AZBCR Adoption Fee Payment

Thank you for adopting a new Dog from Arizona Border Collie Rescue!!

Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. Please remember that a new home is a big adjustment for the dog. Being patient while providing consistency and basic training will help your dog feel secure and prepare both of you for many happy years together. We plan to follow up with you to see how you and your new dog are adjusting.

You will be provided with the dog's veterinary paperwork, the information you need for licensing and verification that the dog's microchip has been transferred into your name. We are all volunteers, and it is typical for the paperwork to be mailed to you 2-4 weeks post adoption.

Please stay in touch with us following your adoption - We are always happy to provide additional advice regarding training, nutrition and activities that Border Collies enjoy.

Paying for your Adoption

Once you have been approved as an Adopter and have met and agreed upon adoption of a specific dog, click on one of the payment buttons below if you would like to pay your Adoption Fee via PayPal.

You may also pay with Cash or Check at the time you pick up your adopted dog. Checks should be made out to: Arizona Border Collie Rescue.

Pay My Adoption Fee Now

Adoption Fees:

  • $400 for Puppies (under 6 months).
  • $350 for Young Dogs (over 6 months up to 3 years old).
  • $300 for dogs that are Three (3) years and over.
  • $200 for dogs that are Eight (8) years and over.
Click the appropriate "Adoption Fee" button below and you'll be able pay your adoption fee using PayPal. It's that simple.






Enjoy Your Happy Life Together!

Please don't forget us once you and your dog are happily adjusted to life together. Some of our past adopters decide they want to volunteer (even become a foster home), or want to support the rescue via tax deductible donation. We love to hear stories about our dogs, especially the foster families who loved and cared for your dog while on its journey to meet you. Photos of happy Border Collies enjoying their lives are particularly welcomed. And we're here for you too... for help with training challenges, advice on ongoing care, how to get involved in dog sports and other activities that Border Collies enjoy.


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