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  • Jimmy/Rockie

    Adopted 12/31/2008

    Rockie was adopted by his foster family in Tucson. They are very happy with him and he fits in so well. Have a happy life, Rockie!

  • Gingo

    Adopted 12/31/2008

    Gingo's foster Dad brought her through major medical treatment for heartworm, plus a couple minor illnesses like kennel cough. They've bonded very well and he has decided to keep Gingo with him forever. We appreciate him as a two time adopter of a rescued BC, and know they'll have a wonderful life together.

  • Tia

    Adopted 12/26/2008

    Tia is being adopted by a wonderful woman in Sunnyslope. She will be an only, spoiled dog and so far is loving living in the lap of luxury. She is enjoying going for walks, visits with other people and dogs. Good luck, Tia in your new life!

  • Chance

    Adopted 12/24/2008

    Chance is staying with his foster family on a nice large property west of Phoenix. Initially, Chance was a wandering pup, but he has settled down nicely.

  • Blew

    Adopted 12/24/2008

    Blew has found his forever home with a young family in rural Chandler. They have a large yard and room to play. He has a stay at home Mom and two young human siblings, so there will be lots of play, walks and going to the park. This family also plans to adopt a second dog from ABCR so that Blew has a canine friend as well. Have a great life, Blew!

  • Jade

    Adopted 12/20/2008

    Jade has been adopted by a family living on a large property in Happy Jack, AZ. They hoped for a great companion dog and they got it in Jade. Have a great life!

  • Archie

    Adopted 12/20/2008

    Archie found his forever home with a family in Mesa who is active with gardening, horseback riding, fishing. They live on an acre property with cow, horse and chickens. The dogs have a separate fenced back yard. Archie has a two new canine brothers (a BC rescue and a papillon) and their Dad works from home. Have a wonderful life, Archie. We love you!

  • Jitterbug

    Adopted 11/29/2008

    Jitterbug moved to friends of her Phx foster home, and they found they cannot part with her. She has one feline and two canine siblings. She also has a large yard for play and enjoys walking and exercising with her family. They are interested in training her in agility. Have a wonderful life, Jitter!

  • Pax

    Adopted 11/23/2008

    Pax has found her forever home with an active agility family. She will be the daily companion and first agility dog for this family's daughter. Pax adores children and she has bonded with her new young person very well. We look forward to seeing Pax at many future agility trials and will cheer on this junior handler team. Have a great life, Pax!

  • Jude

    Adopted 11/22/2008

    Jude's new family in Mesa plan to involved him in all their daily activities and make sure he has lots of fun. They will play after work and walk him every morning and evening. They also plan on giving him some 'chores' like fetching the paper because they know border collies need to have a 'job'. Have a wonderful life, Jude!

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