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  • Shoshone

    New Name: Shelly
    Adopted 05/18/2020

    Shoshone (now Shelley), is 1 yr. to 18 mos. and is a typical young Border Collie with bursts of energy and lots of sleeping in between. She's primarily laid back, very loving and a funny dog who doesn't threaten my cat, but wants to meet her. She learned to use the doggie door the 1st day and walks well on a leash. She knows several commands already: sit, stay, down, off, etc. What is uncertain is her reaction to men but we are working on that. Her main issue now is chewing...a box, catalog, one of my shoes, stuffed animals. She rarely barks, although she does talk and even howled once. She also rides well in my truck. She is very happy and loving and loves to lick me all over with her long tongue. We are working on that too! She is just a big puppy and I love her.

  • Storm

    Adopted 05/11/2020

    Storm is loving retirement life her daily schedule consists of playing ball, napping in the office and requesting pets by putting her paw on us. She is a sweet and energetic old girl and we were so thankful we adopted an older dog, who was already trained and house broken. Her personality is calm and we can enjoy her presence without any of the hassle that often comes with younger dogs.

  • Ranger

    New Name: Nivo
    Adopted 05/01/2020

    FOSTER FAIL! This lucky pup found his forever home — with Zazu and me! Meet Nivo (formerly Ranger). I am a stage IV melanoma survivor so he got his name from one of the drugs that saved my life: Nivolumab (too hard to say, so Nivo will have do). Nivo saved my life, and now thanks to AZBCR, I get to save Nivo. Keep an eye out for Nivo in the flyball lanes! He’s gonna be an awesome dog!

  • Amber-Yellow collar

    New Name: Lola
    Adopted 04/20/2020

    This is Lola aka Amber from the gem group. She loves to snuggle and is quite the talker. Although she’s a mama’s girl, she doesn’t hesitate to tell mama when she’s taking too long to get dinner ready. She has learned sit already, and working on shake She loves to wrestle with her big sister, and is a great napper!

  • Coral-Pink collar

    New Name: Abbey
    Adopted 04/19/2020

    Coral, one of the New Mexico Gems, has been with us for two weeks already. Time flies. We now call her Abbey and she loves to take naps. She will lay in between my feet when I am working at my desk, cooking in the kitchen or outside gardening. She will curl into a little ball and snooze within minutes. Her fur is so soft and warm it feels nice when she lays at my feet. When she awakens, its time for her to go potty, play with her new sister Sadie, and repeat for a nap. The splendor of having a puppy!

  • Jade-Green collar

    New Name: Corona (Corey)
    Adopted 04/19/2020

    We are so happy to have this puppy living with us. AZBCR named her Jade but we have renamed her Corona we call her Corey. She is so much more fun than the pandemic!! After 2 weeks we have negotiated a routine which mostly revolves around eating, sleeping, potty training and of course playtime. She is a curious and smart pup. We do our best to keep her challenged. We love her dearly and are very grateful to the AZBCR organization.

  • Piper

    Adopted 04/13/2020

    Piper has been a perfect addition to our family! When we got her 3 weeks ago, she was afraid of every noise and every person. But now, she has settled in and is so sweet and cuddly with all of us! She is even starting to be less afraid of new people that come around. She loves to go on walks and play with her brother (another border collie named Cooper).

  • Eva

    New Name: Eva
    Adopted 04/11/2020

    Eva is a sweet sweet girl. She is getting more comfortable at home and goes in and out of her dog door at her leisure. We often catch her rolling around in the grass in the backyard. She loves hanging out in the grass, soaking up the sun and then cooling off in the shade. Occasionally she will run towards birds to scare them out of the yard. It's fun to watch her chase them. We have been running and walking together and she's getting her endurance up. We’re hoping to continue growing that and can't wait to go camping together soon! Everyone who meets her says she is so pretty and we couldn't agree more. She's the best to pet and cuddle because she is so soft and sweet! She's perfect for our family.

  • Chucky

    New Name: Charlie
    Adopted 04/10/2020

    Charley, formerly Chucky, has adjusted so well in his new forever home. He was totally potty trained in a couple of days, by just putting him out the doggy door. He loves his occasional trips to my daughters house to play with other dogs. He also loves his other family dog named Tucker (also from AZBCR). He follows Tucker’s lead and in the cool mornings, follows Tucker outside to find a new spot in the yard or lay on the patio together. He loves all of his chew toys, but has destroyed most of them and is patiently waiting for more. Finding sticks and rocks in the yard make him just as happy. He is learning to overcome his fear of riding in a car by taking short trips. He's learning how to walk on a leash, with his new harness. He knows now that he will always come back home and has become such a confident, happy dog!

