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  • Alan

    New Name: Atom
    Adopted 02/02/2021

    We are very much enjoying Atom (Fka Alan) in our household.  We are set up with a weekly class working on leash training, commands, and social skills. He/we are doing great!

  • Stella

    Adopted 01/30/2021

    Foster Stella arrived here yesterday. She was sad to say goodbye to her family but looking forward to a better life as she isn't suited to an apartment. She is quite calm so far, likes to cuddle, super sweet. She and my female are taking a while to warm up to each other but have already relaxed a lot after a walk together. Probably my dog's fault, as mine is used to being the only princess around. I trimmed her feet (badly). We will try for nails later. She got very happy when I got the treats and asked her to sit! I think she would like to learn other tricks to show off.

  • Lucy

    New Name: Laci
    Adopted 01/24/2021

    Laci (fka Lucy) is fitting in and adjusting very nicely. She tries so hard and I love her very much. She has been hesitant about going for walks because she is quite nervous about vehicle noise. She is getting a lot better with lots of treats and praise. We are working up to going for a short car ride and hike. Laci gets anxious and shaky when she hears noises at night, especially fireworks and thunder sounds. I live in Old Town Scottsdale so there are quite a few fireworks. She has a new camo Thundershirt, which she looks so cute in! She is wearing it around the house for short periods of time so she can get used to it. Laci loves to play ball and enjoys her Kong filled with treats and peanut butter. She has learned sit, down, stay and come already! Our next goal is high five. Laci is also a fabulous watch dog with a nice deep bark. I am very grateful to Traci and AZBCR for my beautiful, fun and loving companion, Laci.

  • Jackson

    New Name: Rum Tum Tugger
    Adopted 01/23/2021

    We just feel like the luckiest couple in the world to have found Tugger! He is such a perfect fit for us, and we are loving spending time with him indoors and outdoors. He is a brilliant pup who picks up on training commands within minutes. He is learning not to pull on the leash, but loud noises are still a struggle. In just a month, he has gone from being terrified of the street outside our house, to mastering the walk downtown. He is quite the hiker, cuddler, and soon to be trail runner! And he is helping us meet more people around town, because everyone wants to meet this sweet handsome boy! We are forever grateful to AZBCR for connecting us. We are in love!

  • Neto

    New Name: Will
    Adopted 01/23/2021

    I lost my husband in 2020 and I thought fostering for AZBCR would be a good idea. Enter Neto (now Will) and his funny, circus dog ways. He is a love and he makes me laugh ... FOSTER FAIL!

  • Sassy

    New Name: Mazie
    Adopted 01/23/2021

    We’re only on day 2 with Sassy Mama, now known as Mazie, but we already have zoomie play time with Dempsey Man, my other AZBCR Pup! Thanks again Kellie Secondo for bringing her to us!

  • Twig

    New Name: Arya
    Adopted 01/20/2021

    Twig, now known as Arya, would like to send a huge hug to Kellie and Tammy for taking such good care of her! We love Arya so incredibly much! She is the princess of our house and the keeper of our hearts. My husband is a little cranky that she has bonded with me and he’s pretty much chopped liver. She adores the kids, but momma has her heart! She has been growing fast and exploring and loving life! Thank you Arizona Border Collie Rescue and team!

  • Rain

    New Name: Pete
    Adopted 01/20/2021

    Puppy Pete’s (Rain) first official hike...he does such a great job in his car seat and on leash—no fuss puppy! Did you know how many “leave it’s” there are on a hike? He only walked 50 feet and we packed him up in pack. I love this puppy!

  • Hondo

    New Name: Brodhi
    Adopted 01/19/2021

    Hondo (now Brodhi) came to us as a scared and timid foster. Once we got his health issues addressed, he learned that our home was a safe and friendly place for him to be the big puppy that he is today! He warmed up to the cat, and learned some new "indoor" habits quickly. True to border collie personalities, he is a smart and energetic boy that loves his walks, playing in the water, and herding the neighborhood pets. Anyone that meets him is won over instantly after he leans into them, or raises his paw for more affection. He still follows me everywhere, and is at my feet as I work from home, but I'm not complaining. We feel so lucky to have been in the right place, at the right time, to welcome him into our home. I'm proud to be a "foster fail" and give this boy the loving, forever home he deserves. But in reality, we know that we are the fortunate ones.

  • Tegan

    New Name: Sophie
    Adopted 01/17/2021

    Sophie: sweet, smart, and sassy! It only took a couple of weeks for her to settle in and make my house her home. Not yet a year old, she has good puppy energy that is balanced with enough maturity to take directions and learn new skills. Thanks to everyone at AZBCR who helped bring her into my life. She is my forever best friend and hiking buddy.

  • Forest

    New Name: Dusty
    Adopted 01/17/2021

    Forest (or Dusty as he's called now) has made a super successful transition to life as a spoiled cuddle companion to my teen daughters, a playmate for his two doggo sisters, and a superhero side kick for my 9 year old son (I have been repeatedly informed that the "bandit mask" around his eyes is actually a superhero mask I should refer to him as "Super Dusty Doo"!). He and my son take their superhero status very seriously, furiously protecting us from such villains as ped ice cubes, chew toys, and one unfortunate flip flop. We are very much looking forward to getting the rest of Dusty's puppy shots done so we can take the crime fighting duo on walks, trips to the park, and camping trips.

