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  • Bunny

    New Name: Koko
    Adopted 05/01/2019

    Do you believe in love at first sight?...well it's true!..we adopted this little cutie from the Easter bunch on Monday....this was Koko...she doesn't have the look of a typical BC but she certainly is as smart...she barks to go outside, sits on command and plays ball like a retriever! cuddly but full of personality...and sharp teeth!...frozen Kong's help!...would have loved to seen her mom or dad!...that whole litter was just as adorable...thank you fosters Karen and Dave and AZBCR!

  • Misha

    New Name: Winnie
    Adopted 04/25/2019

    We are over the moon in love with Winnie (formerly Misha)! We just adopted her from ABCR. ?????? She is such an amazing woman! She is so smart she learned “play dead” in one night and loves to learn tricks. She is a professional cuddler and enjoys sleeping in our bed with us. She loves being brushed. She loves walks and hanging out on dog friendly restaurant patios. She gets along excellent with our 1 year old Charlie. Thank you to her foster family (Lynette Gage Jones) and ACBR for taking excellent care of her

  • Reggie

    Adopted 03/31/2019

    Rex (formerwas the perfect pick for me and my extended family. The ages range from 11 months old to 80 years old. Donna was spot on when she matched him with me. I love him so much. He is very gentle with the baby and older folks. He is an expert frisbee catcher and/or anything he can retrieve. I recently took a road trip to S.Dakota with him. He was very interested in the cattle and horses he could see out the window on the way, which kept him occupied on the long trip. Our first stop was a New Mexico ranch, where he met my brother's 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 turkeys, 2 ducks, 3 chickens, and rooster, and a baby chick. He was gentle with all of them. He fit right into the pack of dogs and went on a 4 mile mountain hike. When me got to S.Dakota he saw deer and more house pets.. And he sat calmly and sweetly with my mom who is 85. He layed his his head in her lap while she had her oxygen treatment. This is a potential therapy dog. Love this sweet boy!

  • NM Foxy

    Adopted 03/27/2019

    Life has more meaning to it with this special girl in our lives. We Love our girl! We have added to her name, Foxy, Duchess of Bark. I had been researching dog breeds and came across the Schipperke. I had hoped one day that I could find one to adopt. We attended,Woofstock in March in Tucson and learned about AZBCR. This would be my first time being a dog parent in my adult life, for as I always had cats. When I searched the website, 5here she was, Foxy. She was timid when we first met her but she just warmed my heart. We couldn't wait to bring her to her furrever home. After three months she has blossomed and enjoys her big yard where she chases lizards and anything that gets into her territory. She proudly protects us. She gets me up at the crack of dawn when I can share the sunrises with her. I believe that Foxy traveled a long distance to be my dog. She is my trusted and loyal companion who is deeply treasured! We are so happy to give her a warm and loving home. Thank you AZBCR!

  • Pogo

    New Name: Dino
    Adopted 03/25/2019

    Pogo, now Dino, is a very special boy. He brings us so much joy every day. Pogo just didn't fit his personality........but when he did his first long bark it reminded us of Dino on the Flintstones so Dino is was. Should have given it a few more weeks and he would of had another name........Kitty/Kitty ?? We think he was raised by a 'Cat Lady' with bunches of Cats cause he does some real cat like motions....going in between your legs, rubbing up against them. He has taken over and made our home HIS! Loves his grassy yard..sniffing, chasing, rolling in the grass and has been playing with a stuffed pig. He prances and can tell time......he lets us know when it is time to eat just in case we are unaware ! He has a constant happy look with a sparkle in his eyes and his tail rarely stops wagging. So glad he rescued US! Thank-you AZBCR

  • Tanner

    New Name: Shadow
    Adopted 03/23/2019

    Shadow, formerly Tanner, came to us as a foster. He had been relinquished by his family of 3 years and was shaking like a leaf in the shelter. When we brought him home he was afraid of almost everything, loud noises and new things would scare him. He would follow us around and that is how he got his new name, Shadow. He fit right in with our pack and was such an easy foster. He learned how to play ball, what chew toys and treats were. He learned how to play with our dogs and soon his personality began to emerge. It soon became clear that Shadow was home. Shadow now loves to lay in the grass, go for car rides and do zoomies in the back yard. While he still doesn't like fireworks he has become much more relaxed and can be introduced to new situations and people with very little stress. Shadow completes our pack and we love him.

