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  • Adder

    New Name: Evie
    Adopted 09/20/2020

    Evie (formerly Adder) is such an amazing girl and she's had lots of fun and a few adventures. She had her first vet visit and she is healthy and has a hearty appetite. She's already so much taller! House training is going relatively well and she is responding great to all the positive feedback. We've been training her to sit, lie down, roll over, and she rings a bell at the front door to let us know when she needs to go out. Her adventures have included some longer leash walks on the trail next to our house. She likes tennis balls but really loves the soccer ball and frisbee. She is so cute wrestling with them. She has lots of fun new stuffies and especially likes her platypus, dragon, and hedgehog. She is a lovie, snuggly girl and lets us hold her for as long as we want. We're taking full advantage of this since she is growing so quickly. Evie has already stolen our hearts and we're so thrilled to have her join our family. We are so thankful to AZBCR and Ashley!

  • Dug

    Adopted 09/19/2020

    So happy Dug chose us...and is home with his new forever family. Such a wonderful boy. Welcome home buddy! Dug is REALLY part of the family now!

  • Bucky

    Adopted 09/17/2020

    Bucky has been a joy ever since I brought him home. Everyone he meets just loves him my family members, the neighbors and especially the neighbor who will care for him when I go away. He loves his morning walks. He has learned to be patient until we are ready to go. Bucky is great in the house and uses the doggy door with no problem. He was great at the groomer and the VET. He loves his toys, bringing as many into the house as he can. Bucky loves running through the hose water even more. I left him alone twice for about five hours each and I'm sure he sleeps in my recliner when I'm gone, but have not caught him yet. He is always at the door when I come home.

  • Viper

    New Name: Valen
    Adopted 09/10/2020

    Viper is now called Valen. Mainly due to all the heart shapes he has all over him. The name also means “strong”. He is doing very well and picking up quickly on many things. Playing tug, sometimes fetching, getting kibble out from his ball, and sitting for all his treats automatically. He loves his big yard to play and explore. He knows his new name and doing great on becoming house broken soon, as he sometimes tells us he has to go!

  • Python

    New Name: Scout
    Adopted 09/07/2020

    Hi everyone, I’m Scout (formerly Python). Today my new mama took me on a car ride to my new home in Las Vegas. She says I was a good boy, but I think I napped all the way home. This new house has so many new smells and lots of places to explore. I’ve been having fun, but...yawn..I think I need another nap. This puppy life is rough. See you all soon! Tail waggin, Scout!

  • Dani

    Adopted 09/07/2020

    We just love Dani so much! Thank you to AZBCR, and Christine and her family, for making this the easiest adoption and for helping us find our fur baby!

  • Taipan

    New Name: Charlotte
    Adopted 09/07/2020

    Charlotte, formerly Taipan, is doing great! She knows her name and is quickly learning her commands. Potty training is going well, she rarely has an accident. She has integrated beautifully with our two older dogs. She is a high-spirited, intelligent young lady and I'm thankful to say, is my little gift. And my husband would like to add that her playtime is extravagant as she even has her own kiddie pool! Here's a current photo of Charlotte with our 9-year-old Border Collie, Roxy.

  • Cobra

    New Name: Bailey
    Adopted 09/06/2020

    Cobra is now Bailey and she is settling into our home very nicely. She has a very calm demeanor. Our boxer Tucker has fallen for her, plays constantly and brings her toys. You can certainly chock this up as a success story for AZBCR. We are all very pleased with our new baby!

  • Boomslang

    New Name: Shadow
    Adopted 09/06/2020

    Shadow (formerly Boomslang) from the Concho puppies, is settling in nicely, exploring the yard, playing with his chew toys, and figuring out the lay of the land. I thought I wanted a girl, but omg, this little man is sooo precious. Thanks AZBCR for bringing this little guy into my life.

  • Skittles

    Adopted 09/05/2020

    Me to my husband: "We’re not foster failing this time. My Husband: "I totally understand." Me after seeing the bond between my daughter and Skittles: "Oops, I did it again!"

  • Sue

    Adopted 09/05/2020

    What a cutie! Just look at those ears. From New Mexico to Marana, this little girl didn't skip a beat. She has found her forever home and will be loved and pampered to no end.

  • Sidewinder

    New Name: Remi
    Adopted 09/05/2020

    Remi (formerly Sidewinder) is settling in! We are all over the moon excited about about her. Thank you AZBCR!

