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  • Chloe

    New Name: Katie
    Adopted 06/17/2019

    When AZBCR called and said that they had a dog we may be interested in, THEY WERE RIGHT! We had contacted them looking for a companion dog for our other rescued Border Collie, Gracie. We drove to Mesa from Prescott and just as soon as foster mom Karen brought this wonderful little girl out, we knew she was a perfect match. We had brought Gracie along and both dogs hit it off right from the start. Now the two are inseparable! Katie loves going on our two mile walk each day and is always intrigued to see cows, rabbits, deer, and lots of lizards. She is ALWAYS happy and literally smiling every time she sees you whether it’s first thing in the morning or after she has spent the whole day with you. We couldn’t be happier and are so glad to have had the great good fortune that Katie found her way from Oklahoma to Arizona and on to our family. Katie’s found her forever home! This makes us and Gracie happy campers! A very special thanks to her foster family for getting her ready for us.

  • Macy

    Adopted 06/11/2019

    March 5th I lost my best friend. I adopted her on March 5th exactly 12 years earlier. We were inseparable and traveled the country together. I knew it would be impossible to replace her but hoped when I was “ready” I could find a dog that would fill a void and become my constant companion. I visited shelters and met dogs from rescue groups. I could not find the right fit. I began to work with Traci at AZBCR and was very encouraged. I met a few dogs and missed a few. But I knew Traci would find the right match. Then I saw Macy on the FB page. Roz and Tom were Macy’s foster parents. I immediately knew when I met Macy , that if I didn’t adopt this dog who roz refers to as “love on 4 legs” that I may as well not adopt. Roz knew we were the perfect match and she was right. After 3 months we are in love. This group is so dedicated to not only saving and fostering dogs. But giving of themselves so people like me can benefit in such a huge way. Thank you all for your incredible volunteer work

  • Rilee

    Adopted 06/09/2019

    Remy (formerly Rilee) is a wonderful sweet girl with a through the roof herding instinct. She would ha e been fine in an active home with lots of structure, but really, herding is her obsession and if we can teach her that less is more, she will be awesome. Mind you this is working herding, not competition. She will be introduced to cows next and lastly my goats. She plays well with other dogs and fortunately my cat is a saint who seems to actually like her. Intensity and all.

  • River

    New Name: Reba
    Adopted 06/01/2019

    We are so happy to have Reba (formerly River) in our home, she has adjusted beautifully to our routines and is a real sweetheart. She is somewhere between 11 and 14 and and I think she is very happy to be here with us retired folks. We just recently lost our border collies that we've had for 14 years and didn't want to start over with a puppy. A lot of credit goes to Andy Knutson who was Reba's foster Dad, Andy was so accommodating in working out a time to get together as we are 3 hours away from where he lives. Reba and our cat get along great. It took her about 1 week to accept this as her home, then she started patrolling her space and let everyone know it was her home. I am really grateful for the website that provides a story about your rescues, and glad we could give a home to a great dog. I'm sure she misses her friends at Andy's house, but here she is the queen.

  • Revy

    New Name: Revy
    Adopted 05/31/2019

    evy came into my life a few weeks after my beloved Collie passed. I was so down in the dumps and heart broken ! Happy,spirited, and very sweet, Revy brought new joy to my life and helped me to move forward. Revy is a little shy at first with someone she doesn’t know, but warms up quickly. She gets along well with other dogs. She has a special dog buddy that she regularly walks with and plays with afterwards. She is a very smart and learns quickly. Also very affectionate and loves to snuggle! A good watch dog as well. I feel so blessed to have this wonderful sweet girl in my life, and am grateful to AZBCR for making it possible Thank you!

  • Ponkey

    Adopted 05/31/2019

    Ponkey came into AZBCR as a surrender from Houston, TX because his owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness and wanted his beloved pet to be placed in a home that loved and understood Border Collies. We were excited to start fostering again and I remember walking across the parking lot to meet him with anticipation to help him adjust and find the perfect forever home. As he settled into our backseat and snuggled next to me, I knew he was going to be OK and we were probably in trouble. He made himself at home almost immediately and our two females thought he was pretty special. He already knew basic commands, was socialized, and learned to use the doggie door after watching the girls run through. We received several inquiries about him but the callers were not interested in adopting an 8 yo dog. Big mistake, folks. Ponkey stole our hearts, our friends' hearts, and our neighbors' hearts with his loving, friendly nature, and wanting to learn and experience new things. Ponkey is home!

