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  • Drew

    Adopted 12/30/2009

    Our little Drew has found his forever home in Sierra Vista with a nice couple who were looking for a dog like him. His new Mom is an avid runner and she's hoping Drew will enjoy being her running companion. They have grandchildren who visit and extended family in the area. Have a great life, cute boy!

  • Anya

    Adopted 12/28/2009

    Anya has been adopted by an active family in Tempe. She has a 6 month old canine brother to keep her busy! She seems to be able to let him know when she's had enough. She'll also have two human sisters and a human brother, plus Mom and Dad. Always something for an active girl to do and see! Have fun, Anya!

  • Nina

    New Name: Eva
    Adopted 12/20/2009

    Nina has found herself a great new home in Vail, Arizona, where she gets to enjoy gardening, stargazing, hiking and traveling with her new family. She also has a new BC brother to show her the ropes. Good luck to you, Nina!

  • Moe

    Adopted 12/20/2009

    Moe has found his new life in the cool pines near Payson, AZ. His new Mom was looking for a lower key canine companion (she's had Aussies and BCs in the past) who would enjoy walks and outdoor activities in a nice climate. Moe is happy to oblige!

  • Clancy

    Adopted 12/20/2009

    Clancy has found a new family in Chandler, who will enjoy spending time with him playing Frisbee, fetch and catching balls. He has a Daschshund sibling and a feline sibling, who can help Clancy adjust to his new home. Have a wonderful life, Clancy.

  • Amaya

    Adopted 12/14/2009

    Amaya has been adopted by a family in Scottsdale who really appreciate who she is, and we just love that. Always adorable, she is fitting in great in her new home. Have a wonderful life, Amaya!

  • Dolly

    Adopted 12/13/2009

    Dolly has joined the home of a friend of ABCR, who recently adopted Sam (Dolly's new canine little brother). She'll have a happy life in Tucson, where her former foster Mom and Dad will get to see her often. Have a happy life, Dolly!

  • Ryder

    Adopted 12/13/2009

    Ryder has a new home in Tucson with a woman and her teenage daughter, who have been looking for a while for their perfect canine companion. Ryder is the lucky new addition to their family. Have a happy life, Ryder!

  • Alki

    New Name: Hope
    Adopted 12/04/2009

    Alki (now named Hope) has been adopted by an active young woman who currently has a female red merle Aussie. She brought her dog and met us at Cynosports and let us know she was looking for another dog who might be interested in playing and living an active life. She and her boyfriend plan to train in agility and potentially other dogsports. Hope and her new sister are getting along well. A good match!

  • Ike

    Adopted 12/04/2009

    Very soon, Ike will be moving with his new family to a 25 acre property in Texas where his new Dad has been transferred. He already has a big brother Aussie named Thunder and when they move, the family plans to add horses and other critters and a full set of agility equipment. I hope we're all invited to visit!!! Have a great life, Ike, the wonder boy! And tell your folks to send lots of photos!

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