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  • Olive

    Adopted 07/06/2018

    We have had Olive for just over a month and she is coming more out of her shell every day. It is clear that she was abused before her rescue and she is still very timid and working on trust. But, she is a little girl with a big heart once she gets to know you and has become my little "cuddle bug". We will continue to work with her on her anxiety, but she makes improvements every day. She looks forward to her daily walks and loves to play fetch with her new squeaky toys. She has blessed our lives and our home and we are so happy to give her a safe, loving environment where she can flourish.

  • Graysen

    Adopted 06/21/2018

    We had a couple of rough nights with Grey but she has since become very comfortable here and is a part of the family now. She is very sweet and we love having her with us.

  • Mr. Dinkles

    New Name: Mr. Dinkles
    Adopted 06/20/2018

    His foster family said this: Mr. Dinkles, ("Dink") was transported to AzBCR from a high kill shelter in Texas.He is a very smart, active, and one-of-a-kind pup that is looking for a special home that will keep him active and smother him with love. He would excel in a sport home doing agility, herding, fly ball, or running the trails with his owner. Most of all, he wants to be a best friend and loyal companion to his new forever family. Dink loves to chase the other dogs, so introduction to cats should be gradual. He is smart and willing to learn. He is already trained to a crate and dog door and is quickly learning the rules of house training and leash walking. He's never met a toy he didn't like and he's learning to retrieve, knows "sit" and "wait" and absorbing as many new commands as his baby brain can hold. There is no end to what this lovable, high drive little guy can offer to the right home. We trust he got the perfect home.

  • Lily

    New Name: Lily
    Adopted 06/19/2018

    My name is Lily and I have a new family! I'm learning new things, new tricks, and new people. I love having ALL FIVE people in the house to myself! (I'm kind of an attention hog) and I love car trips! Thanks AZBCR for giving me a 2nd chance.

  • JuJu

    Adopted 06/16/2018

    Juju is a people pleaser and a real snuggler. She's a very pretty girl and loves her new family.

  • Twix

    New Name: Colleen
    Adopted 06/16/2018

    She's had a name change she was 'Trix', she is now 'Colleen'. Colleen appears to be healthy and she's quite active. She gets walked every day, at sunrise, about 1.5 miles. She and my other dog Lobo get along very well. She has a good appetite, likes treats, but still needs to lose a few pounds. She's hence on a diet of sorts - one scoop dog food daily, plus a few dog treats during the day. She started shedding this past week, so she's getting brushed daily.

  • Winnie

    Adopted 06/10/2018

    Winnie is a super sweet chubby little girl who has taken well to her new home, housemates and diet. Since no dog want’s their weight discussed publicly, I will simply say she has lost 11 pounds in the two months we’ve had her we’re very proud of her discipline. It helps that she loves walks with her housemates and ball time with dad in the yard. Anyone who has a Border Collie in their life is familiar with this stare not only is Winnie focused on her ball but she lets you know it’s go time! She’s like a big, soft, coiled spring. Although it wasn’t obvious when she first saw our neighbor’s pool, Winnie is quite the little swimmer. She was cautious in the beginning, staying on the upper platform and only getting her legs wet. With some playful cajoling she gradually stepped off to pursue her toy. Just like ball time in the yard, it’s obvious in the video below that Winnie is thrilled to keep playing as long as we can keep up. After multiple false starts, she finally takes the plunge!

  • Zig

    Adopted 06/08/2018

    Zig came into rescue as a well trained 9 year old that her family just couldn't keep. She is lovely in every way and it didn't take her long to find another great home.

  • Rocky

    Adopted 06/05/2018

    Rocky is a great addition to the family and a perfect dog 95 of the time. I'm not going to share what he does that other 5 of the time.

  • Rodeo

    Adopted 06/05/2018

    Rodeo, now Jo Jo is doing well spending the rest of the summer in the mountains of Colorado with his fur friend Inca

  • Darby

    Adopted 06/02/2018

    When I first decided to foster to adopt from AZBCR I was looking for a full BC like my beloved Maggie who crossed the bridge 13 years ago. However, then I saw a photo of Mandy, Darby's sister adopted in NM and helped transport Darby and two of her brothers to AZ ... and she stole my heart. This sassy girl has gone from shy/little fearful to look at me as I zoom zoom, leap to catch a ball, practice her soccer moves and plays with her best friend....Buddy the cat who is sure he is a dog!!! This short haired pup is so happy, loving and sassy! AND I am realizing that I am just fine having a short haired BC mix as an addition to my 3 VERY hairy Aussies! In this photo she is learning good leash manners from her Aunt Abby!!

  • Bandit

    New Name: Bandit
    Adopted 06/01/2018

    We can share that Bandit has been a pure joy! He loves to walk every morning with me, and he walks perfectly (unless he sees a another dog, that he just wants to play with!). He loves to go to the dog park and has made a little friend. We taught him how to not be afraid of the pool, and water in general and he loves to float with me on a raft. Haha Bandit has bonded with me, and follows me everywhere. Every one just adores him. We could not be more pleased with him.

  • Sparky

    New Name: Micky
    Adopted 05/31/2018

    We adopted our first AZBCR dog, Finnegan, a year ago who the family grew very attached to instantly. After we lost our jack Russell, Finnegan needed a playmate so we knew we needed to adopt a border collie again. Micky couldn’t have been a better fit for Finnegan and our family. The boys play, nap and swim together. They are virtually inseparable and the best of friends. They both also get along with our daughters dog Neil who is home whenever she’s not at college. Thank you for blessing us with 2 wonderful dogs that put a smile on our faces, make us chuckle with their silliness and fill our hearts with love!