  • Valentino

    New Name: Spike
    Adopted 03/17/2019

    My husband and I adopted our first border collie in 2009, while living in Prescott. We found him at the Yavapai Humane Society. We heard good things about border collies, and so when we realized one was available, we quickly went to the facility to meet him. It was love at first sight. We named him Jake he was 1 ½ years old. Jake is now 11 ½ years old, and perhaps a little slower, and a little hard of hearing, but we soon realized that border collies were “our dogs”. They are smart, loving, and loyal. Therefore, when we found this rescue, we knew we were looking in the right place. We narrowed our search down to a couple dogs. However, after looking at our first border collie, Valentino, we knew we need not look any further. He was energetic, friendly, and seemed to want to go home with us, as much as we wanted him to come home with us. He has become my shadow. As I write this, he is lying down on our cool tile floor a few feet away from me.

  • Magpie

    Adopted 03/15/2019

    When Jeff and I got together 7 years ago, he had 3 dogs and I had 2 cats. His dogs were already getting on in years. Jackson lived to be 17, and Marty passed away at the young age of 14, sadly. That was Jeff’s sidekick, and it was a tough time. We adopted Waylon last July at the Rescue Round Up not long after Marty had passed. and then a few months later we lost BuddyLuv. Even though we love Waylon dearly, one dog just isn’t enough (we don’t share well). We thought we might really like fostering, and there are so many dogs that need homes. We decided to try fostering a puppy to see if we could even handle a puppy. Waylon isn’t all that fond of large male dogs, and we have chickens and cats too, So we thought maybe a puppy as a foster. It lasted 4 days, but who were we trying to kid? How could we NOT fall in love with the little rascal? She is such a joy! Watching her run as fast as she can in giant circles around the yard brings us great happiness. Waylon enjoys her most of the time.

  • Lili

    Adopted 01/30/2019

    We are absolutely Loving our Lily! She was unsure and not very trusting when we got her...kept her tail tucked so tightly you would not know she even had one...but with lots of love, structure, routine and daily exercise, she has become a different girl. And her tail is as high and full as can be as she prances around the house! She still struggles with reacting (out of fear) to other dogs but making progress. She loves to run fast, jump high, play frisbee, swim and is a fabulous hiker...and LOVES to snuggle, get brushed and have belly rubs. She stays in her own bed next to ours overnight but sneaks in between us for a 30 min snuggle each morning before the alarm goes girl.

  • Maverick

    New Name: Bode
    Adopted 01/26/2019

    My life has changed so much since I was a stray for several weeks and became wary of people and other dogs approaching me. My new humans and I have quickly grown comfortable with each other and they make me feel very secure. I love to show them affection, follow them around the house and yard all day, go for car trips, play with all my toys (especially in the snow), go for walks and hikes, especially with our walking group friends. I’ve become less wary of meeting new people and my humans do lots of training with me so I can be more comfortable whenever a new dog is within sight it’ll take some time but it’s coming along. I have a cousin dog who’s now my good friend and we hang out a lot and play. Thanks to AZBCR and my foster folks for getting me to my new life.

  • Duke

    Adopted 01/22/2019

    We decided to foster. We had absolutely no intention on Foster failing, but it happened. When Duke came to us he bonded with us immediately. By the morning he just looked so relaxed like he was home. He met his 2 sisters who are also AZBCR alumni. Sassie and Leah. They were not crazy to have this new creature in the house but they put up with him. In just a few short weeks Duke managed to worm his way into everyone's hearts. He was home, he was ours, and we just couldn't let him go. Duke is the sweetest, kindest dog who loves everyone he meets. He is so gentle and sweet with children and he visits his elderly grandma once in a while who always has a smile for him and a pat on the head. He know his audience, he knows if you are meant to play with him, or just sit and "be" with him. He is so smart and affectionate. When he lays down next to you he puts his head down first and melts into your lap. Over the past couple of months, Duke has become inseparable from his 2 sisters.

  • Marlie

    Adopted 01/17/2019

    Marlie is an amazing dog. He loves all people and bonds with you quickly. He was a stray wandering the streets of Cave Creek. The family he was with had him for about a month before surrendering him to AZBCR. He has been on many walks also. On his first walk he acted as if he had never been on leash. Each walk he has gotten better. He is not sure with other dogs and needs a slow introduction with them. Still working on his manners and coming when called He is a super friendly dog that just needs guidance, love and patience. We thought we might foster fail with this guy and we are grateful that we did.

