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  • Callie

    Adopted 12/31/2017

    Here is what her foster mom said about her. Cali is a very sweet 6 year old golden retriever/border collie mix. Cali loves to meet new people, and gets along well with everyone..She likes other dogs, does well with cats and in her previous home lived with a bunny.. She has been a very good houseguest and is completely housebroken. She walks well on leash and loves to ride in the car. She is a big tall girl at 68lbs. Basically she looks like a golden retriever with a border collie paint job. She will do well in just about any family although her size might be a bit to much for small children. Cali likes to jump up on people when she first meets them but we have been working on that and she is doing much better. Cali has been in numerous homes in her life, which has been no fault of hers. She is an easy girl who needs someone who will love her forever..AND NOW HER FOSTER MOM IS HER FOREVER MOM!

  • George

    Adopted 12/31/2017

    George is settling in quite well in his new home. He already has taken a road trip across the country with his mom to be with me in Pensacola Florida and turn into a Navy dog. He loves going on runs with me, going to the beach, and especially annoying his elderly brother, Gunner. He's growing up super fast and is starting to learn Frisbee and fetch. He's constantly trying to keep busy and get into things like tracking down spiders and bugs, but he's such a joy and blessing in our lives and always makes us laugh with his quirky and willing-to-please personality.

  • Powder

    New Name: Jamie
    Adopted 12/30/2017

    Andy and I have owned and loved Border Collies for many years. When our beloved Braden passed on November 11, 2017 at 14 years old, we were heartbroken. I wasn’t sure how long it would take before we were ready to open our hearts up to another dog. But, what were we waiting for? We wanted to give another rescue the same love and care that we had given to Braden. We met so many wonderful volunteers with the AZ Border Collie Rescue. After our initial phone screen, home visit, and discussions with Traci, Kristina, and foster mom Ellie, Powder (now known as Jamie) came into our lives on December 24, 2017. What a Christmas gift he was! He is a loving, smart, handsome and playful addition to our family. The house is lively again! We thank Ellie and her family for the loving care they provided to Powder/ Jamie while he healed from his wounds. We are forever grateful to Traci and Kristina for guiding us to the perfect addition to our family.

  • Sweetie

    Adopted 12/30/2017

    Sweetie has stolen our hearts! She just wanted to be loved, and she loves us back in a big way! She adores her fur brother, and leans on him for confidence. She entertains us with her silly antics and loves to speak up! We don't know what we'd do without her. She definitely completes our family!

  • Skye

    New Name: Skye
    Adopted 12/29/2017

    Soon my big sister Dee Dee and I were playing all over the place. Dee Dee told me she was a AZBCR alumni. If I was I good girl I might get to be a foster failure. I went out to the barn and there were Smells were all over. They had big dogs, they call horses and chickens and they smell really funny. Then I discovered ...... gophers, my Brother Eddie taught me how to dig them up. Wow that was fun, but Dad filled in all my holes and I haven’t found another since the one Eddie and I got. We were told we were GOOD DOGS. Cool. I found mud puddles and stinky stuff to roll in. Ranch life is the BEST! I got to play in the water, Mom called it a bath. Well mom fell in love with me and told me I was a foster failure. That meant I found my forever home. I have some little kids that come visit and play with me. We dig holes together and go on adventures. Mom calls them grandkids. We play ball and I am very gentle with them, it is my job to take care of them. I love my new home and my family.

  • Kramer

    New Name: Leo
    Adopted 12/26/2017

    Leo (formerly Kramer) is just a sweet, lovely little pup says his foster mom. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. He might be shy but he's so smart. He is now with his forever family and living large!

  • Boss

    New Name: Loki
    Adopted 12/24/2017

    We are so happy with our handsome new family member Loki. Many years ago we had a rescue dog with such high energy expenditure demands, that when not satisfied, would lead to destructive behavior in the home. We discovered that bikejoring... essentially Alaskan style dogsledding on a bike... would leave that dog tired and happy. Now, Loki takes his turn in the left harness learning the ropes (so to speak) from 8 yr old cattle dog rescue Mitch who himself is two dogs removed from that original beloved bikejoring partner. Loki will someday move to the right harness and help us train another rescued youngster. In the photo they both sit ready for the 'Mush!' command, upon which they launch shoulder to shoulder for a coordinated thrill ride at sustained speeds exceeding 20 mph. They absolutely love it, and cannot contain their glee when the harnesses are brought out. In addition to this, Loki spends much time on the Mountain Preserve Trails and Frisbee catch. Love this boy!

  • Cassie

    Adopted 12/23/2017

    Beautiful, sweet, and cuddly that's how she was described on our website by her foster family. It's no surprise that she got snapped right up and is now home forever. Best new life, right Miss Cassie?

  • Fly

    New Name: Breeze
    Adopted 12/21/2017

    We adopted “Breeze” just before Christmas, and recently celebrated her 4 month anniversary with us! She is not our first Border Collie, but she is the smartest and sweetest dog we have ever had in our family. It seems like she’s been with us forever! She passed her basic instruction course with top honors, and Mom is her personal trainer! Breeze catches balls and frizbees mid-air, closes cabinet doors and retrieves newspapers on command. She’s amazing! She is Mom’s daytime companion everywhere, and has quickly become a local star at stores and restaurants in North Scottsdale! In the evening, there is no doubt she’s a Daddy’s girl, stuck by his side soaking up all the pets and kisses that she can. Breeze has brought so much love into our home in such a very short period of time. Our lives would not be complete without her. Thank You AZBCR!

  • Dallas

    New Name: Kono
    Adopted 12/19/2017

    He trust that Dallas is doing great in his new home after making the trip to AZ from Utah. Lots of good folks helped to get him to his forever home. Happy life, Dallas!

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