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  • Sam

    Adopted 09/28/2018

    My last BC lived to be be 16, I felt Sam (only 12) had alot to offer and he has exceeded my expectations. He is a lovely boy in every way. He is resilient after being through so much change. And don't believe that you can't teach an old dog new tricks? In 2 days, Sam learned to use the dog door. He comes when I call him. He loves to go on rides and walks. He has lovely manners and never barks at anyone even when other dogs bark at him. Sam has so much to give. I am lucky to have found him. He is full of unconditional love and has been a blessing in my life.

  • Bailey

    Adopted 09/19/2018

    When I first saw Bailey on Arizona Border Collie Rescue I knew in my heart he was the dog for me. We drove 2 1/2 hours to meet him and his owner at a half way mark to pick him up. His previous owner had to give him up due to circumstances in her life.She had rescued Bailey from The Benson Az animal shelter and had been dumped on I-10 and on his own for a awhile. He has broken teeth and a long scare on his nose. His first night with us was hard on him. He paced all night looking for his owner. But as time went on he attached himself to us. Bailey knows every command that I can think of. He will not enter the house our leave it with out being asked. He walks beside you on the right and with or without a leash. He didn't like sharing his toys with our other dog and they got into it a couple of times but now are best buds. They play and run all our place. We have taken him camping, fishing and hiking. He was a little over weight but gets alot of exercise every day. We just love this boy!

  • Ginger

    New Name: Harper
    Adopted 09/10/2018

    Harper (formerly Ginger) has fit right into her new home, she is the smartest, best mannered dog I could have ever asked for. She loves just being with Jarrett, my boyfriend, or myself. She pretty much gets to go with us everywhere cause she has a pretty convincing sad face ha ha. She loves going to the beach but her favorite is going for walks and hunting lizards in the bushes. Even though it’s only been two short months since we got her we couldn’t imagine life without her! We’re very excited to take her to the mountains this winter and see how she likes the snow. I’m so happy AZ border collie rescue saved my best friend!

  • Cassie

    New Name: Juniper
    Adopted 09/01/2018

    Cassie, known as Juniper now has been my sidekick since the day I took her home! Since that day she has become my hiking buddy, travel buddy, and of course snuggle buddy! Juniper has learned how to swim at the river and hike through the trails of south mountain. We’ve already taken a road trip to San Diego to see the beach and plan on traveling to many more places together! Junipers also quite the catch with the neighborhood dogs and has taught them all to run around so she can chase them! Thank you AZ Border Collie Rescue for helping me find the best fur child for myself and my lifestyle!!!

  • Cash

    New Name: Mogur
    Adopted 08/17/2018

    About 2 months after losing my beloved three-legged pitbull to cancer, I decided to reach out in a FB group for tri-paw owners and see if anyone knew of any adoptable three-legged dogs in our area. Well wouldn't ya know it, Cash's foster mom had just joined the group, and she saw my post almost immediately! AZBCR was kind enough to help this boy after his amputation due to a severely mangled paw. I felt immediately drawn to him, so we made the long drive from Salt Lake City to AZ to pick him up. We renamed him Mogur (Mogie for short) after a character in the book Clan of the Cave Bear (my childhood dog was named from that book as well). Since bringing him home, we've discovered he loves giving hugs, has developed an obsession with squirrel-watching, and his DNA test revealed he's mostly pitbull, a little cattle dog and Shih-tzu mixed in! I was overjoyed to learn of his pitbull roots, as I'm a pittie-mom at heart. Thank you, AZBCR, for saving this sweet tripod and trusting us with

  • Austin

    Adopted 08/14/2018

    We adopted Austin from AZBCR a mere two months ago. When his foster dad, Larry, brought him to us, we knew within the first 5 minutes that we wanted him to be a part of our family. While Austin does come with some baggage (don’t they all!), he has made strides in confidence and trust. His silly and joyful sides have come out. He smile and jumps for joy when it’s meal time or walk time. But nothing beats a belly rub which he solicits from us at every opportunity. Since we adopted him, Austin has been to Utah (the photo is him at an overlook at Bryce Canyon), camped at Big Lake, and made several other day trips. He is a great traveler. He has even experienced our first snowfall of the season. We have learned so many things from every dog we have been blessed with. Austin constantly reminds us to be joyful of the most simple things in life. He is a beautiful animal inside and out and we are grateful he has entered our lives.

  • Toby

    Adopted 08/05/2018

    Toby has been with us a little over 8 weeks and has quickly grown as part as our family. At first Rocket (our 3 year old border collie) was weary of Toby and his super high energy. After a few days Rocket welcomed Toby into the pack and now they play non-stop. Toby's favorite activities are playing tug, playing fetch, going for walks, going for car rides (despite him barking at every car we pass), and of course cuddles. He always wants to be next to you whenever he is not playing. He loves to be outside and will trot around the perimeter of the yard often. You can tell he was an outside dog because the first few days he was weary about joining us on the couch and jumping on our bed. Toby has fit well with our family and we can not wait for the years to come.