  • Loki

    New Name: Loki
    Adopted 05/30/2018

    His foster said he was a little fuzzball with lots of energy. We trust he is keeping his new family very busy and amused. I'm sure he's learning alot and making everybody smile.

  • Dixie

    Adopted 05/28/2018

    Dixie was described by her foster family as a huge snuggler and good ball player. We hope her new family is enjoy those qualities about her.

  • Laddie

    Adopted 05/27/2018

    Laddie is so sweet. He's a cuddler and loves his walks and car rides. He's smart and well mannered. He is home.

  • Maggie

    Adopted 05/25/2018

    We love our sweet AZBCR Maggie aka Maggie Moo aka Maggzie waggies. This sweet girl came to us after an owner relinquish. The previous owner said she was becoming aggressive and nipping at heals as well as resource guarding. When she first came into our house she was an extremely timid dog that would run into her cage at any noise and was afraid to walk on the wooden flooring. She was also afraid to enter doorways. After working with her and showering her with love, Maggie warmed up to us. This timid dog now has her confidence and enjoys trips to pet smart. We haven't seen any heel chasing or biting and she resource guards no more. In fact our foster dog dug into her food bowl while she was eating and she just looked up at us. My children and husband became so attached to her that we foster failed and adopted her into our family in May. My family has enjoyed teaching her tricks and we are looking into getting her a trick title certificate. Thank You so much AZBCR for sending us Maggie

  • Baby Girl

    New Name: Maggie May
    Adopted 05/24/2018

    Maggie May is doing great....she is a very special girl!!!!!

  • Bella

    Adopted 05/22/2018

    Bella is a sweet and very affectionate girl. She's learning how to be a brave girl and she is so smart that she will adapt very quickly to her new life. She's a gem waiting to shine.

  • Lottie

    New Name: Maggie
    Adopted 05/20/2018

    AZBCR is such an amazing rescue and decided to start looking for a friend for our first dog, Tuck. I saw Maggie's picture and decided she was our girl. Our meet and greet ould not have gone better. She greeted me at the door on her hind legs looking like a Meerkat. I knew then she was our girl. I truly believe she was waiting for us to adopt her. We were all just meant to be together. She was once a frightened, confused little girl but thanks to Kandace, she was ready for her new home. Within a couple days she began to settle in. We decided to change her name to Maggie because I was tired of saying Lottie lets go potty. LOL. She is a such a sweetheart and crazy girl at the same time. Her happy dance for her meals is something everybody should see every day to bring a smile to their face. Maggie went on her first camping trip to the White Mountains and it was a success. She loved riding on the RZR through the woods with Tuck.We are looking forward to many more adventures.

  • Jazzie

    Adopted 05/17/2018

    Jazzie's foster family said all these lovely things about her which is probably why her forever family fell in love with her. Jazzie is a beautiful 4 year old female BC. She has a semi rough coat that requires regular brushing. She has moderate drive with a good off switch. She loves to play fetch with balls and toys. Jazzie appears like she would be a fantastic with a frisbee but have not had the opportunity to test her out. She loves other dogs to snuggle and play with and would be happier with another dog in the home. Jazzie loves her daily walks and only pulls a little bit at the start. She is an awesome hiker too. Jazzie is crate trained and doggie door trained. She knows basics such as sit, down, shake with either hand, a good recall, and wait. Her favorite thing to do is curl up on the bottom of your bed when the day is through. Jazzie is vocal when excited by barking, whining, or just plain talking. She is a lovely dog.

  • Boone

    Adopted 05/16/2018

    Boone is probably keeping his new dad very busy and he hasn't had time to share a story with us.

  • Grizzly

    Adopted 05/14/2018

    I knew when I saw the face of this beautiful dog that needed a foster home that he would come to my house and never leave. Grizzly is a great dog that needed me as much as I needed him.

  • Journey

    Adopted 05/12/2018

    I have had Journey for a month and a half now, so named because of the trip from Texas that she had to take to get here. Journey is a young dog, and hadn't received much, if any, training before coming to the rescue, but she has come a long way in that regard also. Thanks to her doggie siblings, Pearl and Max, also AZBCR alumni, she has learned how to sit politely for treats and breakfast, and she is learning to be as calm as possible before we leash up for a walk. She truly wants to please, and she keeps on trying until she gets it right. Journey is gentle and sweet, and as loving as they come, not a cranky bone in her body. She will often come up and give me a lick or 2, just to say hello and let me know she loves me. She leaves behind memories of rough treatment that made her initially shy away from a touch, and now welcomes pats, rubs, and hugs. Journey caught my eye when her foster posted photos of her - her gentle nature was evident in her beautiful eyes-and I fell for her.

  • Bonnie

    New Name: Meeka
    Adopted 05/12/2018

    Meeka (also known as Bonnie) is now named Sadie. She reminds me so much of my first Sadie. She is so loving. We walk around Sedona once a week. She gets out to run twice a day and the in house playing is going on all the time. She gets along good with my other two Kids. Kloie a 13 years old Border Collie and Rascal a 10 year old Westie who thinks he is a Border Collie to. In Sedona she loves seeing the Kids and going in the shops. Sadie is very well behaved. They all love the Verde River I call the three of the Kids River Rats. It was a very good match!!!! I want to Thank Arizona Border Collie Rescue Very Very Much Sadie is Very Special

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