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  • Mogie

    Adopted 12/12/2018

    We were heartbroken. We had lost our dog to cancer. After 4 days of an empty house, I reached out to AZBCR. We reviewed dogs and scheduled meet/greets. Tracy said look at a lot of dogs before deciding. At our first meeting, we walked into Rachel and Jeff’s yard, and there he was, playing with their pack. He looked at me with his big golden-brown eyes and I knew he was the one. He jumped up and gave me a big wet kiss on the nose. I tried to tell Rachel we would be back again that weekend. She told me that it was a ridiculous idea, and that Mogie was the dog for us. I told her what Tracy said she laughed and told us to take him for a walk and talk about it. When we returned, we knew he was going home with us. He has spent every night sleeping on our feet. He greets us every morning with big wet kisses. He has the sweetest disposition. He has snuggled his way into our hearts. Jeff said Mogie chose us because he knew our hearts were broken and he was the one to heal them.

  • Austin

    New Name: Baxter
    Adopted 12/08/2018

    It has been a month since I adopted Baxter (Austin). He is such a love and fits in beautifully with all the fur babies (kitties too). Despite his sister Keeli being selfish with toys they have great fun together. There's a lot of chasing. Rides in the car are fun and he jumps right in now because we go see the friendly Great Dane cousins. Walks in the morning, treat time at lunch and cocktails (string cheese) in the evening. Learning new commands and working on old ones. Love,love, love this boy.

  • M&M

    New Name: Emmie
    Adopted 11/18/2018

    We lost our 3rd BC rescue at age 15 over eight months ago. We kept scanning the AZBCR adoptables for our next dog but, unfortunately (for us, not the dog), every rescue we were interested in was quickly adopted. Then, in November, we were granted a Meet and Greet with this sweet girl and she became ours! Emmy was very shy but she has really blossomed in just the two short months we’ve had her. She is gaining confidence, doing well on manners and even “shakes paw.” Her biggest challenge is learning how to play (toys mean nothing to her currently), but she loves long walks and is always eager to go. Emmy has a well endowed “helicopter” tail that is constantly in motion. She is a happy girl and we just love her! Thanks to AZBCR for rescuing her from Texas so she could find her forever home in Arizona!

  • Indiana Bones “Indi”

    Adopted 11/14/2018

    This blue-eyed beauty is just so sweet. Indiana Bones is what he was called and he will be Bones now.

  • Rowdy

    New Name: Kato
    Adopted 11/04/2018

    Kato is the perfect fit for our family. Thank you Brittany (amazing foster mom) for convincing us to meet him during the agility competition at West World. Truly love at first sight.He is a great walker/hiker, loves to follow me (Bette) around when I am working in the yard (my shadow), and is fascinated with the cats (they are still not sure). He is very well behaved and is an easy traveler. We are always trying to figure out what he is thinking. He gives us the most interesting/intelligent looks. Christmas was especially fun, when our children met him for the first time. They wanted to take him with them, but no he found his forever home with us!!! Thanks Arizona Border Collie Rescue for bringing us such a great companion!!!!

  • Apollo

    Adopted 10/26/2018

    Hi, I am Apollo.. or as my new mom calls me (she likes fewer syllables), Paolo. I have eased the grief of Mom and Dad and Abby (my BC mix sister from the Rez) over the loss of the elder BC's in their pack. I guess Abby was most miserable. She stopped playing with her toys. My New family had to wait 10 weeks til they were ready and able. Then they were READY.. but live in Colorado so getting in line for a fabulous AZBC was hard for them.. ya know.. meet and greets.. So Traci at AZBC looked for ME! And had them meet ME!! Donna, my AZBC foster, thought they were OK so I went home with them in October. Now Abby and I share and steal toys from one another, we go hiking and play in the snow, and I wear funny hats at Christmas (see our tails waggin in that pic?) , and we get to play with Lilly, the 10 year old granddaughterly!!. This place is WAY COOL.

  • Sammie

    Adopted 10/15/2018

    Sammie was originally adopted through the rescue but then her owner died and she came back to us. She got another chance at a great life when her foster decided to keep her. She is a sweet older girl who likes to be near her humans and loves to go for car rides.

  • Olivia

    New Name: Zoey
    Adopted 10/14/2018

    This young pup is a faster learner and loves to play with other dogs. She's got a new family and a new lease on life. Happy trails, Olivia.

  • June Bug

    Adopted 10/14/2018

    June Bug is a beautiful, smart, stubborn young girl with a bit of a crazy side. She is adjusting well to her new home, she is still unsure of some things such as the vet, other dogs, and loud noises but she is curious. She enjoys multiple walks a day with a few runs a week. Her favorite toys include anything that squeaks and her rope. She loves attention and belly rubs. She has changed my life in a just a few short weeks and I cant wait to see how she continues to blossom.

  • Bonnie

    Adopted 10/12/2018

    Bonnie is a joyful dog. Smart, easy and very affectionate.

