017

    Things with Maya have been going pretty smoothly. She’s a good low maintenance pup. She’s getting along great with the cats, and seems happy hanging out doing whatever I am. Walks and runs are still probably her favorite activity (especially running after bikers or runners going the opposite direction at Tempe Town Lake!)

  • Tangle

    New Name: Tango
    Adopted 09/02/2017

    Oh my goodness, I cant tell you how much we love Tangle! We have renamed her Tango because the boys (3 son's) thought it was easier to say. :) She is so sweet, playful, loving and plays with our other dog constantly. They are a perfect match as companions. She loves running around our property and playing in the irrigation and playing catch with the boys. We are so grateful for her and couldn't have possibly found a better match for our family. Thank you so much

  • Riley

    Adopted 08/30/2017

    We have had Riley for almost a month now. He is the sweetest guy and a real snuggler. We can see his fears slowly going away. He had his first bath while with us yesterday and did really well. His foster mom described him as "quirky" and I think I know what she means. He insists of laying down and rolling over so I can put his leash on. We are so happy to have Riley. We fit each other's life styles perfectly.

  • Pepper

    Adopted 08/30/2017

    This lovely senior girl gets to live out her golden years in a safe and loving home. This is what rescue is all about!

  • Louie

    Adopted 08/28/2017

    Louie is a ball playing fool. He is well trained and wants to please. He keeps us moving and that is just what we wanted from our new dog. Thanks AZBCR.

  • Brooks

    Adopted 08/26/2017

    Hi I'm Brooks and I'm a sleepyhead and a cuddly cute. Nice combo, right? I do love food and toys and chasing other dogs. Just be glad I'm not a morning person.

  • Dottie Girl

    Adopted 08/22/2017

    Dottie had been abandoned when her former owners had to move they left her behind in the apartment by herself. She was in pretty rough shape and was barely able to walk, plus she had other medical problems. AzBCR put out a request for a hospice foster. We had just lost our beloved Gracie to lymphoma 2 weeks earlier and I thought that helping someone else out might lift our spirits. When we first got Dottie, I thought that she might just have a few good months with us. She has amazed us, though, and although she is still frail, seems very determined to live longer. She has become the matriarch of the household, tending the cats and bossing the other dogs. As the months passed, I knew that she considered us to be her forever family and wanted to honor that trust and affection. So, despite the fact that she had come into our family as a hospice foster and we have no idea how much time she has left, I knew that we must adopt her.

  • Sadie

    Adopted 08/13/2017

    Sadie is doing wonderful. She had her 2nd doggie spa day today and looks amazing. She also had her first training session today as well. She is doing so much better at socializing with other people. She's like my shadow, where I go she goes. She loves going for car rides and I take her every chance I get. We have 2 cats and she's always trying to herd them from one room to another. She has been a wonderful addition to our family.

  • Thunder

    New Name: Sierra
    Adopted 08/07/2017

    Sierra is a four month female black and white mid-length coat Border Collie/Husky mix. Sierra is energetic, intelligent and affectionate. She sits on her hind legs and extends her front legs out when she wants to hug or to be held. Although she was born with both front legs at half length, Sierra is very mobile. She moves quickly by bounding on her rear legs, pivoting on her longer front leg. Her mobility is aided by the pads on her front pads. Sierra plays in the yard with Nahla, rolls in the soft dirt and naps in the sunshine. She is often busy gathering her toys and blanket close to her food bowl when she is inside the cabin. To Sierra every human is a potential pal and treat giver. She definitely has the Husky vocal capability and gives her thoughts loudly. The sound of her bounds on our front porch is a “Roll of Thunder.” The once quiet cabin is a now a busy home. The mountain serenity was definitely over rated. Sierra is loved here by the people and dogs, and tolerated by cats.

  • Uki

    New Name: Beru
    Adopted 08/06/2017

    Beru is doing beautifully! She loves spending time and playing with her big sister, Leia. They are completely inseparable from morning to night. She is getting so big and is doing great with getting around. She loves going down stairs to play and run around in the dog run. She constantly has a smile on her face and loves bounding around the bed. She's our cuddle girl who enjoys kisses and curling up in bed with us. She melts my heart when she she stands on her back legs like a little chicken which is where she gets her nickname - "Chicken". She is the perfect counterbalance to our family and we couldn't have asked for a better addition!!!

  • Flower

    Adopted 07/29/2017

    Flower loves to be handled and snuggled. She is a people pleaser and couldn't be cuter. She has a ton of energy and we hope we can keep up with her.

