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  • Buck

    Adopted 12/29/2021

    We went to meet Buck and it was love at first site. After picking Buck from his foster home, he entered our house with his tail wagging - smiles and hugs are happening and love is everywhere. Yes, Buck your Forever family was out there and yes, Bean your BC brother was out there too. We found each other and our Forever Family is complete. Buck recently crossed the rainbow bridge, and he will be missed by so many.

  • Beaker

    New Name: Stu
    Adopted 12/26/2021

    Stuie (formerly Beaker) is rocking it!! Thank you for rescuing him and letting him be part of our family.

  • Zelda

    Adopted 12/22/2021

    Zelda has been the Best addition to our family. She enjoys chewing her toys, playing fetch, bath time, snuggles and nap time. She loves working next to me when I am working remotely. We are looking into Zelda being registered as an emotional support dog for our family. She finished her beginner training on August 9th and is now onto the intermediate class. She has proven to be the teachers pet - so smart and driven. I cannot say thank you enough to the AZBCR rescue for allowing us to adopt Zelda and for Garret Moreno and her family for fostering her. Our family is so honored and proud to be part of this wonderful rescue. We are so truly thankful and blessed.

  • Sheila

    New Name: Belle
    Adopted 12/20/2021

    "Foster Sheila came to my home on December 6, 2021. She had been caught roaming in Portales, NM and landed in the shelter from November 10-December 1. She was my first Senior Border Collie Foster and it was love at first sight! Adoption Day finally arrived on December 20, 2021, just in time for Christmas! Thus, Foster Sheila became "The Belle of the Christmas Ball"! Belle fit into the family immediately. She has 4 "siblings" - she especially loves Rowdy, my Chihuahua mix and Beau, my Shih Tzu mix. They too were adopted. She also has Molly and Annie, my Corgis, to call family. Belle loves to go on long walks as exploring is her "thing"! Belle also loves to help with the housework - folding laundry, baking, cooking dinner and especially eating! Belle has only brought Joy and Happiness to our family - we are so lucky to have fostered and adopted her through AZBCR. Thank you for entrusting us with her.

  • Wilder

    New Name: Charlie
    Adopted 12/19/2021

    Wilder was adopted. Happy tails you big loaf!

  • Socks

    Adopted 12/15/2021

    Socks is headed to his amazing new home! Thank you to everyone who has loved and will love him. He’s the best boy!

  • Hattie

    New Name: Haylee
    Adopted 12/14/2021

    Christmas came early! Hattie, now Haylee, is home for the holidays!

  • Wylie

    Adopted 12/13/2021

    In just a very short time, fearful and skittish Wylie learned so many new things and has become a confident, happy puppy-size love bug. If he isn't out playing with his new BFFs, he wants to be at (or under) your feet. The "W" in Wylie stands for WATER. Wylie absolutely LOVES water! ? It does not matter where it comes from ... the rain, a hose, a sprinkler or irrigation, Wylie just HAS to be in the middle of it. He hit the jackpot with his forever family.

  • Mildred

    Adopted 12/12/2021

    So thankful to AZBCR and all the volunteers that make it happen. We had our play date and it was love at first sight. A BIG shoot out to her amazing Foster, Jon . Last night we adopted her and brought her home to her forever home. Our hearts and home are filled to overflowing

  • Jaxon

    Adopted 12/11/2021

    Jaxon was adopted and then we found out right away that he had heartworm (he was from New Mexico). AZBCR covered all the costs for treatment. He just had his last treatment. We just fell completely in love with him right away. He enjoys playing with our other dog, Lexie (also an AZBCR alum).

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