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  • Becky

    New Name: Sophie
    Adopted 11/08/2020

    When Sophie first came to us she was very wary of strangers and would bark defensively at them. We think she might have had a bad experience with a male adult because they seemed to threaten her most. She even barked at her new daddy a couple of times. Daily trips to our local dog park and regular hikes on a popular local trail have really turned her around.

  • Skippy

    New Name: Doc
    Adopted 11/08/2020

    Doc is doing fine in his forever home. He has fit in very well and loves being here. He and Zeek get along fine and they often play together and run together outside. Doc is VERY snuggly and wants to do whatever I’m doing, whether it’s hanging out in the house, outside with me when I’m working, or going for a ride in my car in his own crate. We’ve been working on a few basic commands and he picks them up quickly. He really tries to do well. All in all he’s a terrific guy, a very welcome addition to our family, and a blast to have around.

  • Bohdan

    New Name: Floki
    Adopted 11/02/2020

    Floki (previously Bohdan) is doing very well and adjusting nicely to his new home. He is quite affectionate and enjoys his daily brushing and having his belly rubbed. He is still very skittish with others though. He gets on well with Kaya, our older BC, also an AZBC rescue, and they often play and chase each other in the yard. Floki doesn’t have much sense yet about toys and retrieving, so we’re working on that. He does like chew bones and also hard plastic objects – as his foster mum warned us – so we are careful about that and have learned not to leave TV remotes and such within reach. Thank you AZBCR!

  • Chase

    Adopted 10/31/2020

    It’s Official! Welcome to the family Chase! We fell in love with you the first day we saw you! Thank you AZBCR for allowing us to Foster Fail this sweet boy! We are looking forward to many fun adventures with him.

  • Amoo

    New Name: Amora
    Adopted 10/30/2020

    Amora is a treasure! I feel very lucky to have her in my life. She follows me from one room to another. She wants to be by my side constantly, which when you live alone, is wonderful. She knows several commands and she learns quickly, what I want her to do and not to do. And, you don’t have to speak loudly for her to know what she’s doing is not acceptable. If you do, she’s on her back with her legs up in the air, down at your feet! Silly dog. She is still a little frightened of people. When they meet her they want to pet her but she doesn’t want to be touched, so she backs off. I think in time she will learn to trust people. When she hears other dogs barking in the yard, she never barks she will whine but not bark. Believe me, she is quite a treasure. I changed her name from Amoo to Amore, which means love but now I called her “Amora”.

  • Suki

    New Name: Bella
    Adopted 10/28/2020

    How wonderful it is that AZBCR was able to find Bella a forever home. No fault of her's, her owner wasn't able to keep her but a very lucky person has been graced with her sweet presence, where she will live out an active life with lots of love and attention.

  • Billy Bob

    New Name: Captain Jack
    Adopted 10/25/2020

    AZBCR knew him as Billy Bob. His new name is Jack (Captain Jack) and he came home with me on Sunday. I am so blessed. This special boy has already brought so much joy to my life in just two days. He has a long road of healing ahead, but one thing for sure...thanks to his fosters, Roz and Tom, the paving had already started. I am already learning how to communicate with him (for those of you who may not remember, Jack was born deaf)...and he DEFINITELY lets me know what he wants. Thank you, AZBCR and foster parents, for letting me bring him home and for filling my life once again with a canine companion. I am not sure who rescued whom.

  • Summer

    Adopted 10/22/2020

    Summer is blossoming before my eyes. From the first night, she has slept on my bed, let’s me know when she needs outside and makes eye contact. She knows a couple of new commands now will sit for her harness and leash and walks very nicely at my side on leash. She loves being brushed, but not ready for me to trim her nails! We are starting on wait and stay today...she learns quickly!! She is playing a bit with toys, but is still unsure of the idea of people playing. Since I work from home, she goes to “work” with me. She doesn’t bark much, only when she hears something that concerns her. She loves her walks and all of the new smells! I have Rovey farm east of me and a couple of places west of me with sheep and horses. She is fascinated by the sheep! This sweet girl is so gentle and loving! She and I have bonded very quickly which has surprised me. With her history, you would think she would never be able to trust anyone! This has definitely been a successful adoption!

