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  • Lexi

    Adopted 12/31/2011

    Lexi is a ball of furr and a great asset to her new family. She loves to boss around her canine sibling, but is very gentle with the small humans (grandchildren). She loves to play ball, and will sit and stare at you until you throw it again. Due to an injured member of the family, she may get tested to be a therapy dog because she has been a great help in the healing process. Good luck in your new adventures, Lexi.

  • Cedar

    New Name: Ranger
    Adopted 12/31/2011

    Ranger, previously known as Cedar, has found his new home with an active family who enjoys daily walks, camping, hiking and the occasional run. He will share his new home with a young feline, who will hopefully keep him on his toes. Have a happy life, Ranger.

  • Dex

    Adopted 12/29/2011

    Dex will be living a happy life with a family of six and a 3.5 acre farm in Gilbert. Not only will he have plenty of humans to share play time with, but he will be learning how to help out on the upcoming farm. We all know how much border collies enjoy a job . . . Enjoy life to the fullest, Dex.

  • Honey

    Adopted 12/22/2011

    Honey is the newest addition to Gilbert, and will be relocating to the White Mountains soon. Her family says her name suits her perfectly, as she is truly a honey. There she will be able to run in open spaces with her canine sibling, Bailey, and play in one of her new favorite things - SNOW! Happy days are ahead, Honey!

  • Wii

    New Name: Dizzie
    Adopted 12/20/2011

    Wii, now named Dizzie, has a lot of energy. She has turned into the perfect running partner for her new dad and human sibling. She will also get the opportunity to train in Search and Rescue and Order Detection. She definately has a lot of opportunities and has found someone to keep up with her energy level. Happy running, Dizzie!

  • Donovan

    Adopted 12/17/2011

    His days of hardship and fear are over and it's nothing but blue skies from now on for the handsome, young pup. It's safe to say that Donovan and his new Dad will soon become great buddies and that Donovan will get and give much affection and happiness for the rest of his days. Enjoy your happy life, Donovan.

  • Dusty

    Adopted 12/14/2011

    Dusty hit a rough spot in his life, but things are now turning around. He is now enjoying his senior years with an young, active couple who enjoy walks, running, hiking and lots of time at the dog park. Dusty will share his new home with a Beagle who loves canine companions. Welcome to your new life, Dusty!

  • Rosie

    Adopted 12/10/2011

    Rosie will be enjoying her days being spoiled as much as possible. Her BC brother, Andrew, has welcomed her into their home and is enjoying her company while their dad is at work. Daily walks and trips to the dog park are now part of her regular routine. Enjoy your new life, Rosie!

  • Macy

    New Name: Lacey
    Adopted 12/10/2011

    Lacey, as she is called now, is spending her time in both Phoenix and Oak Creek Canyon with her new family who love her dearly. Her newest challenge is to be able to run when her family goes biking, and not knock anyone over. Enjoy your new adventures, Lacey.

  • Baylee

    Adopted 12/10/2011

    Baylee's new family was looking for a companion dog to spend time outdoors with, and ended up taking home two wonderful, rescue dogs. Baylee and Scout now spend their days taking walks, hanging out with their new humans or playing frisbee at the park. Their family had lots of love to give, and Baylee (and Scout) are in it for the long haul. Enjoy your new home, Baylee.

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