  • Dixie

    New Name: Princess
    Adopted 10/09/2018

    Dixie is our first foster, and we fell in love with her! My husband renamed her Princess. When she came to us she was exuberant and undisciplined! She is still exuberant and runs and plays and chases toys all day. But she is getting better on leash, and doing better at doing what is asked during her agility classes. She is just a love, and most of the folks who have come to the house for repairs have adored her hugs. We just can't imagine life without her and her enthusiasm! I have sent photos of her swimming, her favorite thing, and trying to get Daddy to throw a toy for her. The other day when she discovered our "orange ball" tree she was just so excited that we had all those toys for her. And she did AIDS Walk with us, which is important since I work for one of the beneficiary agencies!

  • Billy

    Adopted 10/07/2018

    Billy (now called Indi) is a 2 year old bundle of love, energy and curiosity. He was adopted when AZBCR came to Dogtoberfest in Prescott, AZ this past October. When he was rescued from a Phoenix shelter last spring by AZBCR he had heart worm disease. AZBCR graciously paid for his treatment and found a wonderful foster home for him to convalesce in while he went through 6 months of treatment. Now cured and getting stronger each day, Indi loves everyone that he meets, including other dogs, and delights in the discovery of the squirrels, deer and javelina that roam in his new neighborhood. I will always be incredibly grateful to AZBCR for giving this beautiful dog the opportunity to live the life he deserves in a forever home where he is loved and cherished.

  • Red

    New Name: Willie Nelson
    Adopted 10/07/2018

    This beautiful red boy is now called Willie Nelson. He likes to play and wiggle. He loves walks but loud noises make him nervous. His family is working to make him feel safe and he is going to be a great dog.

  • Zorro

    Adopted 10/07/2018

    This curious and energetic puppy needed a new home and thanks to AZBCR, he now has a wonderful place to spend the rest of his life.

  • Alexa/Frick

    Adopted 10/03/2018

    Alexa is a typical, busy puppy who learns fast and is pretty adventurous.

  • Frack

    New Name: Belle
    Adopted 09/30/2018

    Now I'm Belle and with my forever family. I'm gonna be a big girl and see the world.

  • Izzy

    Adopted 09/29/2018

    On September 29,2018, ten month old Izzy 'adopted us' through AZBCR ??! We would like to thank all the AZBCR volunteers who were professional, friendly and helpful throughout the entire adoption process. Izzy has settled into her fur-ever home smoothly. She has mastered many commands/tricks - her favorites are 'shake' and 'spin'. She loves to show ALL of her toys to anyone who visits! Her puppy antics, endless kisses, and sweet disposition have stolen all of our hearts! THANK YOU, AZBCR ??. The Kelso's

  • Bones

    Adopted 09/29/2018

    Bones was dumped in a rural area in UT near some old mines and it 2 months for volunteers to trap him and bring him to safety. They described him as just skin and bones. That's how he got his name. He is so much happier and healthier now. He is going to be safe and loved forever now.

  • Suki

    New Name: Bella
    Adopted 09/28/2018

    Suki (now Bella) is just a loving companion and we are looking forward to loving her for a long time. She gets walked several times a day and is a wonderful additon to our home.

  • Sam

    Adopted 09/28/2018

    My last BC lived to be be 16, I felt Sam (only 12) had alot to offer and he has exceeded my expectations. He is a lovely boy in every way. He is resilient after being through so much change. And don't believe that you can't teach an old dog new tricks? In 2 days, Sam learned to use the dog door. He comes when I call him. He loves to go on rides and walks. He has lovely manners and never barks at anyone even when other dogs bark at him. Sam has so much to give. I am lucky to have found him. He is full of unconditional love and has been a blessing in my life.

  • Maisy

    Adopted 09/24/2018

    Maisy reporting in from my new home. Yes, I was a foster failure. Yes, I have my own lounger. Yes, I am the princess in the house. And yes I barked at the pool guy today after he gave me turkey. Hey, don’t mess with my pool. My fur parents adore me and I think they are pretty special as well.

  • Ginn

    Adopted 09/21/2018

    Picked up in Texas as a stray, this very pregnant momma got to Phoenix just in time to give birth to her puppies. After nursing her litter of 10, she moved to Utah and is living the good life in the mountains with plenty of room to run and play. She will be very well loved.

  • Aries

    New Name: Boogie
    Adopted 09/20/2018

    Boogie (formerly Aries) is a handsome growing boy who now has a great forever family. He was rescued from a recycling plant with his 4 sibling and his mama. Welcome to a wonderful life, Boogie!

  • Shadow

    Adopted 09/19/2018

    Shadow was a quick foster failure. He is extremely loyal and loves to play. He gets along great with the dogs and cats here. He sleeps with my daughter. He goes for car rides. Shadow is obsessed with a ball and is just a fun dog to have here.

  • Iris

    Adopted 09/19/2018

    Iris is the fun time girl in her litter. This sweet girl loves to play with her siblings, her toys, and her foster brothers. She is delighted to give puppy kisses and enjoys a tummy rub. She got adopted with one of her littermates and they are going to have a great time together.

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