  • Duncan

    New Name: astro
    Adopted 07/29/2017

    We adopted Astro (formerly Duncan) at the end of July. He was just over a year old at the time. We had brought our other dog, Snickers, a border collie rescue we adopted 8 years ago, to meet him the week before. We were not sure if Snickers would like having another dog in our home. We observed them taking cues from each other and were soon playing together. Even our two cats are growing to like him now. He loves going for walks. He bounces around the house like a bunny when he’s excited. He eats like a maniac so we had to get an obstacle food dish to slow him down. He is unsure about the pool, but getting a little closer with time. Snickers doesn’t swim but can spend all day splashing on the steps so hopefully he’ll get brave enough to try it with her someday. He loves every other dog he’s met. We get lots of compliments on his two different color eyes. He’s a wonderful addition to our family.

  • Stormy

    Adopted 07/29/2017

    Life with a big puppy has been busy but I've been loving it. Storm is doing great. She's such a quick learner and we've even got her walking with us off leash a bit which is amazing for the bolter that she was. She just loves to go on hikes and runs and we've also figured out that her favorite thing to do is hang out at the dog park! Thank you again so so much for trusting me with this sweet dog.

  • Pop

    Adopted 07/29/2017

    Pop's foster mom says he waited a long time but really scored with his adopting family. They hike with him and keep him super busy. He gets to go all sorts of fun places and will always be part of a family now. That's a huge change from a puppy found in a box on the side of the road. A true success story!

  • Kane

    Adopted 07/28/2017

    We saw post puppies that needed foster home.. These puppies were special need babies.. After seeing their precious pictures posted on the site, my partner wanted to immediately become a foster parent. After having him with us but for hours it wasn't hard to know that we wanted to make him a part of our family. It's funny because we actually went into it with the idea that we were just going to foster but we fell in love that quickly. Little Kane travels to and from our home to our ranch in Desert Hills to be a part of our horse rescue we have there.He's a very self determined ,energetic puppy. If he wants something he finds his way of getting it. Or getting you to get for him. I think he's going to be quite the clown. He is so amazing now, it's going to be exciting when he gets too wear prosthetic see how much more he can do.He loves water, pool, lake, sprinkler.. He loves everything and everyone. And we love him!

  • Rodrigo

    Adopted 07/28/2017

    This rambunctious little pup is such a lovable boy. He is a challenge and a joy. He is head strong and busy. Such fun for our home.

  • Andy Bear

    Adopted 07/26/2017

    Andy Bear (Osito) came to us as a foster package with his brother and sister. We had just lost out senior Border Collie alum, and had lost a foster to tick fever and kidney failure. I was devestated and desperate to foster something young and spunky. By the end of day one with these puppies, Andy's personality shined through as a loving and affectionate cuddle bug. I knew Andy would be a foster failure the day he was able to climb out of his crate and onto the couch to be with me. He loves playing with our kitties, irritating his BC mix big sister, and sneaking into the bed for cuddles.

  • Kaine

    Adopted 07/23/2017

    We nicknamed him 'Sugar Kaine" with good reason he is a super sweet dog. No idea why someone would leave a dog like this tied up outside. So glad the rescue took him in and let us adopt him. We love this happy guy.

  • Toby

    Adopted 07/21/2017

    Toby (now Puck or Puckaroo Bonzai) is doing great and getting ready for his final visit at the Kaibab vet on Monday. Right now he is staying at the house in Gallup because it has the more secure fence area (new fence coming to the Flagstaff house next few weeks). Below is the hardships he faces running in the hogbacks behind our house in Gallup. He is attached to the hip to our dog Lucy and she has become his protector - we now call her Calucy (game of thrones reference). Will keep in touch.

  • Bonnie

    New Name: Meeka
    Adopted 07/18/2017

    Meeka is doing great, it was an adjustment initially, especially with her potty training, but she is doing a whole lot better now. Meeka (she was Bonnie while in rescue), her new sister Sqweeks, and I try to go hiking at least one day a week on the weekends. She gets lots of walks and loves to play, especially with her kitty sister Sheba. She was scared of Sheba at first but now there's nothing more fun or exciting than when Sheba decides to play with her. Meeka is definitely a cuddle bug and will lay as close as possible as often as possible when we're inside together.

  • Beck

    New Name: Jake
    Adopted 07/18/2017

    We adopted Jake (formerly Beck) in July of this year. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. We lost our two 14 yr old bc's last fall and were lost without them. We adopted Hank, a bc/Aussie mix, in April from a humane society in Texas. Hank is extremely energetic so we started our search for a buddy! It seemed that we would never find the perfect one. Then we found Jake and fell in love. He and Hank are inseparable. He has a curly tail and huge feet but he is perfect to us! He is growing like a weed, into those big feet! Our family is complete now! Thank you Azbcr.

  • Roxie (Pele)

    New Name: Pele
    Adopted 07/16/2017

    Roxie is a very sweet and gentle girl. She has warmed up to us quickly and is fitting in quite well in our home. She's a joy to come home to and brings more life to our home.

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