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  • Bree

    New Name: Missy
    Adopted 04/08/2024

    Missy, formerly Bree, has been with us for 2 months now, first as a foster and now as a family member. She loves to chase birds in the yard, chase the other dogs and have me kick her football. Inside, she stays by my side. We have been going to obedience training and eventually plan to try agility. She is not interested in going in the pool but won’t hesitate to dig in puddles. We are working on this. She is always excited to go places in the car. We are using a gentle leader collar with her and it helps keep her from pulling. Missy has adjusted well to her new home and is loved.

  • Toby

    Adopted 03/19/2024

    In October I agreed to foster this handsome boy named Toby that was coming to the rescue from Hurricane Utah where he was found as a stray. He has been to several adoption events with no success, but each event was harder and harder because this sweet very well-mannered boy was stealing our hearts. I’m so very happy to announce this gentle giant is now part of our family and he won’t be leaving us. I know this is called a (foster) failure, but I feel we are true winners in this situation. Toby is officially off the market, and we are the lucky ones to get him.

  • Monty

    New Name: Riley
    Adopted 03/14/2024

    Riley, fka Monty, is now living in the mountains of North Carolina. He's doing well at settling in to the new surroundings. He's relearning how to live in a house, but has no problem sleeping in the people bed at night. Alum Baxter and Ronnie cat aren't real happy about that but acceptance is coming little by little. Riley wants to challenge alpha girl Keeli a bit, but that will work itself out as well. Riley loves his walks and does okay when my son comes by the house. I got the dogs a new 10 foot tunnel and Riley knows just what to do, since he had one in Arizona. I have plans to make agility jumps for the backyard too. So far everything's going well and I expect things will just keep getting better.

  • Hercules (Roosevelt

    Adopted 01/26/2024

    We are the proud parents of Wilson, whom we adopted on Jan 26th in Tempe. What a wonderful experience and a fantastic pup! Wilson is in obedience training and is doing great! He's smart, playful and knows when enough is enough! Lol. He lives with a big brother, Theo, who will be 13 this year. We are all doing great.

  • River

    Adopted 01/22/2024

    River just joined our family in January. We decided to foster because we love AZBCR so much, however our first foster was a fail! She’s the sweetest little ball of energy that we have ever met! She’s smart, fast and fitting into our family of 5 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats and a desert tortoise perfectly!

  • Sophie

    New Name: Sophie
    Adopted 12/30/2023

    When first decided it was time to adopt another dog, we immediately jumped on the AZBCR website, spending hours going back and forth between all the photos and descriptions, but I kept going back to one: Sophie. For me, it was like Tinder for pets, and I kept swiping right on Sophie. We met Sophie and it was love at first sight. Sophie is a spoiled little princess who relaxes on the couch with her human mom and dad (although she usually prefers Dad!). She loves tennis balls and Frisbees and tearing apart stuffed toys. I can’t imagine life with Sophie anymore. From the very first day, she blended right into our household with nary a mishap. I am ecstatic that I chose to “swipe right” on Sophie and give her a truly forever home where she is loved and pampered.

  • Nicki

    Adopted 12/24/2023

    Oh my gosh! We love Nicki so much. We kept her name the same because we loved it, and it fit her. She has fit into our family so well, and loves hanging out with our kids and grandkids. She has become quite the Frisbee catcher. It is her favorite activity. She loves to play tug of war with her rope toys. Loves treats! She is just a joy. She has had a few naughty moments when she chewed up 2 rugs, and 2 pads for her crate, but we are working with her on the chewy habits, and she is getting better. She has been totally potty trained since day 2 with us. We have a doggie door so that helps. She loves to play outside. We can't wait til the pool is warm enough so we can introduce her to swimming. She loves showers, and will walk right in. I can't say enough about this little girl. She has definitely stolen our hearts ??

  • Gidget

    Adopted 12/17/2023

    Our rescue, Gidget, is doing great. She is the most "chill" dog we have ever owned. Although she doesn’t really know how to play with toys or with our other dog, she does love her walks and hanging out on my lap or the couch! She quickly stole our hearts and we are so grateful for your organization and the foster families that took care of her before we adopted her.

