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  • Joeby

    Adopted 05/29/2022

    Joeby, who now goes by Vader, is loving his new life with baby brother Loki (former AZBCR Grady) and his older sister Olive. Play time is part of his daily routine. No one knows why he was overlooked by so many potential adopters, but he is now where he was meant to be. Happy Life, big guy!

  • Tommy

    New Name: Paco
    Adopted 05/01/2022

    We got the pups Tommie and Rozzie from the NM litter (now Paco and Rey) and we are so in love! When we visited they were so darn cute together and we just couldn't bear to separate them so we decided we'd go home either empty-handed or with DOUBLE the puppy love...we chose the double dose:) They are doing great, adjusting very well to their new home, and still sleeping together in one adorable puppy pile. We love them so much and can't wait for them to grow (big!) alongside their human siblings.

  • Bobo

    New Name: Sidney
    Adopted 04/30/2022

    We think he’s settling in a bit finally. We discovered he’s got BIG ptsd from loud noise,, fireworks and thunderstorms! We are working with him to realize he can trust us and that we will keep him safe! It’s been a challenge for sure since we adopted him. We know we were his best hope at a great life! He enjoys his older sister Remmi as she helps with his learning for sure! We believe he’s finally coming to an understanding with his cat siblings. His brother kitty just ignores him for the most part. And his sister kitty allows him to follow her around ( most of the time). He does poke her with his nose on occasion to get a reaction from her and a chase follows. We keep trying to explain to him he’s retired from herding now! We are thankful we adopted him! As he settles in we hope his fun quirky personality shows up! On occasion we notice he kicks back and relaxes! One day we hope it to be 24/7!!

  • Lucy Lu

    Adopted 04/06/2022

    I started out fostering Lucy Lu on a whim so she would’t be sent to the pound. Unbeknownst to me that night March 10, I found my best friend. By April 6, I signed my adoption papers. This absolute sweetheart gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I love when I come home and her joy in seeing me chases any gray clouds away. So I did not foster fail, I foster won!

  • Remi

    Adopted 03/20/2022

    We adopted Remi in April of this year. She has finally settled in and is doing great. She loves playing ball and soccer which we do throughout the day. She is still trying to get used to the cats which will take time. I got her some talking buttons which took her no time to figure out. We are working on her reactivity with people but she’s getting better. She is such a wonderful dog and we love her very much.

  • Lucky

    Adopted 03/19/2022

    We adopted Bucky ( foster name Lucky) on March 19th. We also did a Embark test and he is 100 border collie. He's very healthy and doing so great. He is obsessed with his older brother Nemo and they play and chase each other all the time. We are very blessed and can't wait to see them grow up together.

  • Bear

    New Name: Charlie Bear
    Adopted 01/14/2022

    Bear is the most special and handsome boy with crystal blue eyes to make anyone fall in love with him. After many months in foster care, the perfect adopters welcomed him into their home where he enjoys playing with tennis balls or just laying outside taking in the world.

  • Oreo

    Adopted 01/06/2022

    Well, the Riggs' family Foster Failed! Our sweet little puppy Oreo will be forever with us. Oreo has grown so much in the past 5 months, not as much as a BC should - DNA testing revealed that she is a mini-Aussie! Our family loves her just the same no matter what breed she is, she's our little pint sized cutie. Oreo has been a perfect addition to our household and loves her big brother Pete, and gave Pete a boost of life! She loves to spend time outside in her BIG backyard, running around chasing the birds, getting out her zoomies, and playing ball. She is learning how to walk on a leash so well, almost no pulling at all now! She loves riding in the car, going anywhere with us, and loves to watch her Reesie play softball. Oreo is going to start training to be a psychiatric service dog for momma and help her with anxiety and panic attacks. She is so smart and has so much love to give. We are happy to have her in our family!

  • River

    Adopted 01/02/2022

    River has settled in well and has learned so much in such a short span of time. He's already mastered sit, stay, down, come, shake, spin, roll over, and the toy. We've started an "intermediate" discipline class to strengthen his listening skills and attention span. We'll likely also do some agility classes just for fun in the summer! He runs with me 3-5 times a week and has managed up to 10 miles with no problem. After a long run, he comes home and is ready to play some more. He especially loves trail running and does nuts for car rides. He's still an absolute love bug, although he's doing better with personal space (progress with this is slow because his cuteness is our weakness). While he's an absolute nut and is often a challenge, River makes us smile and laugh every single day and has made our lives a joy. He's truly our dream dog, as cheesy as that sounds. He has even won grumpy old man dog, Frodo. A HUGE thank you to AZBCR for the work and dedication put into these dogs

  • Buck

    Adopted 12/29/2021

    We went to meet Buck and it was love at first site. After picking Buck from his foster home, he entered our house with his tail wagging - smiles and hugs are happening and love is everywhere. Yes, Buck your Forever family was out there and yes, Bean your BC brother was out there too. We found each other and our Forever Family is complete. Buck recently crossed the rainbow bridge, and he will be missed by so many.

