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  • Midnight

    New Name: Tessa
    Adopted 02/02/2023

    Midnight (now Tessa) has joined our little family. She now has a sister, Ellie (deaf and blind) my foster fail from Amazing Aussies. They were immediate fast friends. She is happy go lucky and her inner Border Collie puppy shenanigans are starting to come out. We are waiting for DNA results and ready to start puppy classes.

  • Keanu

    New Name: Keanu Bandito Wick
    Adopted 01/16/2023

    Keanu is the perfect fetch buddy, walking companion, office assistant, and couch potato all rolled into one. Keanu LOVES playing fetch with his ball. He enjoys hiking, swimming and anything that will keep up with his active lifestyle. He is a velcro dog inside the house who will lay all day with you. He has become our office assistant as he lays in the office and naps while we work. Enjoy your new life, Keanu.

  • Tess

    Adopted 12/19/2022

    Tes came into rescue with a haunting past, but with some patience and training, she has found her human and there is no looking back. She is amazingly loving toward her human, enjoys belly rubs and snuggle time, and will turn in every direction when she is being brushed, just to be sure she is looking the best she can. Her best day is when her human is present as well as her Jolly ball, and most times there is also a ball or a stick near by.

  • Rudy

    Adopted 12/09/2022

    Rudy is enjoying his new life with neighborhood walks, zoomies with friends at the dog park, catching frisbees in the backyard and listening to music at local establishments. What more could a dog ask for?

  • Blue

    Adopted 12/03/2022

    Blue was 18 months old when he came into foster care and had serious issues with resource guarding and the typical sounds of a busy household. In September 2022 we became his 2nd foster parents. I knew the first day that we needed a professional dog trainer to help with Blue. I did my research and found Lorenzo’s Dog Training team and was assigned with Brendan O’Neill. Right from the start I knew Brendan was going to be able to help us. I didn’t realize that training a dog was also training the humans. With each lesson Blue was becoming more confident and doing well with leash handling and walking, he became quite easy for us to handle and train him. We knew the guarding resource would take time, but by the end of our training the stranger danger and recourse guarding went away. Blue is now a completely different dog. We officially adopted Blue after his training was complete in December 2022.

  • Lady

    Adopted 11/18/2022

    Lady joined our family to help heal our broken hearts from losing Bailey (AZBCR alum BooBoo), who we had for 13 years and helped cross the rainbow bridge in October of 2022. My daughter and I drove 5 hours round trip to meet her, and of course we brought her home. Since then, Lady has become a loved member of our family. She's super silly, fun, and loveable and she's brought us so much joy! She loves her trips to the dog park and playing with her friends at the doggy daycare (and all the staff loves her). She doesn't really get how fetch works, but she loves to run around with her squeaker toys. She's just so well behaved (though a bit of a bed hog LOL), and quick to learn. All I can say is that she was meant to be here and we're so blessed to have her.

  • Gin

    New Name: Genie
    Adopted 11/14/2022

    Genie, formerly gin, is doing great. We were amused to find out she's mostly shepherd/husky with a touch of sheltie, but that doesn't change how we feel about her. She's a trucker now, and is the best co-pilot ever! She's alert, bright, affectionate and LOVES pizza crust and french fries.

  • Theo

    New Name: Roger
    Adopted 11/12/2022

    We adopted Theo, (now known as Roger) in November 2022. He is a gem…. crazy high energy, but such a great dog. Addicted to tennis balls, (hence the name), loves the dog park and all dogs large and small and their owners! Loves car rides and sleeps for 10 hours (or more) every night in the crate. He has a ferocious bark when at home, but its all bark. We are totally devoted to one another!

  • Bruno

    New Name: Dash
    Adopted 11/08/2022

    AZBCR alum Dash (fka Bruno) is doing well after his first week in his new home! Up-to-date on shots, fitting in with the fam, knows Sit and Down really well, plays fetch in the yard, and is working on his leash manners. All around sweet pup! So glad you’ve rescued us…

  • Dudley

    Adopted 11/08/2022

    He is incredibly smart. He has already picked up on the rituals and routines of the house. He mastered the dog door by day two. He is the biggest love bug and often uses me as his own personal teddy bear. He loves his toys and will often leave them scattered throughout the entire house. He loves ice cubes. This boy is up for EVERYTHING. He loves our older boy Everest who tolerates Huck's puppy energy. We will start agility training in the beginning of the year. I don't know if he'd be any good, but he just loves to please. Huckleberry is very photogenic and truly is the best dog ever and just so much fun. We love him so much! I have sent in his DNA and will everyone with the results when they arrive!

  • Dominic

    New Name: Shadow
    Adopted 11/01/2022

    Shadow (fka Dominic) has made himself at home! I couldn’t help but change his name to Shadow because he follows us everywhere we go. He is so loving, playful and smart! He has the most unique sleeping positions. He has brought so much joy to our family! I love how goofy and energetic he is and oh so smart. He and my female husky/gsd mix are the best of friends.

  • Brandi

    Adopted 10/29/2022

    She is absolutely the best little dog - smart, calm, and so stinking cute! Thank you for taking good care of her until we could find her!! She has been to scouting events, long walks, Halloween get togethers etc. she is living her best life and my kids are loving having some puppy energy around the house!

  • Wilbur

    New Name: Koda
    Adopted 10/22/2022

    Our little guy, Koda (formally Wilbur) is a happy 7 month old boy. He loves playing with his border collie sister Mandy and cat brother Newton. Koda loves to run, try new things, and is always up for a trip to Petsmart or a walk. He also loves giving kisses to his mama and pawpaw.