  • Chloe

    New Name: Maddie
    Adopted 08/05/2018

    We went to Rescue Roundup this year just to get out of the heat for the day with no intention of coming home with a dog. It probably isn't a surprise that we got to Rescue Roundup and Kelly had "someone" we should meet. As much as we tried to deny it, it was love at first sight when we met Maddie. A darling little 23 pound border collie mix, Maddie came with a bit of baggage but after a couple of months she is settling in and we couldn't love her more. She loves playing with her brother Cooper and our two AZBCR grandpups Max and Griffey. AZBCR thank you for saving this girl from her sad situation and Kelly and Kara thank you for introducing us to her! Thank You AZBCR!

  • Gage

    Adopted 07/21/2018

    A border collie? The last choice we ever considered. The best choice we ever made. Life-long dog owners, it was once again time for us to go in search of another best buddy. But this one needed to be different. Having dealt with debilitating health issues with purebreds for over 20 years, we were desperate for a healthy, happy friend. We researched countless breeds – purebreds, rescues and nearly everything in between. As is usually the case, the path to our future was accidental. A good friend suggested taking a peak at Arizona border collie rescue. After going online and seeing Gage, it was love at first sight. If we had a list of everything we ever wanted, (and needed, quite frankly) this little guy checked off every single box right down the line. And with a few, special gifts thrown in, he is absolutely amazing and puts the biggest smile on our face every single day. And there’s nothing much better than watching your buddy running and romping with the biggest smile on his face.

  • Nimbus

    Adopted 07/11/2018

    The wild and wonderful, and also notably weird, Nimbus has been with me for one year as of September 2018. My beloved old Max cat died suddenly in September 2017, and on the same day I was notified by Arizona Border Collie Rescue that a foster home was needed for Nimbus, and the requester mentioned fosters would have to “dig deep” on this one. I had no idea what that meant, but I was grieving and my heart’s instinct was to say, “I can help, I will take him.” Nimbus was found with his litter-mates surviving out in the desert, living off the land in sand burrows. Nimbus’ first adoptive family could not keep him, so he was returned to the rescue. Nimbus was known to have anxiety issues. When he arrived at my home he was very thin and did not look well. He’s been on anti-anxiety meds and VF meds for several months and is feeling much better! Nimbus is still a nervous Nelly, but he’s in love with his pack, Dakota and Bailey. The best news is I recently FOSTER FAILED Nimbus!

  • Olive

    Adopted 07/06/2018

    We have had Olive for just over a month and she is coming more out of her shell every day. It is clear that she was abused before her rescue and she is still very timid and working on trust. But, she is a little girl with a big heart once she gets to know you and has become my little "cuddle bug". We will continue to work with her on her anxiety, but she makes improvements every day. She looks forward to her daily walks and loves to play fetch with her new squeaky toys. She has blessed our lives and our home and we are so happy to give her a safe, loving environment where she can flourish.

  • Oliver

    New Name: Flynn
    Adopted 07/06/2018

    liver, now Flynn, has been a great addition to our family. He now spends his days hanging out with his sisters, going on trips to California and helping mom study for her veterinary boards. He is a huge cuddle bug and is happy bring super spoiled. We will be working on getting him certified as a therapy dog to visit hospitals soon.

  • Rowdy (Ft Worth boy)

    Adopted 07/05/2018

    Rowdy was described by his foster mom as a little shy with people and learning to trust. He has learned to love his walks out into the world. He loves playing with other dogs. He will warm up and be very loving with patience.

  • Hobbes

    Adopted 07/03/2018

    He's still a puppy and a bit of a challenge. Hobbes is loved.

  • Allie

    New Name: Rosie
    Adopted 06/30/2018

    Due to a family issue I had to move home to Canada this fall. Of course Rosie (née Allie) came with me, and she is loving her life as a country girl. The plane trip here was... an adventure, but she sat in my lap and didn't bark at anyone all the way. She was awfully glad to see the grass at Bangor airport. Rosie is best buddies with my brother's dog, and adapting to frequent visits from my 1-year-old twin nieces. She is loving all the grass and open space to run. I don't think she misses the Arizona heat much! She's such a good girl that she even sits when there is a very exciting porcupine! Most of all I'd just say she's the most loving dog I've ever had, and always up for a cuddle. Rosie and I are going places!

  • Ranger

    Adopted 06/25/2018

    Ranger is an Aussie/Cattle Dog/BC Mix foster fail from AZBCR. He was found wandering on a ranch as a 4 month old puppy by fellow rescue member Kym Johnson. Kym’s son named him Ranger and the name fits him perfectly. He is very active, independent, and best friends with our other AZBCR Rescue, River. Ranger loves walks, Obedience training, Dog Parks, Doggie Daycare and loves to swim everyday in our pool. He can do “leave it,” “long stays,” etc. and now continues to work on heeling. He loves to wrestle with River, yet in the Dog Park while young children were running Ranger would run along side the children without jumping or being rough. He just loves to be active and have fun. Ranger loves to cuddle, is very verbal, and he adores his “big bro”, River. We have two older, smaller dogs that I sometimes find him napping with! Ranger is a rough and tumble little guy, but a sweet and inquisitive dog that we can’t imagine our lives without.