  • Zelda

    Adopted 12/22/2021

    Zelda has been the Best addition to our family. She enjoys chewing her toys, playing fetch, bath time, snuggles and nap time. She loves working next to me when I am working remotely. We are looking into Zelda being registered as an emotional support dog for our family. I cannot say thank you enough to the AZBCR rescue for allowing us to adopt Zelda and for Garret Moreno and her family for fostering her. Our family is so honored and proud to be part of this wonderful rescue. We are so truly thankful and blessed.

  • Sheila

    New Name: Belle
    Adopted 12/20/2021

    "Foster Sheila came to my home on December 6, 2021. She had been caught roaming in Portales, NM and landed in the shelter from November 10-December 1. She was my first Senior Border Collie Foster and it was love at first sight! Adoption Day finally arrived on December 20, 2021, just in time for Christmas! Thus, Foster Sheila became "The Belle of the Christmas Ball"! Belle fit into the family immediately. She has 4 "siblings" - she especially loves Rowdy, my Chihuahua mix and Beau, my Shih Tzu mix. They too were adopted. She also has Molly and Annie, my Corgis, to call family. Belle loves to go on long walks as exploring is her "thing"! Belle also loves to help with the housework - folding laundry, baking, cooking dinner and especially eating! Belle has only brought Joy and Happiness to our family - we are so lucky to have fostered and adopted her through AZBCR. Thank you for entrusting us with her.

  • Jaxon

    Adopted 12/11/2021

    Jaxon was adopted and then we found out right away that he had heartworm (he was from New Mexico). AZBCR covered all the costs for treatment. He just had his last treatment. We just fell completely in love with him right away. He enjoys playing with our other dog, Lexie (also an AZBCR alum).

  • Milo

    New Name: Dice
    Adopted 12/09/2021

    Since we brought home Dice, December 10th, we have been hiking, swimming, camping, doing beach walks and training flyball. He has graduated to bed sleeping, too. He has 2 Border Collie brothers and a mini Aussie sister. He is a natural flyball dog with amazing work ethic-he loves to tug! Running on the beach is probably one of his favorites things here in San Diego. We owe so much to his amazing foster mom, Jessie Frank...he came to us crate trained, tug trained and potty trained. He is a happy and sweet soul. Thank you AZBCR for this wonderful little boy.

  • Luna

    Adopted 12/04/2021

    We adopted Luna in December 2021. Her name was Luna when we got her and since it was on a New Moon (new beginnings!) we kept it! Luna loves her bouncy balls! She's great at jumping in the air to catch them. She also likes her stuffies - we play hide and seek with Monkey and she likes to gnaw on Dragon. Most days we take her to the nearby dog park where she enjoys running around and chasing the other dogs. She knows when it's about time to go to the park and starts to yell (bark/talk) at us to take her! One of the other dog parents calls her "the Sergeant" because she barks at the other dogs to get them to play with her! My daughter was struggling with depression when Luna came into our lives. Because of Luna, Jayden gets outside more and is making friends with the other people at the dog park. Jayden is constantly saying how much she loves Luna. Luna has a ton of personality and has brought much joy to our lives. We are so grateful for her and AZBCR.

  • Carson

    New Name: Ollie
    Adopted 11/27/2021

    Ollie loves to take daily walks, and the occasional hike with the family. Although he is too young to compete, he enjoys being a spectator and watching his Sheltie brother compete in agility (his dream one day is to compete along side his brother). He loves to sit politely even when he’s not asked, and really enjoys barreling into your lap when playing a game of fetch in the hallway. Oh yeah! Mika the cat is not too sure about him yet, but there is always hope for the future.

  • Patch

    Adopted 11/26/2021

    Patch has settled in great to his forever home. He loves playing tug, keep away, and wrestling with his big border collie sister, Bonny. He’s still trying to win over his older dachshund mix brother, but he doesn’t mind as long as he gets snuggles and playtime with all of his human siblings. We just started basic obedience training and Patch seems to be a quick learner. His current favorite game is performing de-stuffing surgery on all of his toys.

