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  • Ardeen

    Adopted 12/31/2013

    Ardy (we changed his name, as Ardy is just easier to say than Ardeen) is such an incredible little guy! We love him so much, and we're pretty sure the feeling is mutual. We were hoping he would be our little running buddy, and in just the two weeks that we've had him, he's shown that he loves joining us for our mountain adventures. He's already gone up Humphreys Peak, which was a fun 4.5 hr snow adventure, and just yesterday, he did a 14 mile run with me! He loves playing in the snow and has quickly learned while running with us that rolling in the snow is a great way to cool off. Ardy absolutely loves his big brother Milo, our Rottweiler. He follows Milo everywhere, learning what to do and what not to do, all the while kissing Milo's face and jumping on his back. They love wrestling - especially early in the morning on our bed when we're still trying to sleep! All of this is not just new-dog fun. .this will be Ardy's life! Daily runs in the mountains and frequent bigger adventures

  • Elvis

    Adopted 12/31/2013

    Thank you for asking about Elvis/Jasper. We changed his name. He just felt like a Jasper to us. Jasper has settled right in. He is the spoiled favorite in our house. As I type he is sprawled out next to me with is legs straight in the air. My three older dogs take turns playing with him and the cats will lay next to him on the couch. He has also gotten the whole family up and moving so much more. He goes to the dog park and for long walks and hikes. I can't believe how fast he has caught on in what I call Huss doggy boot camp. He's our best recruit. We love him and he has brought some great new energy and love into our home. Here are some pictures of him being what we have deemed the baby alligator. Another picture of him on a hike with two of my dogs and one of him all tuckered out on the couch.

  • Raylee

    Adopted 12/28/2013

    Raylee was supposed to get a ride by Cynthia from Texas to Tucson to be fostered. And she did. And then Cynthia said I'm not going home without Raylee. So they all lived happily ever after in Odessa. Raylee had a tumor removed and seems to be recovering well. She is truly home.

  • Tank

    New Name: Timber
    Adopted 12/20/2013

    My little sister and I take him to training every Saturday and he's the star of the class. He goes running with me and is the perfect friend. He does have a bit of a shoe chewing fetish but he's still learning haha he's kinda clumsy so we renamed him Timber because he tends to roll off our beanbag in a cute uncoordinated way. He fits in our family perfectly. He loves to play with our other dogs too. Thank you so much for being at that dog fair in freestone park a while back. He's such an smart dog, we all love him very much :D

  • Sunday

    New Name: Sunny
    Adopted 12/19/2013

    Sunday (a.k.a Mini Me) was taken into ABCR after having been turned into the Benson Animal Shelter along with her sister. Sunday came with a very broken, shortened and disfigured tail and it is unknown how she got that but does not seem to bother her at all. She was originally fostered with one ABCR foster but with a large BC pack in that house it was too much for her at her small size of only 21 lbs. So another ABCR foster family with only one other BC took her in and started to ascertain what she needed in training and support. She acclimated into the new family with no real separation anxiety or aggression. She soon learned how to be on and off leash and showed no destructive behavior. The foster family fell so much in love with her and her love for the family and the other BC that they became 'foster failures' and adopted her. They could just not see her having to go through being handed off one more time to another family or shelter.

  • Jasper

    Adopted 12/15/2013

    Jasper is doing great. He's settled in and enjoying life and his walks, runs, and dog park adventures. Happy life Jasper!

  • Khaleesi

    New Name: Skyler
    Adopted 12/15/2013

    Skyler(formerly Kyree / Khaleesi) is a total lover. This gorgeous girl is settling into her new home and enjoying her doggie class, where we’re learning all kinds of fun things (she’s a great student). She pretty much just plugged right in… she went on her first camping trip last weekend and had lots of fun meeting folks and playing with other canine pals. Her favorite activities are going for hikes, playing ball, and - I kid you not - watching dog videos on YouTube. (Seriously, the minute she hears a dog on YouTube, the ears go up, the head moves side to side, and the eyes are riveted to the monitor. I've never seen anything like it.)

  • Zoe

    Adopted 12/14/2013

    Zoe is doing very well. She is sleeping at the bottom of my bed on her own 2nd dog bed. (the original is in the front rm. for those naps we all must take) Her idea of morning is different than mine. If it is light we should get up and my idea is first I have to see the sun. We are working on that. She is a loving dog when her love meter is down and otherwise she is pretty independent. Likes to lay out by the car gate so she can see what is going on. She is starting to talk to me if I'm too slow in the morning and is really glad to see me when I get home from golf. She and my other bc have had a few discussions about who's toy was who's, but nothing out of hand. Time will fix that.

  • Noelle

    New Name: Miya
    Adopted 12/14/2013

    As you can see I got a bone for Christmas and I love it. I’ve been here a little over a week and things are going good for the most part. I am getting along well with my new buddy Topo Gigio. He’s a bossy little Chihuahua. We have come to an understanding. As you can see I have his bone, too. We have started playing like litter mates. Dave doesn’t like it when I take 1.5 pounds of sirloin steak off the kitchen counter and swallow it without chewing. He was worried that it would make me sick but no way. Apparently I have a little wolf in me too. I think I like it here and they seem to like me too. We haven’t started any real training yet. Dave says he wants me to get real comfortable here before doing that but I have learned sit and that the kitchen is off limits to me. I, on the other paw, have started serious training and Dave now scratches my ears and rubs my belly on command. I have also perfected my head tilt that lets him know I think he is just nuts when I give it to him.

  • Finnegan

    Adopted 12/14/2013

    Finnegan is now named "Murray" and he is doing wonderfully with his new family. He has been on a trip to CO, enjoys long walks or hikes everyday, jumps up on the grooming table every morning for his morning brush and has become quite the frisbee dog. Murray lives in a wonderful neighborhood filled with other dogs and kids. He is super happy and is loved dearly.

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