  • Doc Holiday

    New Name: Puck
    Adopted 10/18/2020

    Our little guy came to us 2 wks ago after an hour plus drive out to Queen Creek with our 3 children (ages 5 and under) and our ten year old lab Juno. It was quite the adventure! We gave him his name after his first night home when he broke out of his crate, scaled stairs for the first time, and planted himself outside of the baby's room, puppy barking as loud as he could at 5 am. He is definitely a Puck! (see shakespeare for reference). In the 2 weeks he's been here, he has potty trained himself and found a spot in our little family that is all his own. After losing our beloved Shepherd over a year ago, I wasn't sure we would ever be able to love again. Puck is slowly but surely proving me wrong. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to AZBCR for the incredible work that you do and for helping us find our little Pucky Boy. We are so glad he chose us for his forever family.

  • Maggie

    New Name: Maggie
    Adopted 10/18/2020

    Beautiful Maggie! This smart gal found her perfect match. Her forever home has lots of patience, love and hugs. Happy life sweet Maggie!

  • Gabriel

    New Name: Gabe
    Adopted 10/17/2020

    Here, on the left, is Gabriel, our 10-year-old border collie mix with Dash, an AZBCR alum. Gabriel has been with us for two weeks and has been a wonderful addition to the family. Older dogs are the best! They come with an appreciation for their second lease on life and are willing to be adaptive and compliant. Gabe seemed to intuitively know the rules of the household. And as soon as I stand still or sit, immediately I have a puddle of fur on my feet. He craves companionship and connection. That I love! His brother and he are getting on famously!

  • Riley

    Adopted 10/17/2020

    We adopted Riley and have put her through the test: she sticks around off leash, gets along with other dogs and ignores the desert tortoise in the yard. She has been to the lake swimming, a play date and pool swimming, riding on an ATV, camping with lots of dogs,a motorcycle race with 200 motorcycles whizzing by and a ton of new people coming up to her sticking their hand out to pet her. That is an awful lot and she was unfazed by all of it. She took it all in stride and loved every minute of it. I was worried at first as she growled at each member of our family in the beginning. She began to warm up to each of us, one at a time. What a smart dog. I absolutely love her. I couldn't have gotten a better dog and match for our family. Thank you to this wonderful rescue organization. Truly amazing!!

  • May

    New Name: Fitzy
    Adopted 10/12/2020

    We were fortunate to find May (Now Fitzy, after Larry Fitzgerald). Our little girl had a "ruff" go at life the first year and a half, living on the Indian Reservation in Utah. She has now warmed up to us and loves to hang out on the couch, sleep in our bed and go for dog walks. She must have a built-in timer because she knows when it’s time for her breakfast, dog milk bone snack, and dinner. Fitzy no longer has food aggression and takes her treat like a lady. We look forward to spoiling this dog for the rest of her life. Thank you to everyone at AZBCR for bringing us together!

  • Sugar

    Adopted 10/12/2020

    This sweet old girl won the heart of her foster dad and will live out the rest of her years well loved.

  • Buddy

    Adopted 10/10/2020

    I hit the jackpot! Meet Buddy, seven-year-old border collie rescue! He’s come around so quickly after having months of trauma. I didn’t really give him much opportunity or time to be depressed. He’s been great for me too! Maybe we will both lose 30 pounds!