  • Sparrow

    New Name: Kona
    Adopted 12/17/2023

    It has been just 3 months since we rescued Sparrow, who we renamed to be Kona, after our favorite place in Hawaii. In those short three months Kona has become the ruler of our house and a pure joy to have around. Her puppy antics always have us smiling and laughing. Kona loves to pounce, shake and play tug of war with all her toys. At the end of February, Konda passed Beginner 1 training and will receive her AKC Star Puppy certificate (the training was really more to train us to keep up with her). She loves to sit, shake and do a down position for treats. Most of all she loves to wrestle with our other AZBCR rescue, Belle, who is now 10 years old. Kona went from being smaller than Belle to now being the biggest of the two. Belle is still showing her how to be a good dog which really means more treats! Belle showed her is to howl at ambulances as they go past our house. We are so thrilled to have Kona part of our family so thank you for ing us as her adopters.

  • Bluey

    New Name: Charlie
    Adopted 12/09/2023

    In December of 2023, we adopted Charlie (previously Bluey) and he has fit into our family so perfectly . . . like it was meant to be. He is now a big, lanky, cute goofball. He loves belly rubs and playing with his cat brother Newton and his dog brother Koda, who we also adopted from AZBCR. Thank you so much AZBCR for bring such joy to our house!

  • Jackie

    Adopted 12/05/2023

    Jackie is one of those fosters who just fit in so well with our current pack. She loves her playmate Smokey. She constantly wants to play, even goes around behind Smokey nipping at her tail. Jackie loves to ride in the car, and if you give her a chance she will slip out an open door and go right to the car or motorhome. She is a big camping dog, she even likes the ATV, jumping in when it is in the garage. Jackie is a total sweetheart, she loves jumping up on the couch to get rubs, especially with papa. She loves playing fetch with the rest of the pack when Dad takes them outside and throws the ball with them. Jackie is loving her forever home!

  • Cooper

    Adopted 11/29/2023

    We adopted Cooper in December 2023. We are told he is 3 years old. He seemed to possibly have spent much of his time in a crate. His hind legs were weak and he would retreat to corners or under furniture when he was feeling anxious. He had an absolutely fantastic Foster Mom that worked with him for a few months before he was approved to come home with us. We kept Cooper's name because as we tried many others, they just didn't seem to fit. So he is Cooper. Cooper Duper Do when he is running at the park and has the zips. He could not be more loved and adored by our whole family. He is kind and puppy like although we are still trying to teach him how to play. His legs are strong and he is very content with his new surroundings. He is healthy and happy.

  • Holly

    Adopted 11/24/2023

    Holly came into foster care with AZBCR on October 15, 2023, when she was found as a stray and taken to PACC. She was very frightened, very shy, and preferred to stay in the back of her kennel when she first came to what would become Home. She was afraid of open spaces, so our 80 acres was quite overwhelming. She was not familiar with other dogs (I have 6 personal dogs!), toys, tennis balls or walks. After a month with us, she was coming out of her shell. Working with her and spending time, seeing her more confident every day was wonderful. She has such a sweet soul. We, as a family, decided on November 24, 2023 to adopt Holly! Christmas was a blast! She had toys, other canine brothers and sisters and a safe loving home with my husband and me. She was diagnosed with Heartworm in January 2024, which was simply a bump in the Road of Holly's Life. She is under treatment and taking a day at a time. We are so blessed to have Holly and AZBCR in our lives!

  • Stella

    Adopted 11/18/2023

    It's been a little over four months since we got Stella. We have renamed her Lady as she is such a gentle girl. We have made great progress with some initial reactivity issues. She seems to love being here and is very responsive to our requests. We are actively training in scent work and eventually want to maybe try some agility training. We don't regret pushing through those first few weeks of adjustment.

  • Link

    Adopted 11/18/2023

    Link is doing so great! He loves playing fetch and tug, going for walks, and chewing on his collagen sticks (and sometimes our fingers). His favorite spot to nap is on the ledge of the couch and he often sleeps upside down with his cute little feet up in the air. Link is super-duper smart, he knows how to sit, lay down, go to place, down, and is working on additional "good boy" behaviors. He makes us laugh everyday with his fun, silly personality and he always has a lot to say. We just couldn’t love him more he really was our missing Link!

  • Lola

    New Name: Loki
    Adopted 11/07/2023

    Lola, now Loki is The sweetest little love bug. She and my old man terrier mix Bean are best buds. She had her first off leash adventure a week ago and she had no intention of getting too far from mom. When I called she came running and sat by my side. She loves playing in the yard as much as napping in her favorite chair or next to me. She has completely bonded to me and I love her so so much. She fit right into our lives like a missing puzzle piece. She is sweet, affectionate, smart and playful. She is a very happy girl. She is family and much loved.

