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  • Patch

    Adopted 04/22/2018

    We welcomed Patch to our family on April 22nd and he has just blended right in! Patch is the biggest lover and cuddler and we couldn't be more in love! We are so blessed and thankful to AZ Border Collie Rescue for bringing Patch into our lives!

  • Felix

    Adopted 04/20/2018

    I did the relinquishment for Felix, which was heart wrenching and fostered him. I had been looking for a female red head to adopt the last few months because after my Meg went to the rainbow bridge I have not had a female BC in the house. Well, after about 3 days I knew Felix wasn't going anywhere. He gets along great with Talley, is learning how to get along with Baxter who can be a bit finnicky with other dogs, and has been great with my foster. Felix is so much fun to have around....he loves to play ball, go for walks and car rides, and loves to cuddle. His best move is getting in between your legs, sitting down, and not letting you go anywhere to you give him some love. Anyways, I was not planning on adopting another male but sometimes when the right dog comes along you can't fight it and the right dog came along. I am so excited to see what adventures and trouble Felix and I can get into together.

  • Maple

    New Name: Willie
    Adopted 04/18/2018

    We are very happy with the addition to our family. He is an amazing dog and is living a wonderful life full of love.

  • Phyllis/Zoe

    New Name: Zoe
    Adopted 04/14/2018

    Four years ago, we lost our beloved Irish Setter. After we healed a bit, we began looking for a new dog and went on the AZBCR site. On it was a photo of a puppy named Phyllis and we were smitten. However, we were not meant to meet her then. We kept an open mind and set up a visit to meet her remaining litter mates because she had just been adopted the day before our visit. We were sad that we would not get to meet her but happy she had found a home. During our visit we fell head over heels in love with her sister, Lizzie who we adopted and named, Bertie. Imagine our surprise when we recently heard that Phyllis, who was renamed Zoe, was back with AZBCR. The moment we heard the news, we knew we wanted her in our family. Zoe is adorable and has fit in so well with our routines and lifestyle. It feels as though she belonged here all along and we couldn't be happier. Reuniting the sisters has been amazing! Thank you AZBCR!

  • Charlotte

    Adopted 04/14/2018

    Charlotte is a regular member of our family and we all just love her so much. She loves her 5am walks around the neighborhood and going to the dog park in the evenings to chase tennis balls and be herded by her sister Helen the cattle dog. The two dogs get along great, they really enjoy each others company and the look out for each other. Her kidneys remain stable and she acts like nothing is wrong. Our vet did her dental work several weeks ago and she has pearly whites now. Took her for a swim in the pool for the first time this week. She trusted me and seemed to enjoy it when she got out. Still working on teaching her to swim to the steps. On the weekend, she is the garden manager and insists on getting squirted with the hose when Heather is watering. Chasing lizards is another hobby of hers. We also found out that she doesn't like big black crows. She barks at them when they fly over.She is a perfectly well mannered border collie.

  • Dakota

    New Name: Max
    Adopted 04/13/2018

    Max is such a love, and we are over the moon about him. Even my "I-have-dog-allergies" husband just loves him and lets him sleep in our room! Max quickly assimilated into our family and is best buds with our same-aged Golden, Honey. They keep our large yard bunny-free, and have fun chasing each other and grappling like puppies. We are so happy he's in our family. What an unexpected joy!

  • Ronin

    Adopted 04/03/2018

    I’m Ronin and my foster family had this to say about me. It is no wonder that I got adopted because I'm pretty awesome. I come when you say it, and when you say it disapprovingly I hear and respond to your correction. Overall, I’m a sweet submissive medium-drive puppy and I love anything that squeaks. I love playing with other dogs, and I work hard at antagonizing them and making noises at them until they play with me! I just got all this energy and I really want to play! I haven’t met a human or dog that I don’t like. I like all ages of children, I like women, I like men, I like all the dogs at the dog park. For all evidence and purposes, I don’t have an ounce of aggression in my body.