  • Pudge

    New Name: Riot
    Adopted 11/21/2021

    Riot is a big fan of Frisbee, which is great! All my other dogs do frisbee every day and he's showing like he will fit right in. He LOVES kids, which is a good thing as he has three to keep up with (a 5 year old, 3 year old, and a 10 month old) He always hangs out where the baby is eating, as there are always goodies that fall from the sky. Funny story about Riot is that the dog has A LOT of go! The family (including three kids and two dogs) went on a hike and WOW, everyone made it - a total of 4 miles! Everyone slept well that night. He is living the good life and will have many adventures ahead.

  • Eger

    New Name: Walter
    Adopted 11/13/2021

    Eger tested out a few homes before landing in his forever home where he was ready to help supervise all meal prep and clean up activities in the kitchen, enjoying nice, cool weather while keeping an eye on foster mom doing yardwork. He may be a senior dog, but he loves to play ball and comes running when he hears the squeaking sound of a ball or toy. Unfortunately, this sweet boy crossed the rainbow bridge way before is time, but he felt so much love in his final months. RIP sweet boy.

  • Dakota

    New Name: Darby
    Adopted 11/07/2021

    We adopted Darby as a companion dog for us and for our older Border Collie named Gracie. Gracie is 11 years old and Darby is around 1. Earlier this year, we had to put Gracie's best buddy down due to complications from epilepsy. That pup was an AZBCR alum as well. Since the loss of her constant companion, Gracie was so despondent. We contacted AZBCR and they found the perfect match for us with Darby. Like us, Gracie has completely adopted her, and they are inseparable. Even though there is a big age difference they play together constantly and are never far from each other's side. Darby is part of our family and goes for hikes, walks, and truck rides to the mailbox. We live out in the country and going to the mailbox is a 16-mile round trip! :) She loves sitting up on the back porch and overseeing things going on with the horses out in the pasture. Just the life of a country dog! Thank you so much AZBCR for all that you do for these beautiful creatures.

  • Freyja

    New Name: Luna
    Adopted 11/07/2021

    Luna is a very happy puppy, and is learning appropriate behaviors rapidly. She plays with her toys and enjoys the backyard, where she chases rabbits. Thank you for your help in finding our newest family member.

  • Cindy

    Adopted 10/28/2021

    We don't know much about Cindy's previous life, but once she stepped foot into her foster home, she had found her forever home where she learned how to be loved and love again, plays with toys and even talk for her food. She enjoys the company of 2 sister dogs and 1 brother dog and a cat named Oliver (she wasn't sure what to make of Oliver but they are friends now). Shortly after she came into foster, she attempted to run away in her Xmas dress (foster mom was chasing after her down the street in her pajamas and no shoes). Luckily a neighbor picked her up and she was back home where she knows now never to leave and what a good place this is. She is living her best life.

  • Shadow

    Adopted 10/26/2021

    Shadow is a snuggle bug. He is shy and timid until he is comfortable. Once he is settled into the situation he's playful and smart. He likes puzzles and running games. He would rather chew the ball than chase it, but he may just need a role model because his fur siblings don't know how. He likes to help himself too sticks from the unlimited supply he discovered in fire pit wood pile. He is not a fan of walks or car rides but practice is helping. He is the quintessential baby brother - he starts all the shenanigans and rough housing, gets the group riled up to run zoomies, he makes a mess destroying squeaky toys and is adorable when sleeping. He fits in like he's been here all along!

  • Rhett

    New Name: Luna
    Adopted 10/23/2021

    Rhett (now Luna) had been adopted and unfortunately returned to the rescue, but luckily she was adopted and is now sharing her new home with AZBCR alum Remy (previously Chanel #5). They enjoy wrestling, a good game of chase, going on walks with the family and being spoiled with lots of love and a good bone. The organization has been kind, thorough and amazing to interact with throughout the adoption process. Our family is so grateful to AZBCR. Thank you so much!

  • Leo

    Adopted 10/22/2021

    Rex is dynamic to say the least. He has some challenges that we’re continually working on, but Rex is enthusiastic!!! The relationship between Rex and Ruby (AZBR Alum) is incredible to watch as Ruby is gaining confidence in her daily life and Rex is respecting her. He absolutely loves his adventures on the snow and always gives his best! He’s a high drive, multidimensional guy who fills his humans heart with joy and smiles. We’re so happy you chose us Rex!

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