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  • Dasher

    Adopted 12/31/2020

    After a timid first couple of days, Dasher now plays with his toys, his new dog brother, and his new humans! He has learned to the ball and craves all the pets and loves and treats. Dasher even loves the strange little dog that doesn't play (the chi that taught him how to beg for treats). Dasher is truly off and running with his new forever home and family!

  • Levi

    New Name: Buck
    Adopted 12/29/2020

    Levi, now Buck, is growing like a weed and having lots of fun with his two-legged and four legged friend.

  • Ginny

    New Name: Lexi
    Adopted 12/22/2020

    This was SO not planned, but sometimes the best things just happen on their own, and then ... you are in love. It’s official: Lexi is an AZBCR foster fail ... we couldn’t be happier and I know in my heart that she is happy too. She’s been with us nearly five weeks now, and I’ve been working with her on a number of issues (btw, she wanted me to mention that the (previously very scary) doggie door flap is now a non-event for her!), and while she is still afraid of a lot of the world around her, she now trusts us and her silly personality (that I believe was hidden for so long) is definitely starting to show. And so Lexi just needs more work and more time to learn how to be brave, and in the meantime, how fun is it to watch her blossom and start to act like ... a dog!! Safe to say that the best Christmas presents have fur and tails!!

  • Maizie

    New Name: Lola
    Adopted 12/21/2020

    Maizie, now Lola, won the hearts of so many. She had quite a following. But she chose only one special, forever home, where she will have the best life ever.

  • Jax

    Adopted 12/20/2020

    Jax has had a rough start in life but is now in the loving hands of his forever "mom". Thanks to her patience and perserverence, Jax is learning to re-direct some bad habits. This beautiful boy can now relax and call this home.

  • Coco

    Adopted 12/18/2020

    So, Coco found her forever home today. FOSTER FAIL!!! She is staying with us. We couldn’t let this precious girl go. She has just become so happy here and we just love her.

  • Gunner

    Adopted 12/18/2020

    This handsome boy, who came in with his brother, melted everyone's heart. He's a big boy with lots of love to give and fortunately has found a forever home, where he can give all that big love.

  • Bree

    New Name: Bree
    Adopted 12/15/2020

    We just love it when our adopters give our pups a second chance! And in Bree's case, her foster mom fell in love and gave this sweet girl a forever home. Happy trails dear Bree!

  • Hensley

    New Name: Sonny
    Adopted 12/14/2020

    Sonny (aka Hensley) loves playing with his brother Eddie. He is a perfect puppy specimen. Puppy teeth, puppy kisses, smart, head strong ... cries for a little bit. Sits for his treat. Goes potty outside when we take him, usually uses the potty pad. He is going to be a good dog. Very well socialized. A little curious with the cats but not too much.

  • Chip

    Adopted 12/11/2020

    I've got lots and lots of energy but fortunately, a very nice couple who live out in the country and have lots of fun things to do, adopted me and gave me a forever home. I even have a brother to play with. Thank you AZBCR for having faith in me.

  • Maisie Mae

    Adopted 12/06/2020

    Oooooooo! I can just smell that puppy breath, can't you? Maisie Mae came into rescue with her 3 other siblings and found the best forever home. We look forward to seeing her grow.

  • Lainey

    Adopted 12/06/2020

    Lainey is incredibly sweet and very smart—she loves everyone she meets, both two and four-legged. She likes to follow her mom around the house and especially enjoys “helping” in the kitchen, although she’s not too sure about the big KitchenAid mixer at times! Lainey is an active and growing puppy and enjoys going on lots of walks and playing with her toys. She sleeps like a champ in her crate and has perfect potty and leash manners!

  • Mason

    Adopted 12/06/2020

    My siblings and I had a pretty rough start when something happened to our momma. Fortunately AZBCR found us and we have all found wonderful homes. I'm the smallest of the bunch but I am mighty!

  • Hiro

    Adopted 12/04/2020

    How can you say no to your teenager when she tells you this dog makes her feel so calm and loved. The answer is, you can't. Sweet Hiro's foster mom became another foster fail (thank you daughter) and Hiro is living the life with all of his two legged and four legged companions.