  • Stella

    Adopted 04/07/2020

    On March 13, we met Stella to foster. She had essentially been abandoned in NE Arizona. Our dog Abby, a reservation rescue, has had us to herself for the 3 1/2 years we have had her so, we were a little apprehensive about bringing another dog into Abby’s world. Stella and Abby have found the equilibrium that allowed us to adopt Stella. She is very smart and very active. She is a tennis ball retrieving machine, loves hikes and is terrific on or off leash. She is a cuddler and does have an “off” switch, thank goodness. She has become my little shadow and follows me everywhere. Mostly, she and Abby have fun “jousting” on neutral ground. Each pup brings something special into our lives and we are very grateful to be able to share our lives with Stella.

  • Mr. Peabody

    Adopted 04/04/2020

    Peabody is doing great in his new home! He loves taking walks and meeting dogs. He is starting to really enjoy training at home. Peabody is a still reserved and shy (except when he plays with other dogs!) but he has made so much progress over the past three weeks. We are so happy to have Peabody.

  • Esme

    New Name: Yoda
    Adopted 04/03/2020

    We lost our Bailey quite unexpectedly January 2020. As the days passed, I found myself having a difficult time moving on and baby girl Kevin (a previous adoption from AZBCR) was sinking into depression as well. We went back to AZBCR website. Every year at Christmas, AZBCR rescues a few non-border collie fur kids. Esme was featured on the available adoptions page. As you can see, Esme is the exact opposite of a BC. However, there was something about her that tugged at my heartstrings. When I first met her, I knew she was the “one” so we brought her home. She looked like a Yoda to me so we named her Yoda. Her favorite place to sleep is with her head tucked under my arm! Kevin is slowly bonding with her and has become more active. And Dug, well, you know the drill, he tolerates. I would like to thank AZBCR for not only saving Yoda, but saving me as well.  

  • Luke

    New Name: Luke
    Adopted 03/29/2020

    We love our Luke! He is such a sweet boy and so smart! We’ve been able to find a spot with some free range cattle that he loves to herd. He’s adjusting to us well and is very protective.

  • Toby

    Adopted 03/28/2020

    Toby, now known as Toby Aaron, is a shy dog around new faces, but we have now gone up to Northern Arizona twice where Toby Aaron has hiked, swam, and climbed all around outdoor trails. He's been on bike rides and walks around town, and even partook in social-distanced beach volleyball. Toby Aaron has a lot more to learn, but we've come so far already! He knows tricks like sit, stay, lay down, twirl, hugs, kisses, shake, and crawl. He's the smartest, cutest, most protective, and best dog that could've happened to me. Thank you ABCR for giving me hope and a furever friend. It wasn't always easy but I wouldn't trade Toby Aaron's love for anything.

  • Fetch

    New Name: Fitch
    Adopted 03/21/2020

    Foster Fetch is now adopted Fitch! He’s been doing so well the past month and has really integrated into the family. He’s still been able to finish up his private training lessons, and has made amazing improvements. He’s already working on two of his future service dog tasks and has picked up on them super quick! We call him doofus dog, because he’s still pretty dopey and he loves to run around in the backyard for hours chasing shadows and birds. His funniest habit is ping his slobbery squeaky toys on my face when I’m in bed to try to sneak in a late night game of fetch! I’m so grateful to AZBCR for their care and attention in helping me find the perfect dog.

  • Valentino

    New Name: Tux
    Adopted 03/15/2020

    We adopted Tux (formerly Valentino) on 15 March, and he's quickly become our best friend! He's extremely outgoing, and cannot understand what this social distancing thing is - he wants all people to take time to introduce themselves and pat him. He's learned some new tricks, and we're working on his recall - can't wait to take him out into the beautiful Flagstaff forests off-lead, and be confident that he'll come back, even when that squirrel is teasing him! His foster mom Carolyn was full of great information, and we're so grateful to AZBCR for helping us find him.