  • Sissy

    New Name: Cece
    Adopted 10/10/2020

    I adopted Cece (aka Sissy)! First of all, I must give three big shout outs to AZBCR for making it possible for so many dogs, including Cece and her pup, to have a chance at new lives and love. Thanks to Sara for catching her and helping her pup, and Mindy, who did an incredible job fostering her. I knew there was still work to be done with this fearful fur baby but Mindy made it possible for her to have some trust in humans. I was amazed that by the end of the day she was walking with me without reluctance. Each day she wanted to linger longer outside and we inched closer to the big yard nearby. Now she leads the way home, staying close. We've gone on errands in the SUV, getting lost beneath the seats, but soon sat up like a big girl. She still has a bit to go to gain confidence but her level of trust and comfort is improving.

  • Darwin

    Adopted 10/08/2020

    It's official! My foster mom is an utter, complete failure, as in Foster Fail. She claims 'Mika made me do it,' but I know she fell in love with me the day I arrived!

  • Boomslang

    New Name: Shadow
    Adopted 10/06/2020

    Shadow (formerly Boomslang) from the Concho puppies, is settling in nicely exploring the yard, playing with her chew toys, and figuring out the lay of the land. I thought I wanted a girl, but omg, this little man is sooo precious. Thanks AZBCR for bringing this little guy into my life. Lena, you were sooooo right!

  • Hannah

    New Name: Hannah
    Adopted 10/05/2020

    This very sweet, growing puppy, was one of only 3 out of 8 puppies born in rescue. AZBCR is greatful her forever home is giving her lots of love and new experiences.

  • Skipper

    Adopted 10/05/2020

    My mom said it was time for an , oh wait cat! I am enjoying my goats, mom says she will be getting sheep for me in the spring, oh wait cat! Mom has taken me off my meds and I am doing well, oh wait cat! Mom says that darn cat gets me into trouble, I do listen most of the time when she tells me to leave them alone. But they are so much fun to chase because they run. I just know someday we will be best of friends. It didn’t take long for me to earn trust to be off lead around the farm. I get to run and play and well okay I have to work also. Thank you Diana for all the hard work you gave me. Your patience and love found me my forever home. Oh and by the way mom says I have been named wrong...I should have been named Sticker Magnet! All I have to do is think about going outside and I have all kinds of weeds, poky things and burs all over me.

  • Tater

    New Name: Ruby Reive
    Adopted 10/04/2020

    I’ve been at my new home in Albuquerque for 2 weeks now and WOW, has my life changed. I ran 24 miles with my dad last week and learned a few new things. My dad is super happy with me and gave me a raw bone treat for having a good report card. He says my recall, leash work, and off leash skills are all A+. My trail running is. B-, but I’m improving! He says my endurance and strength will come around. My biggest improvements are the 2 things we’ve worked the hardest on- I’m listening very well and my self confidence is better every day. (My dad likes to talk to everybody he meets and he makes me sit and wait.) I’m still going to work everyday and I really enjoy my new friends. What I like most about my new life is that I feel very happy here! Thank you to everyone in Arizona that helped get me to this place in my life!

  • Jade

    Adopted 10/04/2020

    What a journey this jewel, Jade, has had. Though she is adjusting to living indoors and not terrorizing the resident cat, her life now is 100 percent better. Thank you AZBCR!

  • Lucy

    Adopted 10/04/2020

    Lucky Lucy! She is happy, happy, happy in her new home. After being rescued as one of 20 dogs, she now gets all the attention she needs.

  • Jack

    Adopted 10/03/2020

    This high energy red boy now has an active family who gives him lots of love and attention and lets him get his sillies out!

  • Bucky

    Adopted 10/03/2020

    Bucky is doing great! He is nervous around new people, but is very loving and sweet once he becomes comfortable. He likes curling up in my lap and frequently demands to be petted! He has a bad left, hind leg, which doesnt seem to effect him walking or jogging, but does seem to make him unconfident jumping up into the car or otherwise. We are going to the dog park and frequently walking in the neighborhood to expose him to other people and dogs. He is shy, but otherwise a very well behaved dog and with a couple baths regular brushing his coat is becoming very soft and fluffy!

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