  • Dalek

    New Name: Miles
    Adopted 05/26/2019

    Resilient is the word that sums up Miles. After the death of our beloved Border Collie Noble, we began a search for a new member to our family. AZBCR rescued an 6 month old puppy that was found in the desert full of cactus needles and about 1/4 of the skin on his back missing. AZBCR healed his wounds and posted him for adoption. As soon as I saw Miles’, I fell in love with that one blue eye, brown eye face. Miles immediately hit it off with our dog Ginger and we realized right then that Miles belonged in our family. Miles is a delight, loves everyone and every dog. He is a major person magnet! He is extremely intelligent and learned all his obedience commands. We walk every morning with the neighborhood dogs, which is his most favorite ritual. His best toy is an orange frisbee. He is learning Rally Foundation Dog Agility. He is a marvelous addition to our family, he makes us laugh, he keeps us going, and he eminds us that life is a constant journey. Thank you for saving him!

  • Gabby

    Adopted 05/19/2019

    Gabby is super cuddly and very lovable. She loves walking and swimming and anything active. She's also a wonderful alarm clock and has alot to say first thing in the morning.

  • Peeps

    New Name: Patreecia
    Adopted 05/18/2019

    Peeps is now Patreecia. She at first was a holy terror, chewing, biting, digging, anything to get my attention. Now she is the love of my life. I have one other cattle dog and got Peeps for her, since my oldest dog had passed. The dogs and I are inseparable, and give each other kisses all the time. He makes my own dog food and Peeps coat is as glassy and it can be. She has grown so much and wants to be in my arms all the time. She has the cutest smile when she looks at me.

  • Jelly Bean

    New Name: Zoey Bear
    Adopted 05/14/2019

    We happened to fill out the adoption application just as a litter of pups became available and when we went to visit the little monsters we instantly fell in love with Jelly Bean (now Zoey Bear). It’s been many years since we’ve had a puppy but she brings something so spunky and special to our little family. She knows all basic commands and only took about two weeks to potty train. She loves playing in the water and is crazy fast AND gets along great with her sister and brothers. After losing our 13 year old BC our house just wasn’t the same, she turned it around for all of us. Thank you AZBCR for bringing her into our lives!

  • Travis

    Adopted 05/11/2019

    Travis came into our lives several weeks after we lost our beloved BC Charli. Travis had a big hole to fill in our hearts and he did that withing 5 minutes of meeting him! I knew right then and there this fella was going home with us. One odd fact is he shares the same Birthday as my father! He has adapted to his new home very easily, gets along with our older dog, Dobie, who is blind. Matter of fact, Travis's energy has given Dobie a bit of a spark in himself. Travis sleeps with us at night on the bed, keeps the back yard free of rabbits and lizards, and provides us with non-stop amusement. He traveled with us to Grand Canyon, sleeps at my feet when I'm working in the office and is the biggest love bug you ever met. There isn't one person who he has crossed paths with that does not fall in love with him. When he looks at me with those big brown eyes whatever previous hardships he endured, he KNOWS the best has happened to him...and to us!

  • Ginny

    Adopted 05/02/2019

    Miss Ginny came to live with me and two other splendid canines in May. She and I are 'of an age.' Ginny is 13 years old and I'm only slightly younger in people years. She and I joke that we will be racing each other to the rainbow bridge. For now we are in good health and we enjoy taking walks together, though our agility sports and counter surfing days are past. Here we are trying to master taking selfies at the end of our first walk. Ginny copes with our younger dogs very well, though she still values her privacy at times.

