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  • Red Thunder

    Adopted 12/30/2014

    Red Thunder has a great new home and lots of potential as a therapy dog. Happy life Beautiful Boy!

  • Cody

    New Name: Cody
    Adopted 12/30/2014

    Cody is absolutely adorable - 15 weeks, 16 pounds, right ear starting to flop up, gaining in confidence every waking moment (including stealing some cheese off the coffee table today - must have been that stretching in Super Puppy class this week!). All of us (including Bailey) are having a great time!

  • Flame

    Adopted 12/19/2014

    Flame is a hugger, a kisser, and an all around lover. He's in a great home where he will be loved and give love each day.

  • Nutmeg

    Adopted 12/19/2014

    Nutters is fitting right in. She really wants to be friends with our two cats, but let's just say she's meeting some resistance. We're working on her leash manners and she's coming right along, I think she'll have it figured out in the next month.She's a super smart girl who loves to be with her humans and really wants to please. We love her all ready.

  • Mia

    New Name: Annie
    Adopted 12/14/2014

    Mia, is now known as Annie to go along with her brothers Wyatt and Doc. We really had no plans to get a third dog, but we saw her pictures come across Facebook and we were in love. When we met her in person it took about 5 seconds to know she was coming home with us if possible. Our 4 year old border collie already adores her, didn't take long and he was already sharing his toys! For Doc that is a big deal. Wyatt is 8, so he's taking longer to warm up to her. She will soften him up eventually. Everyone adores her, and she brings joy everywhere she goes. We are excited to get her enrolled in training courses, maybe even look into agility programs. She is a very special pup who is always happy, ready to give lots of love, and enjoys the outdoors more than anything. It has taken a little adjustment for our family, but everyday keeps getting better and better.

  • Maximus

    Adopted 12/14/2014

    Max has been a wonderful addition to our family. He and our mini Aussie are great friends already and they love their walks, playtime and cuddles. Max fit right in immediately and is the sweetest boy ever. It's wonderful to wake up in the morning and have him snuggle up right next to me.

  • Liam

    New Name: Liam
    Adopted 12/13/2014

    Liam is a wonderful dog. I am so lucky to have him. Mary my 28lb terrier mix loves him too. They play most of the day. He's a sweet eager to please loving dog. Just what I wanted. Great fellow.

  • Scout

    Adopted 12/13/2014

    Scout went to a great home where he is the only dog and is gonna be spoiled silly as he deserves!

  • Kallie

    New Name: coco
    Adopted 12/12/2014

    Her new family reports that Kallie is doing just great.

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    New Name: Paige
    Adopted 12/09/2014

    Paige is doing awesome, I love this little girl, she has really changed my life in a great way.

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