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  • Boomslang

    New Name: Shadow
    Adopted 10/06/2020

    Shadow (formerly Boomslang) from the Concho puppies, is settling in nicely exploring the yard, playing with her chew toys, and figuring out the lay of the land. I thought I wanted a girl, but omg, this little man is sooo precious. Thanks AZBCR for bringing this little guy into my life. Lena, you were sooooo right!

  • Tater

    New Name: Ruby Reive
    Adopted 10/04/2020

    I’ve been at my new home in Albuquerque for 2 weeks now and WOW, has my life changed. I ran 24 miles with my dad last week and learned a few new things. My dad is super happy with me and gave me a raw bone treat for having a good report card. He says my recall, leash work, and off leash skills are all A+. My trail running is. B-, but I’m improving! He says my endurance and strength will come around. My biggest improvements are the 2 things we’ve worked the hardest on- I’m listening very well and my self confidence is better every day. (My dad likes to talk to everybody he meets and he makes me sit and wait.) I’m still going to work everyday and I really enjoy my new friends. What I like most about my new life is that I feel very happy here! Thank you to everyone in Arizona that helped get me to this place in my life!

  • Bucky

    Adopted 10/03/2020

    Bucky is doing great! He is nervous around new people, but is very loving and sweet once he becomes comfortable. He likes curling up in my lap and frequently demands to be petted! He has a bad left, hind leg, which doesnt seem to effect him walking or jogging, but does seem to make him unconfident jumping up into the car or otherwise. We are going to the dog park and frequently walking in the neighborhood to expose him to other people and dogs. He is shy, but otherwise a very well behaved dog and with a couple baths regular brushing his coat is becoming very soft and fluffy!

  • Sherlock

    Adopted 09/28/2020

    This luckly boy survived a dog attack resulting in a nasty injury. But, thanks to his wonderfully patient foster and his new mommy, he has healed just fine and is growing into a beautiful boy. His best friend, a Great Dane, plays endlessly with him....not sure which one is getting the most exercise!

  • Bailey

    Adopted 09/28/2020

    Big fat foster fail! Almost from day 1, I knew Bailey and I were on the same page. I said it would be a few years before I owned another dog...that was 5 months ago. She got me!

  • Ace

    Adopted 09/26/2020

    Ace and his sister Lily were found together, on the side of the highway. One persons trash is anothers treasure and treasures they are! Their luck has changed as they were adopted together and can now play endlessly together in their very loving forever home.

  • Lily

    Adopted 09/26/2020

    Lily and her brother Ace were found together, on the side of the highway. One persons trash is anothers treasure and treasures they are! Their luck has changed as they were adopted together and can now play endlessly together in their very loving forever home.

  • Utah

    New Name: Johnny Utah
    Adopted 09/26/2020

    Utah, a.k.a. Johnny Utah, has had a great time getting to know his new home and his new brother! After a long day of play the two are always down to take a nice long nap together.

  • Jinx

    Adopted 09/26/2020

    Sadly this boys owner didn't have time for him but fortunately, he was surrendered to AZBCR where he now gets lots of attention and exercise in his new forever home!

  • Nora

    Adopted 09/25/2020

    Oh sweet, shy Nora. What a challenging life you had. No more. Sit back, relax and get ready to be spoiled. You hit the jackpot girl!

  • Leary

    New Name: Ladybird
    Adopted 09/25/2020

    Ladybird (formerly Leary) has been in her new home with myself and Ariel Belle for just over 2 weeks now and she is adjusting well! Everyday she seems to get a little more comfortable with us and her new surroundings. She is an amazing dog and we are very lucky to have her. We did hit a speed bump early on when during a vet checkup, they discovered some cancerous tumors in her mammary glands. She had surgery last week to remove them and is now home recovering, slowly getting her energy back. We are still working on training her how to play with dog toys, but she has gotten much better at walking on a leash. Looking forward to taking her on some hikes once she is completely recovered from the surgery!

  • Rizzo

    Adopted 09/23/2020

    Rizzo is doing amazing! Thank you for matching me with such a sweet baby! Rizzo is having an amazing time exploring his new home amongst the pines! Not only does he enjoy the cooler weather, the fun hikes, but he enjoys the company of his sister Bisbee and brother Boba. Rizzo likes to nap outside and watch mom garden and his favorite part is visiting all the neighborhood dogs at Thorpe Bark Park. He is a sweet little boy that deserved a happy ending, and he found it with me in Flagstaff.

  • Rey

    Adopted 09/23/2020

    This beautiful red head was out galivanting on the highway of California! Fortunately she was snatched up and sent to us where she has found a safe, loving forever home.

