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  • Champ

    New Name: Diesel
    Adopted 03/24/2021

    “Diesel” (formerly known as Champ) has left the building! He will enjoy early retirement filled with fun happiness with his forever family!

  • Casey

    Adopted 03/23/2021

    Foster Fail! So happy for both Jim and lucky Casey, who truly is an amazing pup! This is a perfect match. Casey has many, many fun hikes in his future....a swimming pool here in Arizona, and he gets to summer in Maine. Congrats, Jim and Casey and thank you AZBCR. Another success story.

  • Doogie

    New Name: Brinkley
    Adopted 03/21/2021

    Doogie has been renamed Brinkley. He is doing very well, and getting used to his big brother. He has been to the vet, and last weighed in at 13lbs on 4.3.2021. Brinkley loves being in the yard, and his potty training is going well.....and is nipping much less!

  • Mali

    New Name: Xena
    Adopted 03/21/2021

    I'm happy to say that Xena (formerly the "artist known as Mali") has been a wonderful addition to my home. She is acclimating to her new environment as each day passes. From what I understand of her background, going from being with a family in New Mexico to her excellent foster care at Linda's ranch of fun in Payson, to just me in Gilbert, she has probably been a bit challenged but we're bonding more every day. It's surprising to me that I found her so quickly, while still mourning the loss of my first BC, Sheena. Members on the AZBCR site said I'd know when I was ready...and that was true. I spotted Xena and sent a note inquiring about her. The next thing I know, I'm driving up to Payson for a meeting. Xena, is a little over a year old and a very shy/submissive, sweet girl. I'm hoping I can help her to joyfully become all she can be, in our life together. It's so interesting and fun to watch her blossom in her new surroundings. I know we will keep each other young, active an

  • Rigo

    Adopted 03/21/2021

    After coming to us from a large dog family where he got lost in the crowd, Rigo now sits pretty with his two four legged buddies and a mom to spoil him. Happy life beautiful boy!

  • Archie

    Adopted 03/14/2021

    Though he’s getting bigger every day, Archie is still our baby. He enjoys our favorite activity – hiking.

  • Winchester

    New Name: Winnie
    Adopted 03/13/2021

    Winchester is now called Win or Winnie. We have had this boy for a month and he has helped heal our broken heart from the loss of our border collie - Zeke in December. Win loves to chase rabbits in our yard and he loves watching all the birds! This boy loves all food! He can eat his dinner in seconds! He has a very sweet temperament and is very smart and likes to please! I love how he will come check in with me by putting his nose in my hand! Win has some work to do - not launching at cars and sneaking out of the yard when the opportunity arises! We love him very much and we are so grateful we were able to adopt him!

  • Dawn

    Adopted 03/13/2021

    Sooooo pretty! Oh Dawn, you won their hearts with that sweet demeanor and it didn't hurt any that you were easy on the eyes! Happy trails sweet girl.

  • Maddie

    Adopted 03/13/2021

    Who can resist that sweet face? Well clearly her new pappa couldn't! Lots of adventures and love in store for this sweet pup.

  • Gizmo

    Adopted 03/10/2021

    Gizmo is the King of this castle and the self-appointed Mayor of Scottsdale. It’s a match made in Heaven for us because he's the most well behaved guy. People always stop us on our walks to comment about how cute Gizmo is. Our grandchildren think he looks like a human in a dog costume. We will be forever grateful for having had the chance to adopt the perfect dog. So many thanks to everyone at AZ Border Collie Rescue for making this possible for all of us!

  • Harley

    New Name: Juniper
    Adopted 03/09/2021

    My husband and I rescued Harley, now Juniper, after the many gorgeous juniper trees growing all around us. It seems like such a fitting name for our girl! Now I can call her fun nick names like June, Junie, and little Junebug!. Her personality is really starting to blossom – she’s a real sweetheart who loves to lick faces, go on walks, play ball (she’s so FAST chasing the tennis ball!), and chew on rope toys! And she’s super smart – she learned on her first day with us to go to the back door when she wants to go “out”, and she sits at the front door or goes into the utility room and tugs on her harness when she wants to go for a walk! She didn’t seem very leash trained when we got her, but she’s already figured it out, not pulling at all. She loves investigating all of the different smells on our walks! We’re slowly introducing Juniper to new people, other dogs and animals, and places. We’re feeling so thankful to have been able to rescue this girl, or maybe she rescued us!

