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  • Martie

    New Name: Chava
    Adopted 12/31/2010

    Martie's new name is Chava (meaning "life") and she's joined a wonderful border collie family in Payson, who foster for ABCR. Her new dad lost his best BC buddy recently and Chava loves the men in her life best, so this seems like a great match. Have a wonderful life, little girl!

  • Kahlua

    Adopted 12/27/2010

    Kahlua's new family live in Chandler in a neighborhood with lots of potential for long walks. Her new folks had a beloved collie that they recently lost to cancer and they started looking for another dog of a herding breed. Kahlua is the lucky choice. Have a wonderful life together!

  • Phoebe

    Adopted 12/26/2010

    Phoebe has kept her name and is absolutely loved by her new family. She has completed obedience and agility I and II at mlf dog sports. She truly enjoyed her classes and has come leaps and bounds. She is becoming much less timid and is letting her true personality shine. Her favorite things to do are hiking, running, and standing on the top stair of the pool but she especially loves chasing after tennis balls. We are so happy to have found her and can't wait to find more activities we enjoy doing together

  • Lucy Lu

    Adopted 12/25/2010

    Lucy Lu is greatly loved by her long time foster Mom, who gave a holiday gift to us, herself and Lucy Lu when she decided to finally adopt this lovely older dog. Happy New Year, Lucy!

  • Arthur

    Adopted 12/24/2010

    Dear sweet Artie was adopted by his foster Mom. He just became part of the family. Sweet old guy, few demands. Have a great life, Artie!

  • Zack

    New Name: Thor
    Adopted 12/21/2010

    Zack's new family lives in Casa Grande, AZ. He has Mom and Dad and four new human siblings, plus a cat to keep him busy. He should be able to find somebody around to throw him a ball or take him for a run. He'll enjoy camping trips and the dunes, going to the park or helping Dad coach baseball. Have a fun life, big boy!

  • Mandy

    Adopted 12/20/2010

    Mandy's new Mom plans to be with her 24/7 which will suit Mandy just fine. Walks, trips to the park, and playing with grandkids on occasion are planned. Mandy is a lower drive border collie who will thrive on this attention. A great match. Have a good life, sweet girl!

  • Ginger

    New Name: Daisy
    Adopted 12/20/2010

    Ginger is now Daisy! Daisy is the second ABCR dog adopted by this family. Daisy and her new "BFF" head off to the dog park almost every day to run and play. Daisy loves her new human brother, she will lay down next to him and put her head in his lap. Good girl Daisy! Dad and Mom are gearing up for some hiking, so they’ve started K9 basic training with Daisy. The whole family is looking forward to many spring and summer camping trips. Have a great life Daisy!!!

  • Paloma

    New Name: Fiona
    Adopted 12/19/2010

    Fiona (formerly Paloma) is loved by her new family and enjoys giving kisses to everyone and loves to have her tummy rubbed by anyone who will do it. She enjoys chasing her doggie house brother Romeo around the house and at the dog park. She has a schedule and will remind anyone who is home when it is time for her to eat. Unfortunately, she is afraid of the pool and tends to watch from inside the house. She also enjoys riding in the front seat of mommies car. It sounds like you are enjoying your new life, Fiona.

  • Cimmaron

    New Name: Lola
    Adopted 12/19/2010

    A family in Phoenix found Cimarron (now named Lola) to be the puppy for them. She joins an active family with Mom and Dad and canine sibling, Jack, a border collie. The family enjoys biking and hiking and will probably see if Lola enjoys agility when she grows up a bit. Have a great life, little girl!

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