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  • Tritla

    Adopted 12/31/2022

    On December 11, my husband, daughter and I attended a pet adoption event. We already had 2 dogs, 2 bunnies, and a toddler, but I was hoping for a puppy because I’ve never one. I’ve always been a sucker for the older dogs. At the adoption event, I was kneeling down petting a dog, when suddenly I feel a nose bump into me. I turn around, and see a beautiful Border Collie roll over onto her side for a belly rub. I turned to my husband and said, “I want this one!” We brought Tritla home New Year’s Eve and we couldn’t be happier. She fits right in with our family. She is obsessed with ball so we try to play as much as we can. She is an incredibly smart, playful, sweet, obedient, sensitive, amazing dog. We are so lucky to be able to give Tritla a furever home. We are so grateful to AZBCR and her foster dad for bringing her into our lives. You would never know she was 10 years with how much energy she has. So, in a way, I did get my puppy

  • Elvis

    New Name: Sylvester
    Adopted 12/31/2022

    Sylvester Aka Simon aka Elvis aka Panda has been with me nearly 3 weeks and is adjusting to his new home quite beautifully. He is an absolute chill, handsome, kind hearted 2 year old boy who loves cuddling in bed, counter surfing, chasing horses and following my every move. Trainer, Kari, is coming tomorrow to assist us on the horse ranch and with some basic training as he seems to have very ive hearing.

  • Mila

    New Name: Tori
    Adopted 12/30/2022

    Tori (Mila) has been in her forever home for a few months now, and has become besties with AZBCR alum Remi. When she isn't sharing her bed or toys with Remi, she can be found laying with dad in his favorite chair. She hit the jackpot with this family, as she is their 5th AZBCR rescue.

  • Alfie

    Adopted 12/23/2022

    Alfiero came to us from NM. He was rescued locally out of an abusive situation and temp fostered there. I agreed to foster him and while it was a challenge coordinating schedules to get him up here, he arrived through the efforts of some wonderful volunteers…ONE WEEK after my meniscus repair surgery. Alfiero had been through several traumatic situations before we fostered him and we couldn’t find it in our hearts to see him traumatized by going to yet another home. Hence another foster fail. It has been both a challenge and a pleasure watching this ever so sweet young man grow through some fear plaguing issues. He is an “old soul” and truly has a heart of gold. He enjoys frisbee catch and is a wonderful hiking companion. He gives the impression of being “slow” but he thinks things through and is very methodical. When the right button is tapped…this boy has speed and punch! He is the quiet, wise protector. We love him so much!

  • Tess

    Adopted 12/19/2022

    Tess came into rescue with a haunting past, but with some patience and training, she has found her human and there is no looking back. She is amazingly loving toward her human, enjoys belly rubs and snuggle time, and will turn in every direction when she is being brushed, just to be sure she is looking the best she can. Her best day is when her human is present as well as her Jolly ball, and most times there is also a ball or a stick near by.

  • Petey

    New Name: Charlie
    Adopted 12/16/2022

    Charlie, formerly known as Petey, loves to play ball and tug of war with his new canine sibling Pebbles. You may also find them cuddling on the couch together, or begging for attention from their humans. We are so thankful for AZBCR bringing this sweet boy into our lives.

  • Bolt

    New Name: Dublin
    Adopted 12/12/2022

    This big love-bug has settled in so well with us he loves his new family and brother Finn (AZBCR alum). He’s fully out of his shell and a happy, confident boy at home when his humans are home. Not unexpectedly, he has some separation anxiety and is quite fearful of meeting new people, going to the vet or new locations, etc. We’re really not surprised, given his history — my guess is he was a stray because he was abandoned by his previous owners, and then probably had some scary interactions while fending for himself in Kingman. We are working on helping him learn that new people places don’t have to be scary.

  • Thor

    New Name: Charlie
    Adopted 12/12/2022

    Charlie came to our family in October of 2022, as he needed a new foster home. I saw his photo and read his bio and thought he would be okay in our home temporarily with our animals. Little did I know that when my son and I went down to meet him that we would instantly fall in love! Charlie and our little Oreo are the best of friends, they play all day long! Luckily, we have a big backyard for them to run around and play. He loves to play with squeaky toys! We are working on fetch, he’s great at going to get the ball, not so great at bringing it back yet. He’s doing very well on the leash, and loves his family SO much! Charlie and our son have a very strong bond as he was the first in the family that Charlie became connected to, but he is also snuggle buddies with our daughter! On December 12, 2022, we decided to make it official and invite him to stay in our home forever.

  • Hudson

    Adopted 12/10/2022

    We love our pup, Hudson. It’s been almost 4 months now I think. He is doing really well! He can sit, down, stay, and spin! He loves hiking and eventually will train him to mountain bike with us when the snow melts! He’s done some in remote areas, but we want to work on it more so he doesn’t visit other people and stays on the “job”. He’s doing well at home, (mostly) leaves the queen kitty of the house alone, and plays with our parents dogs well. He’s the friendliest, and snuggliest boy who has already brought so much joy to our lives! Shawna, Jimmy, Hudson, and Beans

  • Lacey

    Adopted 12/09/2022

    When the rescue took Lacey in, she was about 6 months old, very scared and her hips and hind legs were so weak that her foster mom had xrays done to see what the problem was. They believe that she was kept in a small confined area and not allowed to develop muscle and strength in her hind end. Probably had poor nutrition also. Today she is a healthy, confident, active sweet pup who enjoys frisbee, agility classes, conditioning exercises, hiking and playing with her friends at doggie daycare. It's hard to believe how far along she's come from where she was just 7 months ago. This is the power of AZBCR and the gift the rescue gives to these precious dogs.

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