  • Bunny

    New Name: Koko
    Adopted 05/01/2019

    Do you believe in love at first sight?...well it's true!..we adopted this little cutie from the Easter bunch on Monday....this was Koko...she doesn't have the look of a typical BC but she certainly is as smart...she barks to go outside, sits on command and plays ball like a retriever! cuddly but full of personality...and sharp teeth!...frozen Kong's help!...would have loved to seen her mom or dad!...that whole litter was just as adorable...thank you fosters Karen and Dave and AZBCR!

  • Roo

    Adopted 04/26/2019

    Roo is a great dog my wife and I love her a lot! She's a fast learner, eager to please, full of energy and she loves to relax with us. She has a huge yard to run and play in however, she wants to take her walk every morning and jumps at the chance to ride in the truck. Belly rubs are her favorite! Roo also gets along very well with her goat and chicken friends. A perfect addition to our family!

  • Mia

    Adopted 04/26/2019

    To say that Mia changed our lives would be an understatement. We had been wanting a dog for years, but the timing never seemed right. Then we saw a picture of Mia on the AZBCR Facebook page and instantly knew she was the one. We have so much love for our lil rescue pup and we know that she loves us too. We found us a pet, hiking partner, cuddle buddy and best friend all in one. She is such a joyful, adventurous, curious and SMART dog. Its been a great pleasure seeing the world through her eyes. Thank you AZ Border Collie Rescue for connecting us with Mia. We are forever grateful.

  • Misha

    New Name: Winnie
    Adopted 04/25/2019

    We are over the moon in love with Winnie (formerly Misha)! We just adopted her from ABCR. ?????? She is such an amazing woman! She is so smart she learned “play dead” in one night and loves to learn tricks. She is a professional cuddler and enjoys sleeping in our bed with us. She loves being brushed. She loves walks and hanging out on dog friendly restaurant patios. She gets along excellent with our 1 year old Charlie. Thank you to her foster family (Lynette Gage Jones) and ACBR for taking excellent care of her

  • Dora

    Adopted 04/24/2019

    My name is Dora and I’m a sweet, spunky gal. When I first came to live in Arizona I was pretty sad because my human had to go to a nursing home and that turned my whole world upside down. It didn’t take me long to settle in here though. I like all the people that come and go here because I am a super big fan of getting scratches and hearing people say what a good girl I am. I also really, really like to go for walks so I go stand by the door and look at the leashes until someone takes me for a stroll. I just love being with my people and I'm such an easy girl to have around.

  • Jojo

    New Name: Jojo
    Adopted 04/24/2019

    Hi there, my name is JoJo. When I was about 10 months old I was hurt in an accident. The doctor said they had to take my leg and my owner let me go. So I came to my new foster parents. My wounds healed up quickly and I found getting around and even playing ball was no challenge. Within a month my foster parents told me that I would be staying for good. I am so happy to have found a furever home with an older sister and an older brother. My brother and I love to play, we wrestle, and mom and dad throw balls for us to chase. Dad has said that I as fast as my brother who has four legs. I love to get on the couch with mom and get pets. In the morning I jump on the bed so I can get more pets. I love to ride in the truck, and go camping with my family. I have recently graduated from intermediate training, my teacher said that I am really smart. I really love my new home I have lots of room to run. I am looking forward to go on a road trip soon in the camper. Love my new home!

  • Harley

    Adopted 04/20/2019

    I'm Harley. I cam to the rescue because living in an apartment was not my style. I now have a great home and more room to run and play. Thanks AZBCR for giving me a 2nd chance at the good life!

  • Spring

    New Name: Friday
    Adopted 04/19/2019

    Robinson Crusoe had his Man Friday, Cary Grant had His Girl Friday, and thanks to AZBCR I have My Girl Friday (formerly Spring). The process of getting a companion from AZBCR was very easy. They gave me a list of dogs that might meet my requirements and arranged two appointments to get me started. After meeting the first I nearly cancelled the second appointment such is the power of a collies eyes. However I did keep the second appointment and good that I did because she turned out to be the one. She came home with me and we proceeded to help each other start over in an environment new to each of us. We had some minor challenges to begin with but her foster mom was and remains very helpful. All of her suggestions were spot on, another benefit of adopting from the AZBCR. Friday has become a great companion and I have to say AZBCR helped me quickly find a friend that checked all the boxes. Rescue from a shelter and you’ll miss out on the knowledge base and ongoing support from AZBCR.