  • Chace

    New Name: Ace
    Adopted 01/16/2021

    Ace is such a sweet boy! Every day he gets more comfortable with us. He loves to follow us everywhere and see what we are doing. He has been playing with our other dog Koa and he loves snuggling on the couch! Jaclyn and Scott were fantastic foster parents for him, and they made his transition to our family so much easier. Thank you AZBCR for finding us the perfect match!

  • Ryker

    New Name: Wrigley
    Adopted 01/16/2021

    This little escape artist has found his match. Unable to sneak away from his new forever home thanks to a dilligent mom who keeps him occuppied learning new tricks and "jobs", this guy was given a second chance. Be a good boy, sweet Wrigley!

  • Oreo

    Adopted 01/11/2021

    Oreo is a sweet, loving, doll that we fell in love with even before we met her. Our first order of business after completing the adoption process was to schedule a wellness visit with our vet. During the wellness visit we were informed that 3 of her mammary glands were enlarged and needed to be removed. Oreo had her surgery, was spayed, and the three suspect mammary glands were removed. A biopsy was made on two of the glands and they were benign! What a wonderful report as we love Oreo so much. She is doing well and loves us and is our constant companion. We look forward to many years of love and companionship with her. She enjoys and owns her yard.

  • Zoey

    New Name: Arrow
    Adopted 01/09/2021

    I am happy to announce that I have joined the ranks of the Foster Failures! We have fallen in love with little Arrow (formerly Zoey). She is a doll and we are so happy to have her in our family! Thank you AZBCR for allowing us to adopt her. She is a special girl and we can't wait to see her come completely out of her timid little shell.

  • Wrangler

    New Name: Rusty
    Adopted 01/08/2021

    We've had Wrangler (renamed Rusty) for a week now. He and our other puppy have become fast friends. They constantly play and bring so much joy to this house. He is a sweet boy and a wonderful addition. Thanks AZCB!!

  • Brinley

    New Name: Kira
    Adopted 01/06/2021

    Kira (fka Brinley) is doing fantastic! She is fitting into our pack of cattle dogs nicely. She loves water, bones and cookies. Sure would not have been possible without the extraordinary care that our wonderful next door neighbors gave her and her litter mates!!

  • Thelma

    New Name: Josie
    Adopted 01/03/2021

    Josie (aka Thelma) was adopted by me on January 3rd. She’s done a lot of growing up, learned her new name, made new dog friends, learned the house rules (mostly), lots of naps and LOTS of things chewed. Josie’s paperwork says she was born 2/22/20 and who knows if that’s right but it feels right. Happy first birthday Miss Josie ?? maybe we’ll foster a friend for your second bday!

  • Levi

    New Name: Buck
    Adopted 12/29/2020

    Levi, now Buck, is growing like a weed and having lots of fun with his two-legged and four legged friend.

  • Ginny

    New Name: Lexi
    Adopted 12/22/2020

    This was SO not planned, but sometimes the best things just happen on their own, and then ... you are in love. It’s official: Lexi is an AZBCR foster fail ... we couldn’t be happier and I know in my heart that she is happy too. She’s been with us nearly five weeks now, and I’ve been working with her on a number of issues (btw, she wanted me to mention that the (previously very scary) doggie door flap is now a non-event for her!), and while she is still afraid of a lot of the world around her, she now trusts us and her silly personality (that I believe was hidden for so long) is definitely starting to show. And so Lexi just needs more work and more time to learn how to be brave, and in the meantime, how fun is it to watch her blossom and start to act like ... a dog!! Safe to say that the best Christmas presents have fur and tails!!

  • Maizie

    New Name: Lola
    Adopted 12/21/2020

    Maizie, now Lola, won the hearts of so many. She had quite a following. But she chose only one special, forever home, where she will have the best life ever.

  • Coco

    Adopted 12/18/2020

    So, Coco found her forever home today. FOSTER FAIL!!! She is staying with us. We couldn’t let this precious girl go. She has just become so happy here and we just love her.

  • Gunner

    Adopted 12/18/2020

    This handsome boy, who came in with his brother, melted everyone's heart. He's a big boy with lots of love to give and fortunately has found a forever home, where he can give all that big love.

  • Bernie

    Adopted 12/15/2020

    My husband and I were looking for a new pet after a tragic loss of our sweet dog Lily. We were just lost and needed to be able to give our love again, we had so much to give. We saw Bernie on FB. I immediately fell in love with him. We have owned dachshunds for many years so we were drawn to Bernie. After meeting the qualifications we visited Bernie at his foster home and we hit it off. We have had Bernie now for three weeks and he is the sweetest and most loving dog. We needed him and it seems that he needed us. Thank you AZBCR!!! (Note: Bernie was one of this years Christmas Saves. Every Christmas, our founder rescues one or two non-border collies, who are in desperate need of a forever home. Bernies owner had to go into assisted living and this lovely couple gave him a forever home.)

  • Bree

    New Name: Bree
    Adopted 12/15/2020

    Bree was surrendered by her loving family due to issues with their other small dog. I was fortunate to be called to take her in. She needs to be the only pet in the home. I take her everywhere. She comes to work and is spoiled by every one. I am so happy to have her as my trail buddy.

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