  • Rummy

    Adopted 03/08/2020

    We adopted Rummy in early March. She was very timid with adult males but has warmed up a lot and is now confident with her interactions. She loves hanging out with the kids. I’ve had great dogs. Rummy is the quietest, most reserved but very happy dog. She will play fetch all day and helps collect random sticks for us. She’s up to about 30-40 miles of walking each week. She will be able able to run trails this summer as her conditioning has made her a lean girl. PS - she loves rolling in snow on walks!

  • Marco

    New Name: Buddy
    Adopted 02/23/2020

    A work in progress, Buddy has found a safe, loving home with a very patient family. We wish you all the best sweet pup!

  • Louie

    Adopted 02/22/2020

    We adopted Louie. We have added the term King to his name as he definitely rules our hearts. So, King Louie is sweet and loves everyone who meets him and has become a little bit of a celebrity to a few of our neighbors. We also call him the only living "build a bear" as his main goal in life is to sleep!!!! We have a pair of sunglasses from one of our previous Border Collies (McGuire) and when we go out and he has them on, no one sees Dave or I, only Louie. He has brought sunshine back to our home! Thank you for rescuing him from that shelter in Texas. He has a few things we are still working on but nothing the King can't overcome.

  • Muffy

    New Name: Buffy
    Adopted 02/20/2020

    You may not even know you are missing a piece of your family until that piece shows up. Buffy was our missing piece! Her rescue name was Muffy, listed as high drive and athletic, which was just what we were looking for. I wanted a dog to join me on my runs and the kids wanted a dog that liked to play fetch. We were thrilled to meet our girl. We fell in love and brought her home that day. We didn’t want a name change and a new house to overwhelm her, but we do so love naming pets. We decided to call her Buffy and hoped she would just think we had a weird Phoenix accent, Muffy with a B. We realized we didn't know a lot about BC's, even though we had read about all their traits online. Our biggest challenge was the cat, who grew up thinking he was a dog. It didn’t occur to him that this new pup would want to chase him. She wanted to chase the cat, the ball and the frisbee, all day long! She has perfect manners on our runs. She loves her people and we are crazy about her!

  • Duke

    New Name: Poncho
    Adopted 02/16/2020

    This boy is fitting in nicely and makes us laugh everyday. He's a character. Love him!

  • Stella

    New Name: Bella
    Adopted 02/16/2020

    On February 16, I adopted a dog that was delivered to me as a rescued dog. Here name at the time was Stella, but I renamed here Bella. She is a high energy dog and has managed to jump over a six foot fence in our yard. I think she was startled by a nearby flash of lightning. She is very affectionate and a good dog and companion. She doesn't seem to like other dogs. We have a extra large back yard and that seems to be good for her. She and I are very close and she has also bonded with my parents. I think she has adjusted very well to me and to my family and our routines.

  • Jenni

    New Name: Leia
    Adopted 02/02/2020

    I adopted Jenni and her new name is Leia. Her older brother is a 90 pound, 2 year old lab named Harley. Leia is the boss in the house. Even thought she is 1/3 his size she shows no fear. If he has a toy she wants she takes it out of his mouth. She has brought us a lot of joy. Thanks for a great puppy!

  • Logan

    Adopted 01/25/2020

    Logan joined our family in January. We’ve had some struggles but he has fit in with our family very well. We feel as if we have had him forever. When I would take our other dog, Milo for her walk, Logan would sit at our front window and howl. We ended up using a gentle spray bark collar and broke this habit quickly. Now, he just sits and waits for us to come back so he can go on his walk. Logan is 15 months old and very inquisitive. When we walk, he is constantly on the look out for bunnies we have a lot in our area. He stops and never makes any attempt to chase them just watches them. We have a side window off our hall and that is his new favorite place in our home. He can look out for his bunnies and also watch for deer.  He has two speeds, rocket dog and sleep. Although, Logan has chewed our dining room chair leg and ottoman base, we wouldn’t trade him for the world. Logan likes a lot of loving and we are more than happy to give it to him. We are glad Logan has joined our family.

  • Flash (Quinn)

    New Name: Flash
    Adopted 01/25/2020

    We adopted Flash a couple months ago. He has become our running coach and hiking buddy. Being the good coach he is, Flash also has us building muscle with a regular routine of ball and frisbee throwing for fetch. He also knows the importance of resting for recovery though, and loves cuddling on the couch with his trainees after a successful training session. We look forward to many more fitness milestones, adventures, and cuddles with Flash!

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