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  • Bunny

    New Name: Koko
    Adopted 05/01/2019

    Do you believe in love at first sight?...well it's true!..we adopted this little cutie from the Easter bunch on Monday....this was Koko...she doesn't have the look of a typical BC but she certainly is as smart...she barks to go outside, sits on command and plays ball like a retriever! cuddly but full of personality...and sharp teeth!...frozen Kong's help!...would have loved to seen her mom or dad!...that whole litter was just as adorable...thank you fosters Karen and Dave and AZBCR!

  • Misha

    New Name: Winnie
    Adopted 04/25/2019

    We are over the moon in love with Winnie (formerly Misha)! We just adopted her from ABCR. ?????? She is such an amazing woman! She is so smart she learned “play dead” in one night and loves to learn tricks. She is a professional cuddler and enjoys sleeping in our bed with us. She loves being brushed. She loves walks and hanging out on dog friendly restaurant patios. She gets along excellent with our 1 year old Charlie. Thank you to her foster family (Lynette Gage Jones) and ACBR for taking excellent care of her

  • Lili

    Adopted 01/30/2019

    We are absolutely Loving our Lily! She was unsure and not very trusting when we got her...kept her tail tucked so tightly you would not know she even had one...but with lots of love, structure, routine and daily exercise, she has become a different girl. And her tail is as high and full as can be as she prances around the house! She still struggles with reacting (out of fear) to other dogs but making progress. She loves to run fast, jump high, play frisbee, swim and is a fabulous hiker...and LOVES to snuggle, get brushed and have belly rubs. She stays in her own bed next to ours overnight but sneaks in between us for a 30 min snuggle each morning before the alarm goes girl.

  • Maverick

    New Name: Bode
    Adopted 01/26/2019

    My life has changed so much since I was a stray for several weeks and became wary of people and other dogs approaching me. My new humans and I have quickly grown comfortable with each other and they make me feel very secure. I love to show them affection, follow them around the house and yard all day, go for car trips, play with all my toys (especially in the snow), go for walks and hikes, especially with our walking group friends. I’ve become less wary of meeting new people and my humans do lots of training with me so I can be more comfortable whenever a new dog is within sight it’ll take some time but it’s coming along. I have a cousin dog who’s now my good friend and we hang out a lot and play. Thanks to AZBCR and my foster folks for getting me to my new life.

  • Styx

    Adopted 12/15/2018

    Hi everyone, this is Styx. I survived my first night away from my sibs and wonderful foster family. My new lady person is forever grateful that they taught me to potty outside and stand at the door to say I need to go. I’m rocking it at about 2 months old, of course I am a BC! My big sister seems to like me but torments me by stay up out of my reach on the furniture, I tell her that will only work for awhile. Pssst, she did play with me a little bit just now, I’m so excited. Ok, gotta lady person needs supervision in the kitchen (it’s my job title now ??)

  • Mogie

    Adopted 12/12/2018

    We were heartbroken. We had lost our dog to cancer. After 4 days of an empty house, I reached out to AZBCR. We reviewed dogs and scheduled meet/greets. Tracy said look at a lot of dogs before deciding. At our first meeting, we walked into Rachel and Jeff’s yard, and there he was, playing with their pack. He looked at me with his big golden-brown eyes and I knew he was the one. He jumped up and gave me a big wet kiss on the nose. I tried to tell Rachel we would be back again that weekend. She told me that it was a ridiculous idea, and that Mogie was the dog for us. I told her what Tracy said she laughed and told us to take him for a walk and talk about it. When we returned, we knew he was going home with us. He has spent every night sleeping on our feet. He greets us every morning with big wet kisses. He has the sweetest disposition. He has snuggled his way into our hearts. Jeff said Mogie chose us because he knew our hearts were broken and he was the one to heal them.

  • Tuba City Luna

    Adopted 12/09/2018

    I just want to say...again...that Luna, our recent foster uh fail has been a remarkable addition to our pack and family! She's amazing! Sure she has a couple of manner issues but they're all because she loves so much! She gets along fabulaously well with Molly, Nox, Tucker and Boggie and actually is the instigator in playing super hard with her brothers. Still trying to get her to enjoy the pool...but she does tolerate floating with Boggie in his float. She likes to "hide" on the tables or behind the tree which makes me laugh so hard. Thanks AZBCR! Luna is #3 from this organization and I'm sure there will be more opportunities to help out these amazing pups in the future!

  • Comet

    Adopted 12/08/2018

    This sweet boy was just a bag of bones when he came from UT. He warms up a little slowly. He rarely barks. He fits in well with other dogs. So he was an easy boy for his new family. Shine bright, Comet!

  • Molly

    Adopted 12/08/2018

    Hi, I'm Molly. Not to brag but I'm pretty awesome! I'm super smart, know a lot of commands already, and I'm eager to please.

  • Amber

    New Name: Roux
    Adopted 12/08/2018

    Roux (formerly Amber) is the most loving sweetie pie! She is constantly giving us kisses, loves belly rubs and loves her big sister who is also from AZBCR, Zig. They are best friends! We are so lucky to have her! She loves catching and bringing back a ball which is her favorite toy. She wouldn’t play with toys when we first got her so it’s night and day now as she is ball obsessed! She loves her blanket and going on walks. We are so happy to see her personality come out more and more each day. Thank you to AZBCR for the opportunity to adopt our love bug because everyone needs a red headed friend!