  • Carmella

    Adopted 09/21/2020

    Carmelita is a darling. She is sweet and cuddly and stays next to her mom while she's zooming online with her students. The students love to see Carmelita and always tell her how pretty she is. She loves to go for walks outside and play with her ball and her orange cat inside. Her mom says she's a little sneaky, because she's escaped a couple of times and ran far and wide. Her mom found out there is a word for that. Carmelita is a 'door dasher'. Luckily, she's been captured on both occasions, but not before giving her mom a big fright.

  • Beth

    New Name: Dublin
    Adopted 09/20/2020

    Dublin, formerly Beth, is doing outstanding. She is such a snuggle bug! Dublin absolutely loves being outside and is always up for a game of fetch or tug-o-war with her big sister. We are so very fortunate that she found us... as she is the perfect addition to our little family. Thank you AZBCR for all that you do!

  • Adder

    New Name: Evie
    Adopted 09/20/2020

    Evie (formerly Adder) is such an amazing girl and she's had lots of fun and a few adventures. She had her first vet visit and she is healthy and has a hearty appetite. She's already so much taller! House training is going relatively well and she is responding great to all the positive feedback. We've been training her to sit, lie down, roll over, and she rings a bell at the front door to let us know when she needs to go out. Her adventures have included some longer leash walks on the trail next to our house. She likes tennis balls but really loves the soccer ball and frisbee. She is so cute wrestling with them. She has lots of fun new stuffies and especially likes her platypus, dragon, and hedgehog. She is a lovie, snuggly girl and lets us hold her for as long as we want. We're taking full advantage of this since she is growing so quickly. Evie has already stolen our hearts and we're so thrilled to have her join our family. We are so thankful to AZBCR and Ashley!

  • Dutton

    New Name: Levi
    Adopted 09/20/2020

    Levi is doing great! He is such a sweetheart, and his big brother is getting used to not being the only pup in the house. His big human sisters are obsessed with him, and he’s growing like a weed. We are so lucky to have him as the newest member of our family! He loves water bottles, playing tug of war with his brother, and chewing on a variety of toys, as he is a teething monster. He is a cuddler and I will sometimes interrupt his naps so I can hold him and snuggle him. The way he’s growing I likely won’t get away with this for long!

  • Dug

    Adopted 09/19/2020

    So happy Dug chose us...and is home with his new forever family. Such a wonderful boy. Welcome home buddy! Dug is REALLY part of the family now!

  • Bucky

    Adopted 09/17/2020

    Bucky has been a joy ever since I brought him home. Everyone he meets just loves him my family members, the neighbors and especially the neighbor who will care for him when I go away. He loves his morning walks. He has learned to be patient until we are ready to go. Bucky is great in the house and uses the doggy door with no problem. He was great at the groomer and the VET. He loves his toys, bringing as many into the house as he can. Bucky loves running through the hose water even more. I left him alone twice for about five hours each and I'm sure he sleeps in my recliner when I'm gone, but have not caught him yet. He is always at the door when I come home.

  • Lexi

    Adopted 09/15/2020

    Lexi and her house mate Nola needed to find a new home due to their owners illness. Lucky for them, their foster mom not only "Foster Failed" but lovingly kept them together. They are happy campers now with lots of fun new activities.

  • Nola

    Adopted 09/15/2020

    Nola and her house mate Lexi needed to find a new home due to their owners illness. Lucky for them, their foster mom not only "Foster Failed" but lovingly kept them together. They are happy campers now with lots of fun new activities.

  • Dolly

    Adopted 09/13/2020

    I just love a happy ending! Sweet Dolly left a loving home because of some unforeseen medical issues in the family. Fortunately they found AZBCR and Dolly found her new forever home. It was love at first sight as her foster became a "Foster Fail". What a way to win her heart, Dolly!

  • Bear

    Adopted 09/13/2020

    This lucky little girl found a wonderful, active home where she will be spoiled rotten. Way to go Ms. Bear

  • Viper

    New Name: Valen
    Adopted 09/10/2020

    Viper is now called Valen. Mainly due to all the heart shapes he has all over him. The name also means “strong”. He is doing very well and picking up quickly on many things. Playing tug, sometimes fetching, getting kibble out from his ball, and sitting for all his treats automatically. He loves his big yard to play and explore. He knows his new name and doing great on becoming house broken soon, as he sometimes tells us he has to go!

  • Python

    New Name: Scout
    Adopted 09/07/2020

    Hi everyone, I’m Scout (formerly Python). Today my new mama took me on a car ride to my new home in Las Vegas. She says I was a good boy, but I think I napped all the way home. This new house has so many new smells and lots of places to explore. I’ve been having fun, but...yawn..I think I need another nap. This puppy life is rough. See you all soon! Tail waggin, Scout!

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