  • Demi

    Adopted 01/17/2019

    I’ve been looking for a BC since my Maxie passed away, she was a 15 year old BC. The day after Christmas 2018 my Yorkie passed away. The following day as I am browsing through Facebook on a Sunday afternoon I see a picture of Demi and how she will be put up for adoption in a few weeks. I knew instantly that Demi has been the BC I’ve been searching for. I immediately filled out the Adoption paperwork, had the house inspection, and followed it up with the interview. Took a couple weeks. Kelly asked me to come over and meet Demi, which I did and we hit it off right away. I couldn’t show my full emotions because I knew there were many families looking at this dog. After spending time with Demi, I was ready to take her home and thankfully I got to adopt her! Demi has been the best addition to our family and she is the best! We could not be happier with her and feel very blessed that she’s in our lives. Working with AZBCR fosters and volunteers was the best part of the experience.

  • Korra

    Adopted 01/06/2019

    Korra is a slightly rambunctious but typical puppy who just wants to play. She is smart, friendly and learns tricks very quickly. Especially if there are cookies or other treats involved.

  • Foxy

    New Name: Roxy
    Adopted 01/05/2019

    Foxy is the sweetest soulmate, a great walking companion, and a couch cuddler.

  • Penny

    Adopted 01/05/2019

    Penny loves everybody and she loves her stuffed animals.

  • Journey

    New Name: Jenny
    Adopted 01/05/2019

    We are so thrilled to have Jenny in our lives. We did change her name but kept one that began with a J. She has grown to be quite the character. When we first came home with her, it was difficult to even get her in the house. She was very resistant and almost bit us. She hid under the table and we weren’t sure she would ever think of this as her home. We soon discovered she absolutely loves going to dog park and chasing her ball. At first, she wanted nothing to do with other dogs but she is gradually getting more comfortable having them around her. She is so affectionate, loves belly rubs, and chasing furry toys and balls. Jenny carries her ball around most of the time and we joke that it may need surgically removed! She is allowed to go wherever she wants in the house and she has her favorite spots. She also loves to go for rides. She has attached herself to my wife and lays beside her and follows her. We just really really love her and cannot image our lives without her.

  • Shaggy

    Adopted 01/02/2019

    Hello AZBCR! Several months ago, we foster failed this sweet, amazing, throw the ball ocd BC boy! He originally took a plane ride from Utah early last summer and was adopted out. He ended up having recurrent incontinence issues. Both pee and poop. His adoptive family relinquished him back to AZBCR. A foster was requested. We took him in. It was clear pretty early on that he was home here, though we wanted to a have a better idea of what we were dealing with. After months of vet appointments, and finally now taking him to an internist, we think we are starting to get a handle on things.

  • Sandy

    Adopted 12/30/2018

    Sandy's foster mom described her as a very calm dog and loyal friend. She is possibly mixed with a larger breed such as Great Pyrenees. She is a striking girl and her new family lucked out to adopt her. A win/win situation for all.

  • Hayden

    Adopted 12/29/2018

    Hayden is a super sweet boy who was found wandering in the desert (near the Hayden mines). He is thrilled to be living indoors again and gets along great with everyone kids, dogs, and horses. He is a great off-leash and settles down nicely at the end of the day. Happy days, Hayden!

  • Olive

    Adopted 12/27/2018

    It was love at first site for Chelsea and Olive. Her foster mom had her at work one day and Olive and one of her co-workers made eye contact and had an instant connection. The rest is history.

  • Greta

    Adopted 12/26/2018

    Greta came from a sad situation but she is such a sweet girl. She is small and petite with the cutest freckles all over her nose. Greta could catch and chase her ball all day long but she also loves taking naps on the couch. She is learning to sit and is getting better on the leash. She likes to play with her furry sisters, and to wrestle with my husband. Greta was shy and new things werescary at first, but with patience and a little time, she has become a very loyal companion.

  • Freddie

    Adopted 12/25/2018

    Freddie was left in a shelter because he was getting old and frail. He's now got a wonderful, loving home to live out his life in comfort.

  • Bananas

    Adopted 12/24/2018

    Bananas! Doesn't that just say everything about a puppy? Active and full of personality. This little pup is going to be a wonderful girl.

  • TC

    New Name: Cooper
    Adopted 12/23/2018

    Cooper (formerly TC) was the cuddler of this litter of 5. He is a little more mellow and loves to give kisses too.

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