  • Annie

    Adopted 04/18/2019

    Annie, or as we fondly call her “Tornado Annie” is a 16 week old Female BC. Annie is a fireracker of a puppy who enjoys life to its fullest. She is learning her basic obedience/house training and is progressing well. She is crate trained and sleeps quietly in her crate throughout the night. Annie is respectful of her feline siblings (having learned the hard way at the Edward Scissorhands school of training) and she absolutely loves her canine foster brothers! Don’t try to tell this girl she’s a little pup because she definitely holds her own with the big boys. She will have them all fine tuned just the way she wants them in no time! TA is a super smart kiddo who has a zest for life, she is friendly towards every human she has met!, and she is always ready, willing, and able for the next big adventure. This young pup is going to be a great one!!

  • Scout

    New Name: Ohana
    Adopted 04/13/2019

    Meet Ohana! His name reflects exactly what he means to us - family! Ohana was added to our existing pack (2 folks, 2 dogs) as a young guy who had been tossed around a bit before AZBCR found him. Ohana has done very well adapting to his new brother sister and his new exciting life! Ohana now lives a life of adventure with us as we live nomadically traveling hiking around North America. In the first months of joining our pack he had already been from Arizona to the Canadian border and everything in between. He’s explored southern deserts, alpine snow, Pacific beaches and visited many dog parks. It is a perfect life for this high energy guy! Ohana is a real family guy and is somewhat uninterested in other dogs and people. However, his dog park visits have made him a bit more excited to meet new friends. He is one of the most lovable dogs I’ve know he even gives thank you kisses hugs after every home-made meal we make for him! We love this guy and he is family!

  • Max

    Adopted 04/13/2019

    Max is a sweet very loving dog once he gets to know you. He was shy and submissive for the first few days. For the first week he slept by me in bed. Once the alarm goes off, it is sweet face licks until he gets breakfast and let outside. After the first four days, he felt very safe and secure roaming the house and he was no longer shy/submissive. His energy level and drive are pretty high. Max needs a loving home that can give him pets and attention and take him walking/running often. I imagine he probably would be a geat swimmer. He runs faster than most other dogs I have seen. He does chase rabbits and can nearly catch em! Max likes to socialize with other dogs and tends to lean towards being an alpha in a social setting. He has been raised around at least one other dog and pairs quite well with the older male collie in my house. They are two wonderful brothers. He comes when called and demands to be snuggled. This is a great dog!

  • Belle

    Adopted 04/13/2019

    We lost Ollie (an AZCBR rescue) in June 2018 after having him for only 4 ½ years. For a long time we weren’t sure we wanted another dog as we were so heartbroken over his passing. Time went by and it just seemed too odd not to have a dog in the house. Of course we wanted another BC. We welcomed Bella (formerly Belle) to our family in April of this year. She is a senior and came from a pretty deplorable hoarding situation. She was shy when we first met her but you could tell she was interested in us as she would come close, run away and then come back again! She has become more and more confident over the last 4 months. Still wary of strangers but that’s improving. We give our visitors a baggie filled with treats at the front door and with coaxing Bella allows them to give her some. She has several dog beds in the house but has claimed an armchair in our family room as hers. Despite the situation she left behind she is the sweetest and most gentle dog we have ever had.

  • Gabby

    Adopted 04/13/2019

    May 2018 our 13 year old rescue Sheltie named Lily crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We knew we wanted to adopt another dog through A rescue and eventually found AZBCR. A year later my husband and I decided to put our adoption application in and the first dog we met in May 2019 was Gabby. Gabby was 11 months old, and a sweet, gentle, bouncing, bundle of energy! Gabby had a short adjustment period upon arriving at her new home but quickly learned to run play with her Japanese Spitz big sister Rosie or cuddle on the couch with our 9 year old son. Gabby is amazingly calm gentle when around children! She loves to float on a raft in the pool and run with my husband when weather isn’t hot. We cant thank AZBCR enough! They were thorough, helpful and quick!! Gabby and the whole family are so happy!

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