  • Onyx Shadow

    Adopted 09/05/2020

    Just goes to show you, give a rescue dog love and a secure forever home and they will reward you with unconditional companionship and devotion. This tall drink of water has the best life ever. Another Foster Fail!

  • Kayce

    New Name: Bailey
    Adopted 09/04/2020

    Look what we found in Tucson!! Introducing Bailey (fka Kayce). Thank you Arizona Boarder Collie Rescue, Christine and family, we love her already!

  • Avery

    New Name: Happy
    Adopted 09/04/2020

    Happy (formerly Avery) is settling in nicely! We can't imagine what life was like before this smart, funny, sweet baby came into our lives! Thank you to Christine and her family for fostering her, answering all of our questions and being so very patient with us!

  • Flash

    New Name: Kirun
    Adopted 09/03/2020

    Introducing Kirun (meaning ptarmigan), formerly Flash of the Concho 21! So far he's charmed everyone except the weird-looking puppy (cat) that inexplicably refuses to play with him!

  • Tika

    New Name: Tika
    Adopted 08/30/2020

    All four of our human family members are in love with our new canine member, Tika. She is very comfortable with us and is learning daily routines quickly. She is very receptive to us and makes great eye contact. Tika is super affectionate, loves to snuggle, and often gently sets her chin on our laps to check in. She is quickly learning to “sit” for a few seconds before diving into her food. She now eats from a Snuffle Mat a great way to slow her eating. We were very happy to see her finally feel free to have some fun with a toy, be a little silly, and excitedly race full speed around the back yard. She is super sensitive and alert to sounds. It took a good half hour to settle her down while we watched a movie with occasional faint background sounds of dogs barking. We can’t believe we’ve only had her for a week we feel like we have such a strong relationship already. We are so grateful to AZBCR, to whomever brought Tika here from Juarez, and to Traci for matching us with Tika.

  • Lil' Stormy

    Adopted 08/30/2020

    Considering this little guy came from some pretty terrible conditions, he is one loving and playful pup. What a lucky boy to find such a loving family.

  • Windy

    New Name: Willow
    Adopted 08/30/2020

    Formerly “Windy” of the Concho 20, WILLOW is the BEST little pup! I’m in love with her! I want to THANK Traci and Karen (foster Mom!) for such a great match and for all the time and effort they both put into the whole rescue litter! AZBCR is an amazing and dedicated organization. Thank you!

  • Jagger

    New Name: Mick
    Adopted 08/30/2020

    It's been a week since we added Mick (Jagger) to our family. We couldn't be happier with him. Thank you Arizona Border Collie Rescue.

  • Tate

    Adopted 08/30/2020

    Beyond the moon happy with our little guy Tate. He has filled our hearts with so much joy already. He is the perfect pup for us and I’m so thankful for this rescue for bringing him into our lives! Also, a huge thank you to Christine and her family for taking wonderful care of our baby.

  • Cloud

    New Name: Cruze
    Adopted 08/30/2020

    Today we brought Cruze (formerly Cloud of the Concho 20) home to be a part of our family. Thank you to everyone in AZBCR for the amazing work you do!

  • Bolt

    New Name: Cooper
    Adopted 08/30/2020

    Bolt (Concho 20) is now home in Colorado enjoying cooler temperatures. He chased a bunny earlier. The shirt is to keep him from scratching. Still thinking of a name for him.

  • Rayne

    New Name: Ripley
    Adopted 08/30/2020

    Ripley (aka Rayne - Concho 20) is fitting in well with her first experience of yard work (mowing and poop pick-up). She is amazing and smart. Within two hours she figured out the doggie door, her new name and fetching a ball. She is about the sweetest little thing and quite the character. As you can see, her new loving family (Champ and Shelby) are taking her in with warm and protective arms. Her other six brothers and sisters from the Concho 20 are about the sweetest little things ever. For those who are taking them in as part of your family, you will be blessed, as these guys and girls have so much love to give. I received a bunch of loving kisses when I went to meet and greet them. Kay Zee, thank you and your family for everything. Your family does a great service for Arizona Border Collie Rescue and I am grateful and thankful!

  • Soony

    New Name: Charlie
    Adopted 08/30/2020

    Today I brought home one of the Concho puppies (Soony) now known as Charlie. I would say she is settling in pretty well to her new house and life. She will be spending many weekends at the cabin and camping with her new family.

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