  • Penny

    Adopted 10/20/2022

    Our foster fail is doing great! She gets more comfortable in her forever home each day. She loves to be inside with everyone and is more comfortable with new people visiting. Best decision of 2022 for our family!

  • Bella Brown

    Adopted 10/16/2022

    Bella has a heart of gold to match her golden eyes. She quickly fell into our routine, gathered up Tansy's balls and frisbee and squeaky toys, and warmed up to our horses. In fact, she tries to get the horses to throw the ball for her as she leaves them by their feet. She soon inched her way into bed with us, sharing it with our elder Shih Tzu. She likes to lay between us on the bed when we watch tv placing a paw on each of our legs, claiming me mostly for herself. After my broken-nose surgery, she laid by my side for 10 days trying to lick my wounds comforting me. She loves car rides and is intrigued with the car wash. After I fully recover from my horse accident 10 mos ago, I hope to have her running by my side while riding. Oh, and she loves to talk up a storm and give us her sweet, gorgeous bedroom eyes when she knows she's been naughty, like stealing food off the counter when we're not looking or opening up doors.

  • Trigger

    Adopted 10/12/2022

    After losing two border collies within three months adopting Trigger was what was needed to be able to mourn the loss of two wonderful AZ border collie rescue dogs. Trigger has traits of both dogs which gives me only the fondest memories of the wonderful things they did. He is vocal, loves to play catch, has become a pleasure to walk with and is the companion I needed. He is so easy going and just wants to meet everyone. I say that Trigger and I both won the adoption lottery.

  • Sophie

    Adopted 10/11/2022

    Sophie is living her best life and has made her foster home her FOREVER home. Although she was bred to be a working dog, she enjoys the simple life - playing with toys, sleeping on the couch, and getting kisses and snuggles from her mom.

  • Thelma

    Adopted 10/09/2022

    Thelma has gone off to live with other Border Collies and she'll get to learn to herd sheep. Happy life sweet girl.

  • King

    New Name: Kike
    Adopted 10/08/2022

    We've had Kiké, (pronounced ,Key-Kay.) aka King, then Chip for just over 6 weeks, and he has fit in so wonderfully with our family. He was a bit nervous when he came to us, but he has quickly become part of the family. We have three rabbits, and he is very gentle with them. At first he didn't know what to make of them, but he is careful and lets them come up to him, as he is also very curious. He runs with Frank every single afternoon, and has made it over 3 miles without stopping! He has found his forever home, and we are all so grateful!

  • Chevy

    Adopted 10/08/2022

    After a slight nudge from an observant stranger...It's official, Chevy IS a permanent member of this "former" foster family even as we pack to head to a new home. Which means, this little cowboy, along with his AZBCR alumni pals Ray and Bear, will have the run of a cool little "ranchette" in Ohio where there's meadows and woods with an adjacent creek... just as soon as we travel cross country to get there. In true herder fashion, maybe we'll even find a few other critters to round up along the way.

  • Jake

    Adopted 10/01/2022

    Jake came into my house as a foster in August of 2022 and became a permanent member of the family on October 1st, 2022. He is a BUSY, BUSY boy, but he does have a good off switch. Fortunately for me AND Jake, I work on a farm, and he gets to go with me to work and runs ALL DAY LONG! He also helps me with everything I do from emptying the manure cart to gardening! He also goes to agility class which he loves! He is funny, super smart, quirky, loves all dogs, respects my cat, loves every person he has ever met, although he does try to herd the little people around. Fortunately, we don’t come in contact with too many small children. He is a joy, and I am super glad he found me!

  • Cole

    Adopted 09/30/2022

    Another FOSTER FAIL joins the club. Cole is the sweetest puppy (as he currently is wrestling with Piper to start their morning). He plays well with our older girls and loves everyone. He snuggles and makes us laugh and smile so much. We are excited to start puppy classes with him and get into agility (our first time trying agility, so it’ll be a new adventure).

  • Nellie

    New Name: Ellie
    Adopted 09/27/2022

    Ellie's adoption story is as follows: "Stay" is boring...but I love to go on leash adventures! I have fun wrestling with my sister usually puts an end to it. Act like perfect angels when mom says STOP! Be calm no matter how many times that horse charges around the fence line. I have to sit on (or near) this X on the floor, and wait politely for my meal. .....actually, if I sit here at 7am and 5pm it helps the humans remember what time it is. Shots aren't so bad...especially if my big brother goes with me and helps me remember my manners. Mom does NOT like when I pounce her chickens.

  • Toby

    Adopted 09/27/2022

    Toby is a 12 year old sweetheart, and hides his age very well. He is loving, affectionate and playful. His tail never stops wagging, and he's a happy boy. He gets super excited for walks, and loves feeding time, treats, and his toys! He does love to give kisses, so be prepared if you ever stop by. He is enjoying his senior years relaxing on his favorite dog bed or the couch.

  • Cayde

    Adopted 09/27/2022

    Cayde arrived into foster care with a very active seizure disorder and other medical issues that required treatments, a calmer household and ongoing support. His foster family (humans and AZBCR alumni, Moe) started to fall for this fun loving, goofy boy. After getting him through many vet visits and one emergency care treatment for a bad seizure, it was decided that we were a great match for Cayde. Cayde was a Foster fail on October 2, 2022 and has been improving every day. Cayde will be helping his brother, Moe, support future AZBCR fosters in the upcoming years and he is excited about his new role as a "foster big brother".

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