  • Sage

    New Name: Cricket
    Adopted 11/05/2023

    We adopted the unnamed pup that was transported from the Las Cruces shelter in October. She had the temporary name “Sage” and has now embraced her new name – “Cricket”. She is a very happy “foster failure”! Cricket has been fantastic from the very start and has an amazing, loving personality! She loves to go hiking at Cave Creek Regional Park and has started thriving at a local dog park as week. Cricket is doing great with our current three pups (playing all the time!) and is very curious about our two cats (but they are wary of her).

  • Camille

    Adopted 11/03/2023

    Camille is living her best life where she is spoiled, along with her AZBCR sibling. She has recently completed two classes through Legend Acres dog training and has mastered her basic commands. She also passed the Canine Good Citizen requirements, so this happy go luck girl is ready to take on the world.

  • Beau

    Adopted 10/11/2023

    We have had Beau for about 3 months now. We adopted him on October 14, 2023. We kept his name Beau to make the transition to our family easier for him. Beau has been good for Colby, our terrier/retriever mix, helping him with his confidence. He and our cat Charles are not friends yet, but we are working on it. Beau is ALWAYS up for a run, walk, or doing obstacles. You name it, he is ready to GO. When we first got him, he was always eager to go on a hike, so I started taking him on trail runs after about 6 weeks. He was so happy on his first trail run, smiling the whole time. He has made our backyard pool and spa into a doggy obstacle course, jumping over the edges, the spa, and sometimes even Colby. Beau and Colby go almost everywhere with us - hiking, soccer games, dog friendly restaurants, and events. We Love Our Beau, but nobody told us about how much additional hair there would be . . .my static electric broom is my new best friend.

  • Nikki

    New Name: Ruby
    Adopted 10/07/2023

    Ruby came to us not eating out of a bowl, not wanting to walk in a door, would not walk on our tile floors, could not walk on a leash, knew no commands. She now does all of the above and does a perfect "heel" on our daily walks. We walk all four of our "angels" at the same time and not a day goes by that we don't get compliments on how calm and well behaved all our dogs are! We could not be happier with our pack of special "used" dogs. They are a daily joy to all of us. We adore them all and could not imagine life without any of them.

  • Marley

    Adopted 10/07/2023

    Marley is an amazing sweet, loving, special. It's quite obvious she had a loving home before us and she wasted no time in making us "her people". On day two with us she decided she needed to sleep on the bed with us....and then Ruby (used to be Nikki) decided that she should be there too. So now there are four of us every night in bed. The boys prefer the floor, thank goodness! We walk all four of our "angels" at the same time and not a day goes by that we don't get compliments on how calm and well behaved all our dogs are! We could not be happier with our pack of special "used" dogs. They are a daily joy to all of us. We adore them and could not imagine life without any of them now!

  • Zoe

    Adopted 10/04/2023

    We couldn't be happier with Zoe! She fit into our pack so well that we joke that our former border collie hand-picked her for us. We have two male dogs who were lost when our old border collie died. Zoe walked in, looked around, and seemed to say, "Okay, I see what my job is". She plays with the Golden regularly (he's lost 5 pounds), keeps track of the older dog, and still makes time to cuddle with her humans. We've never had such a loving dog before. Zoe loves her walks (she is a bit demanding about these ??) and she loves toys. But she is also content to sit on the patio to relax with us (she loves to be outside), or to lay by our feet if we are reading or watching TV. In short, it's like Zoe was meant to be our dog. We are grateful to Border Collie Rescue for the placement as well. When we had our "home visit" video call, we talked about our household and you suggested that we look at Zoe. The rest is history!

  • Fargo

    Adopted 09/16/2023

    Alumni, Fargo, joined our family in September and he is a great addition to our pack. He recently completed his Bachelor of Barks (Doggie Obedience) with a minor in Food Acquisition. ?? Thank you to AZBCR and all the many volunteers/fosters. We appreciate you!

  • Chet

    New Name: Callum
    Adopted 09/02/2023

    Callum is finally feeling better and has completely settled in. Mom said no dogs on the furniture - Dad lost that argument! Callum now has his own love seat, and when he can, he sneaks on Mom's chair! He's very attached to Dad and has separation anxiety. All in all, he's a 60 pound (not fat, just big) lap dog

  • Mija

    New Name: Mia
    Adopted 09/02/2023

    Mia is enjoying days with dad doing "chores" - taking a walk, washed the vehicle, cut the grass and a bath, all before 9:30am! If you are on the couch, expect a snuggle buddy. She was a little unsure about living with other dogs, but now she spends her days running zoomies, herding her friends, playing fetch, and of course, taking naps. We love that she welcomed us into her life.

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