  • Razzle

    New Name: Baldur
    Adopted 03/05/2021

    Can’t believe Baldur (Razzle) has been with us three weeks now, he’s going to need a bigger chair to steal from his brother!

  • Hershey

    New Name: Scooch
    Adopted 03/05/2021

    The Scooch is doing great. He still gets the zoomies a couple of times a day, although the past week we’ve had family in town with their Golden Millie. Scooch and Millie have spent most of each day entertaining and wearing each other out, so zoomies seem to be constant most of each day.

  • Mickey

    New Name: Jack
    Adopted 02/28/2021

    We got back to Tennessee safely and we showed Pete (Rain) and Jack (Mickey) around. They are already playing! We are grateful for these beautiful, sweet additions to family! Thank you AZBCR!!

  • Skor

    New Name: Bootsy
    Adopted 02/28/2021

    This sweet candy of a boy, Skor, has the best life ever! Having been born into rescue and so beautifully taken care of by his momma Demi, he was ready to find is forever home and boy did he "Score".

  • Breezy

    Adopted 02/28/2021

    Breezy is the best addition to my life! Thank you to all of you for making it possible! Thanks especially to Shirley for doing an amazing job fostering her and describing her exactly! When I brought Breezy home yesterday she would take treats from me but wouldn’t let me pet her. Later in the evening I showered and put on pajamas with sheep on them in her honor. As soon as I sat down she came over and put her head in my lap and was happy to be petted and snuggled! She makes me laugh! She has had a great time playing with my male golden retriever, Beacon, and bosses him around. She loves initiating play with him but when he tried to initiate play with her last night while she was napping, she gave him a little growl and he quickly left her alone. He tried to show her the joy of carrying sticks on the trail but she is not interested so far. She was great on the trail today and as long as nobody tried to pet her she was fine with everything. I am so impressed with what a good girl she is!

  • Tootsie

    New Name: Mallory
    Adopted 02/28/2021

    Toot, Toot, Tootsie Good-bye! Smiles all around. This lucky pup is going to get lots of love and go on lots of adventures. Happy trails ya' little sweet.

  • Skittles

    New Name: Jaxxon
    Adopted 02/28/2021

    Jaxxon (aka Skittles) regularly practices his teddy bear poses. I think he has it down!

  • Twix

    Adopted 02/28/2021

    Welcome Home Twix! Twix arrived last night from Tuson. We couldn’t be any happier, little guy settled in so easily. Yesterday marked 7 weeks I lost Orie so this little boy has some mighty big shoes to fill. But I believe with my heart that Oreo guided me to this little cookie. This little boy will help our family mend our hearts. THANK YOU to AZBCR for bringing Twix into our lives. I know Oreo would love him, as we already do.

  • Rolo

    New Name: Scrappy Doo
    Adopted 02/28/2021

    Scrappy Doo (Rolo) and Arya (Twig) are best of friends! Thank you AZBCR and both pups amazing foster parents! Our family is forever grateful and blessed to share our love with these two.

  • Nougat

    New Name: Ruger
    Adopted 02/28/2021

    Ruger (fka Nougat), has stolen my heart. He is so chill and laid back and he fits our house perfectly! He loves his new Daddy! This little guy has livened up our house so much in just the four day he has been with us.

  • Pixy

    New Name: River
    Adopted 02/28/2021

    River started out as Pixy, #6 of 8 from Demi’s Sweets litter. I know this because her foster family was incredible at posting information, progress and photos of the pups on the forever home journey. Thank you Kerri and Tracy!! River was a perfect addition to our home. River is very active and smart. She has already mastered sit, lie down,"kennel up” and because she is food driven, she will run to you when called. River is thriving and enjoying life with her new BC brother. We love her. Thank you AZBCR for helping us find our forever pup.

  • Loki

    Adopted 02/26/2021

    Loki is doing well. After one week he is like a different dog. He has a bit of fear aggression but is learning to trust more and more. He and I, of course, are in love. From Loki’s forever home.

  • Chance

    New Name: Buddy
    Adopted 02/22/2021

    Foster Fail! Foster mom just couldn't let this one go and boy did Buddy (fka Chance) luck out. He gets to go on daily walks and just hang out with his mom, watching movies and taking naps (Buddy, not mom). He's Living the Life of Riley. Maybe she should have named him that.

  • Pete

    Adopted 02/21/2021

    Through no fault of his own, this big boy lost two best friends and waited for a long time to find his forever home. But the wait was worth it! This boy is finally HOME.

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