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  • Sunny

    Adopted 12/17/2007

    Sunny has moved to Phoenix where she is living with a couple who take her to their business where she gets to greet customers and be her friendly self all day long. She has a BC/Springer mix 5 year old brother. Be a good girl, pretty Sunny...we love you!

  • Kiva

    Adopted 12/15/2007

    Kiva found a lovely home in Apache Junction where she'll have daily walks with her mostly retired parents and a pair of canine companions. Unfortunately, Kiva was returned to rescue in 2008 following the death of her adopter.

  • Doc

    New Name: Panda
    Adopted 12/15/2007

    Doc has been adopted by a nice family and they'll all enjoy his first Christmas together. Doc will have two human siblings for his best buddies. Have a happy life, little guy!

  • Sabra

    Adopted 12/15/2007

    Sabra's new Mom arrived to meet her with daughter, granddaughter and two dogs in tow. Everyone loved Sabra and she took to them immediately, especially her new 1 year old chow sister. They are now playing non-stop. She was fine with the older dog too, even though she wasn't interested in playing. Her new Mom is anxious to start agility training with Sabra.

  • Nell

    Adopted 12/15/2007

    Nell has been adopted by a very nice family in Tempe. She is a treasured pet and we know they will take wonderful care of Nell.

  • Hannah

    Adopted 12/09/2007

    Hannah was adopted by a wonderful family in Flagstaff. She will be their first border collie, but they are experienced dog owners. Hannah plans to hike, camp and play frisbee...or anything else they have in mind. She has an older feline sister and two human siblings, plus her Mom and Dad. With an acre or two to run on - Hannah will have plenty to keep her busy. Happy life, Hannah-girl!

  • Dodger

    Adopted 12/05/2007

    Dodger's new Dad, a Flagstaff graduate student, wanted a companion for his daily run/walk/ride exercise regimen. He plans weekend hikes or visiting wild landscapes and thinks his new buddy, Dodger, will be the perfect companion for their adventures.

  • Poco

    Adopted 12/02/2007

    Poco has been adopted by a young couple in Mesa, who have a high drive, ball-obsessed BC already and wanted to add him to their family. They were careful with their selection, and included their BC (Ceara) in the whole process. We know Poco will have a happy home with them.

  • Hank

    Adopted 11/30/2007

    Hank was adopted by a wonderful couple living in Casa Grande. They were looking for a new family member and constant companion and Hank fit the bill. He will have daily runs/walks with his Dad and lots of time being loved. Just what we wanted for this great dog!

  • Gracie

    Adopted 11/26/2007

    Gracie and her foster folks have mutually decided that she's happy and loved and they've adopted each other.

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