  • Scooby

    Adopted 12/03/2020

    Scooby has been a great addition. He has taken to Dorothy and she has broken all her normal rules for him. He enjoys his daily walks and is improving on his leash. Still has some anxiety but is improving daily. He's a keeper.

  • Rosey

    Adopted 12/02/2020

    Just wanted to give a quick on Rosey. She is doing so good!! She is getting acclimated to her new home and seems to have a good mental map started. She has enjoyed learning to play with her new brother and sister- it’s all tail wagging over here! She has been eating and sleeping well and is growing more confident. And I just have to tell you that an excited greeting from Rosey when she comes across you just melts your heart! We are smitten!

  • Sunny

    Adopted 11/30/2020

    This sweet girl came from a hoarding situation with 20 other dogs but she quickly became the apple of her foster's eye. Who could resist this girl? Clearly her foster couldn't as we have another FOSTER FAIL! Thank you to her foster and the AZBCR family for finding her a loving forever home.

  • Chance

    New Name: Kiano
    Adopted 11/27/2020

    Chance (now Kiano) is falling right into life with me. We spend our mornings playing, he naps while I work (so jealous), then we'll spend the afternoons playing in the backyard or go out to the barn to play with his buddy Avery. His favorite came is tug-of-war but he's starting to get the idea of fetch which will help keep him entertained, even while I work, since throwing a ball can be done while multitasking ) lol! I just love him to pieces!

  • Chocolate

    New Name: Rudy
    Adopted 11/25/2020

    Foster fail alert! Rudy (aka Chocolate) is officially adopted!!!! I promise I bought him some real toys, but he looked so handsome with this log he stole from the fire pit lol. He is a sweetheart through and through, and is opening up and trusting more day by day. He gets along great with my other BC and follows her everywhere, and she seems generally happy to have a little brother, even if he is annoying sometimes. I feel so lucky to have him and I'm so grateful to AZBCR and all of the wonderful volunteers who have helped bring us together!

  • Everett

    New Name: Sammy
    Adopted 11/23/2020

    Everett (aka Sammy) is a great guy and has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives since we adopted him 11/23/2020. After fostering him from early September, we felt more and more connection and love for this guy, and soon knew we had to adopt him to be our forever companion! He’s learning how to have perfect manners in a the house, and is gaining many skills in how to manage himself in the world when out walking in the neighborhood. He’s everything we would dream of…smart, loyal, witty and super duper loving. We are smitten! Thanks AZBCR!!

  • Ollie

    Adopted 11/20/2020

    I feel so lucky to have Ollie. He is very sweet, and always happy. Every morning when we get up, he jumps up and down like it's the best day ever. When it's time to eat, he leaps all over the place in excitement. He wants to befriend every dog and human we see. And his happiness is infectious! He makes me smile about a hundred times a day, and has improved my life about a hundredfold. Thank you AZBCR volunteers for bringing us together, and for supporting us every step of the way.

  • Koza

    Adopted 11/20/2020

    Koza is a lucky girl! One persons trash is anothers treasure and a treasure she is indeed. Koza has found her forever home with a very loving family and will live happily ever after in her new home in Washington state!

  • Ajax

    New Name: Max
    Adopted 11/17/2020

    We are grateful that little Max found his way to us. His heart is big with wanting our love and being by our side. His little story is always in his eyes. He has learned to love to bird watch, hike, ride in a car with the window down and “leave it”. Max will have many more road trips, but the greatest for him was the one from NM to AZ. We are thankful for all those that helped bring him here and for Stephanie, his foster mom. God bless you all and thank you again.

  • Voyager

    New Name: Homer
    Adopted 11/15/2020

    This Sunday will be a week since we adopted Voyager now called Homer. We were going name him George but that didn’t work. He is definately a Homer. By Monday, he was settled in and he and his big brother, Poda, are best buds. Thank you Kaitlyn and AZBCR for the opportunity to adopt this wonderful boy.

  • Becky

    New Name: Sophie
    Adopted 11/08/2020

    When Sophie first came to us she was very wary of strangers and would bark defensively at them. We think she might have had a bad experience with a male adult because they seemed to threaten her most. She even barked at her new daddy a couple of times. Daily trips to our local dog park and regular hikes on a popular local trail have really turned her around.

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