  • Griff

    Adopted 06/22/2018

    This is what Griff's foster mom had to say about him. No wonder he got adopted quickly. Griff is a 4 month old male BC Mix. This little guy is loaded with potential and has the sweetest temperament and personality! He’s learning his basic obedience quickly, has lots of confidence, eager to please, and has an endless supply of puppy kisses at the ready! This kiddo will make an awesome addition for some lucky family!

  • Archer

    New Name: Archer
    Adopted 06/22/2018

    My fiancé and I adopted Archer from AZBCR about three months ago and we couldn’t be happier to have him in our home. I had a border collie who passed a couple of years ago from cancer and he was the most amazing dog. When I felt ready to adopt another pup I knew I wanted another border collie, but I also wanted a rescue. AZBCR satisfied both wants and they were amazing to work with. As soon as I saw a post on the Facebook page asking for a foster for this sweet pup in a Texas shelter, I knew I had to volunteer. They allowed me to foster with the intent to adopt, but of course once I met Archer I just couldn’t let him go. He’s the sweetest, most loving, and smart pup I’ve ever met. He’s been a great addition to our family and a welcomed brother to my fiancé’s 80 pound chocolate lab. I would highly recommend AZBCR to anyone looking for a lifelong companion. They truly care about the dogs they rescue and do everything they can to ensure that any pup t adopted has truly found a great home.

  • Graysen

    Adopted 06/21/2018

    We had a couple of rough nights with Grey but she has since become very comfortable here and is a part of the family now. She is very sweet and we love having her with us.

  • Mr. Dinkles

    New Name: Mr. Dinkles
    Adopted 06/20/2018

    His foster family said this: Mr. Dinkles, ("Dink") was transported to AzBCR from a high kill shelter in Texas.He is a very smart, active, and one-of-a-kind pup that is looking for a special home that will keep him active and smother him with love. He would excel in a sport home doing agility, herding, fly ball, or running the trails with his owner. Most of all, he wants to be a best friend and loyal companion to his new forever family. Dink loves to chase the other dogs, so introduction to cats should be gradual. He is smart and willing to learn. He is already trained to a crate and dog door and is quickly learning the rules of house training and leash walking. He's never met a toy he didn't like and he's learning to retrieve, knows "sit" and "wait" and absorbing as many new commands as his baby brain can hold. There is no end to what this lovable, high drive little guy can offer to the right home. We trust he got the perfect home.

  • Lily

    New Name: Lily
    Adopted 06/19/2018

    My name is Lily and I have a new family! I'm learning new things, new tricks, and new people. I love having ALL FIVE people in the house to myself! (I'm kind of an attention hog) and I love car trips! Thanks AZBCR for giving me a 2nd chance.

  • JuJu

    Adopted 06/16/2018

    Juju is a people pleaser and a real snuggler. She's a very pretty girl and loves her new family.

  • Twix

    New Name: Colleen
    Adopted 06/16/2018

    She's had a name change she was 'Trix', she is now 'Colleen'. Colleen appears to be healthy and she's quite active. She gets walked every day, at sunrise, about 1.5 miles. She and my other dog Lobo get along very well. She has a good appetite, likes treats, but still needs to lose a few pounds. She's hence on a diet of sorts - one scoop dog food daily, plus a few dog treats during the day. She started shedding this past week, so she's getting brushed daily.

  • Lola

    Adopted 06/16/2018

    My family I are so lucky to have found our furever dog from the great folks at AZBCR. We were still processing the loss of a BC puppy who came to us from a less reputable place, when we turned to the rescue. Many know Lola, who seems to have had a rough go at it a few times. From dealing with hip surgery to an ongoing rare parasitic eye infection, the rescue has been great at providing compassionate care. Lola had a great foster mom who introduced her to us. She's a well behaved dog (although we quickly learned she is a huge fan of loafs of bread... lol... who knew you could reach the counters... but we get it... even us humans hate to diet). Thank you to all for helping us find such a great fit. And thank you to everyone at AZBCR - your organization is well run!

  • Winnie

    Adopted 06/10/2018

    Winnie is a super sweet chubby little girl who has taken well to her new home, housemates and diet. Since no dog want’s their weight discussed publicly, I will simply say she has lost 11 pounds in the two months we’ve had her we’re very proud of her discipline. It helps that she loves walks with her housemates and ball time with dad in the yard. Anyone who has a Border Collie in their life is familiar with this stare not only is Winnie focused on her ball but she lets you know it’s go time! She’s like a big, soft, coiled spring. Although it wasn’t obvious when she first saw our neighbor’s pool, Winnie is quite the little swimmer. She was cautious in the beginning, staying on the upper platform and only getting her legs wet. With some playful cajoling she gradually stepped off to pursue her toy. Just like ball time in the yard, it’s obvious in the video below that Winnie is thrilled to keep playing as long as we can keep up. After multiple false starts, she finally takes the plunge!

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