Border Collie Articles and Information

Links to Articles and Information about Border Collies.

Introducing a New Dog

Article by Laurie Mahieu of Retrievers & Friends of Southern California. Reprinted with permission from the author and rescue group.

Activities and Sports for Border Collies

Article by AZBCR member, Gail Chadwick, compiles information about Arizona-based opportunities to get active with your Border Collie in agility, herding, flyball and other dogsports. The article is illustrated with action photos of rescued and (AZBCR members') dogs doing what they love.

Living with a Border Collie

On-line pamphlet from the United States Border Collie Club, Inc. that compiles expert advice on Border Collie temperament, training and coping with Border Collie behavior. It is a series of brief synopses on a wide variety of topics from books and training material about Border Collies (with references to the source material included for those seeking more in-depth information).

Understanding the Collie Brain

When Lee Windeatt first started training his Border Collie, Shy, he fell for the myth that agility dogs had to be hyped up around the agility ring to be competitive. So he followed everyone else and hyped her up. He's now learned his lesson and attempts to do the opposite. When he came across the following article by Sue Kinchin, he was so impressed with the sentiment behind it that he asked the author if he could share in with other agility folk in order to give them a better understanding of their Collie. Although we write 'Collie brain,' we are sure the underlying principles apply to most breeds to some extent. (Posting with permission from author.)

Why should I Adopt a Senior Dog?

Article taken from "DogLife Golden Retriever", with permission.

The Complete Guide to Traveling with Your Dog has an article online about how to travel safely with your dog in your vehicle. Feel free to share or reprint as long as you credit it to as indicated