The purpose and main function of Arizona Border Collie Rescue (AZBCR) is to promote humane treatment through rescue, rehabilitation, education and the re-homing of neglected, abandoned and unwanted Border Collies. Learn about our functions and activities as a rescue organization.

These are all the projects and endeavors that we are presently engaged in and that can and will be expanded on in the future.

  • Rescues & Relinquishments

    We are contacted by private individuals who are no longer able to retain ownership of their dog(s), and provide availability to take possession of those dogs.

    We canvas state and local shelters and remove those dogs that are at risk of euthanasia.

    We are also contacted by other rescue organizations seeking help with placements. We do not limit ourselves solely to Arizona, but are also available for nationwide networking.

  • Health Care

    AZBCR is very health-oriented and we do our best to verify health status of all our dogs.

    These dogs are rescues and adopters should understand that a complete and verifiable health history is typically unavailable to us (as in the case of stray dogs or shelter dogs).

    All dogs adopted from AZBCR will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and any dog suffering illness or injury will receive necessary treatment and medication.

    Our fosters typically provide grooming for the health and comfort of each dog, and necessary treatment is provided for internal and ectopic parasites.

    Every AZBCR dog wears an ID tag attached to his/her collar while in foster care and we recommend that adopting families keep the tag on the dog. In addition, we microchip every dog and ask that you keep the registration information updated.

  • Transportation

    Volunteers network to provide means of transport in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

    This includes retrieval of dogs coming into AZBCR, transport to and from veterinary facilities for medical attention, transport to and from training and socialization activities, and shared travel to meet prospective new families.

  • Foster Homes

    We advertise and interview for foster homes and guardians for incoming rescues, initiate training programs for new foster families in the appropriate care and handling of the dogs, and arrange meetings between foster care homes and adoption applicants.

  • Counseling and Education

    We provide counseling on training and behavior to our foster homes, potential homes, new homes and those contacting us regarding placing their dog with us due to problematic behavior.

  • Opening Your Home to a Border Collie

    If you would like to open your home to a Border Collie rescue, please contact us for information regarding current Border Collies available for Adoption.

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