Can't Keep Your Border Collie?

Border Collies trickle into rescue for many reasons. Some are found as strays or are left at shelters. Some come to us directly as owner-surrenders for various reasons: death, injury, or illness of the dog's owner, divorce, allergies, moving, and behavioral issues. We realize that relinquishing one's dog can be a painful decision. If we can help you find a way to keep your Border Collie (by offering guidance on behavioral issues, training problems, etc.), we are more than happy to help. If your dog has aggression issues (toward people, dogs and/or other animals), we need to know.

AZBCR Rescue Dogs

Upon receipt into rescue, the dog will be spayed/neutered, microchipped and brought up to date on vaccinations as needed. Current vet records will be required in order to accept your dog in rescue. Please gather those so that we may pick them up with the dog. If your dog has medical needs, or is currently unaltered, we will ask you if you are willing to take care of those things prior to us taking it into rescue. If that is not possible, please consider donating to the veterinary care of your dog at the time it is relinquished.

Sometimes the dogs are in rescue for weeks or even months before being placed. During that time, they live in foster homes where medical issues are addressed and they are fed high-quality food. Our foster homes do their best to provide socialization and obedience training for the dogs in our care. All of these expenditures far exceed our adoption fee. Your donations are much appreciated.

We do give priority to Border Collies that are being held in shelters, since they are in danger of euthanasia. We decide which dogs we can take on a case by case basis.

Please fill out the Request for Relinquishment Form

Please fill out the Request for Relinquishment Form at the link below. If you have photos of your dog available, please upload them when you are filling out the Relinquishment Form. Otherwise, please send photos to: (We need a minimum of 3 photos; a head shot and one from each side (dog standing) all taken at the dog's level from no more than five feet away.)  Once we receive your photos, we can proceed with your relinquishment application.

If we accept your dog into rescue you will also need to sign our Relinquishment Agreement. You must understand that you have relinquished all rights to the dog and may not re-claim the dog once he/she is in our care.

It is helpful if you can bring the dog to us. We have to do a lot of traveling when we place a dog, so we must place the burden of traveling on the relinquishing party.

Before surrendering your dog, please consider contacting a trainer or behavior specialist who might find a solution that allows your dog to remain in your family. We are happy to recommend trainers in the area.

Fill out a Relinquishment Application
Relinquishment Application