  • Mia

    Adopted 12/08/2018

    This delightful mix is part BC and part aussie. She's going to be a great partner for her active family because she's super playful and very cuddly.

  • Austin

    New Name: Baxter
    Adopted 12/08/2018

    It has been a month since I adopted Baxter (Austin). He is such a love and fits in beautifully with all the fur babies (kitties too). Despite his sister Keeli being selfish with toys they have great fun together. There's a lot of chasing. Rides in the car are fun and he jumps right in now because we go see the friendly Great Dane cousins. Walks in the morning, treat time at lunch and cocktails (string cheese) in the evening. Learning new commands and working on old ones. Love,love, love this boy.

  • Mirk

    New Name: Scooby Doo
    Adopted 12/08/2018

    I was a little too much dog for my first family but someone else knew that I was still an awesome boy who just needed the right environment. I got adopted along with my new sister, Tessie.

  • Tyrion

    New Name: Diesel
    Adopted 12/07/2018

    I'm now named Diesel and I am still a beautiful boy, growing bigger every day. I love my people and everything about life.

  • Morty

    New Name: Morty
    Adopted 12/06/2018

    Morty has found his forever home. With us! This is our first foster fail and our greatest success with AZBCR. We’re working through the paper work this week to make it official but this boy is going no where. Apparently everyone in my life knew this weeks ago but I was waiting for Morty to tell me he wanted to stay. On Friday he did his first ever sit/stay on command and licked my face when I bent down to cuddle him. He feels safe here and I can’t move him on. He’ll have a great life with sister Zero. They are the same age and energy level but such different personalities.

  • Copper

    New Name: Jazzy
    Adopted 12/05/2018

    Copper, now Jazzy, is a happy girl. She’s got some pretty serious behavior issues, so we’re working hard every day with help in our home by a top trainer and also a professional dog walker. She’s made some strides, but has a long way to go. She’s a very loved and important part of our family. So we’re not giving up on her by any means, just getting busy trying to help her get better.?? AZBCR is the best rescue I’ve ever dealt with, and I’ve dealt with SO many! This group has my heart!!!

  • Arya

    New Name: Tessie
    Adopted 12/04/2018

    I adopted these girls (now Tessie and Catelyn) 2 weeks before my official retirement. They were a handful at first as neither was house trained, but we got through that. Both girls got Beginner training and graduated with honors (!!). I do not know what I would have done with all my free time, if it were not for these girls. We go to a Puppy Park once or twice a day and they get one day a week at Doggie Day Care. They are a joy, and So SOOOO smart. Tessie is now bigger than her mother by about 10 pounds and I expect she'll gain another 10. Thank you Arizona Border Collie Rescue. We all 3 appreciate being rescued!

  • Catelyn

    New Name: Catelyn
    Adopted 12/04/2018

    I adopted these girls (momma= Catelyn and one of her puppies) 2 weeks before my official retirement. They were a handful at first as neither was house trained, but we got through that. Both girls got Beginner training and graduated with honors (!!). I do not know what I would have done with all my free time, if it were not for these girls. We go to a Puppy Park once or twice a day and they get one day a week at Doggie Day Care. They are a joy, and So SOOOO smart. Tessie is now bigger than her mother by about 10 pounds and I expect she'll gain another 10. Thank you Arizona Border Collie Rescue. We all 3 appreciate being rescued!

  • Penny

    Adopted 12/02/2018

    It's Penny. I was found as a stray in Laveen, AZ but some great people there caught me and I found my way to the AZBCR. One of the foster moms for AZBCR took me to foster until I could find my furever home. When I got to her house I saw that I had 3 other sisters and brothers waiting to meet me. I had a standoff demeanor at first but it didn’t take long to warm up to my other brothers/sisters. My foster mom had previously adopted Duke thruAZBCR and lo and behold he was a red white just like me so we really hit it off even though he was older. One of my sisters was a 5lb white chihuahua named Lucy. Lucy never let anyone get close to her as she was a rescue dog too and she had an attitude. After a short time, my foster mom noticed something strange going on. Both Duke and Lucy had taken a liking to me big time!My foster mom said she was not adopting anymore dogs at this time. Well I have these really big brown soft cow eyes that I used on her...end of story. She's my mom now.

  • Freckles

    Adopted 12/01/2018

    Freckles was found in the Show Low shelter. This dog clearly didn't know too much about human love and affection until she came into the rescue. Now he's getting it all day from his furever family. Happy life, Freckles!

  • Matza

    Adopted 12/01/2018

    Matza is a sweet, mellow girl who convinced her foster day that she didn't need to be adopted by anyone else. She was already home.

  • Tucker

    New Name: Tucker
    Adopted 11/27/2018

    Tucker has never met a stranger in his life. He loves everybody now and is living the good life after being found almost starving to death on the rez. It's all good from here, Tucker.

  • Sombra

    Adopted 11/27/2018

    Sombra scored in the family jackpot with 2 kids of her own and their parents. She's gonna love her own family. She's a super chill dog who is just agreeable about everything in life.

  • Marley - Penelope

    Adopted 11/26/2018

    Marley came into the rescue along with 9 puppies. She was a great momma and then was ready for her own new home. She's a great girl who is medium busy and happy to come sit in your lap anytime she can find it.

  • Benjen

    New Name: Benny
    Adopted 11/25/2018

    Benny (was Benjen) was the smallest pup in a litter that was dumped at a Wal-mart store. A good person took momma and pups home and this sweet boy came to our rescue. Now he is big and has a family to call his own.

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