  • Renegade

    New Name: Renegade
    Adopted 04/02/2018

    Little Renegade, now named Ranger, is doing wonderfully! He's now 4.5 months old and growing soooo fast! He's 18" tall, weighs almost 30 lbs, and is learning new things every day! We take long walks on the golf course early each morning for ball chasing with Penny, his newest "sibling." Then, we practice all kinds of fun things, from bending, stretching, and core work to tunnels, and flat work skills. He already has a great start line stay! We've just started learning channel weaves. He has wonderful attention, plus he is so sweet with all the dogs and all the people he meets. He is still working on "off" because he loves to lick the face of every human he meets! My husband Rod says I need to teach him how to jump rope because he loves to jump high off the ground with all 4 feet in the air.

  • Lodi

    New Name: Pearl
    Adopted 03/30/2018

    Pearl, formerly known as Lodi, had been with me about two months. She is a fabulous dog all the way around. Pearl loves to chase the ball, indoors or out, but she also has a great "off" switch, and settles down when it's time with no muss, no fuss. She's crazy smart, and learned our household routines in a couple of days. Pearl sits politely while I make her breakfast, and also sits nicely for treats, letting her older brother Max (also from AZBCR) have his first. She's very patient with the cats, and she's teaching our newest family member, Journey, what's okay and what's not. Pearl is affectionate but not clingy. She likes to snuggle up next to me on the bed now and then, but then she's happy to sleep on her own bed through the night. I have to give credit to her foster, Alison, for sizing her up perfectly: smart, affectionate, and just a wonderful companion for me and for her brother and sister. I couldn't have found a better dog if I tried. Photo is Pearl with Max

  • Emerson

    Adopted 03/29/2018

    Bear Bear ( formerly Emerson) is loving life in Connecticut. While he has two BC siblings, his favorite playmate is our Bichon, Luna, who has extensive BC experience. What she lacks in herding speed, she makes up for in turning ability. Bear Bear has started his agility training with Monique Plinck and loves it. He is a fast learner and some day, he may figure out where his hind feet are ??. Right now we are still in the foundation stage, but he rushes down to my agility ring eager to work. He has taken to clicker training amazingly. It helps him know immediately when he is correct and there is always a treat involved. He is, however a Wubba killer. The squeaker never lasts more than two sessions. He is still leary of new people. But I always make sure they have a supply of treats and he is beginning to take treats from new people, especially when his brothers get them first.

  • Rio

    Adopted 03/29/2018

    Hi, my name is Rio. I was born on January 9, 2018 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I met my new Mama and Papa in Glendale, AZ and they named me Rio because Las Cruces is on the Rio Grande River. They think I might be a Border Collie mixed with an Australian Shepherd, but I think I look exactly like my Auntie Barb’s English Shepherd in MT. I am black, white and brindle just like her, so Mama is going to send for a DNA kit to find out. Now I am almost 4 months old and 33 lbs., and have learned how to sit and shake and stay, but when I don’t want to do something, I won’t. I can be very stubborn. Then they call me a little “Bugger” instead of Rio. Sometimes I get scolded when I don’t come or when I tear the toilet paper off the roll. Mama may sound mad, but she turns away and laughs. She laughs a lot. So does Papa. I am also learning how to swim. I still need more lessons, but I can sit on the top step to cool off. My folks give me all kinds of toys and lots of kisses and hugs. I love it here

  • Magoo - Arty

    Adopted 03/26/2018

    Our Arty is not only incredibly kind and wise, but is also cool, suave and debonair with just a hint of impishness. Arty is a stunning 9 year old love sponge who just happens to be blind. Blindness does not discourage Arty it only makes him introspective, and at times cautious. Many people do not realize he is blind because he acts so ‘natural’ and his eyes are not cloudy. Nine is just a number and while Arty has the wisdom of an older dog, he has the zest for life of a younger dog. He is healthy with no “old dog” stiffness. He loves to hike and go on short (1-3 mile) runs. He is so cute when he hears the leash rattle! He prances and dances and once the leash is on he is like a race horse out of the starting gate for a few strides. Due to his blindness he needs to be on leash anywhere but in a safe, enclosed area. He is confident in the house and yard and navigates known surroundings like a champ. There was no letting this guy go once we fostered him.

  • Elvis

    Adopted 03/25/2018

    Elvis! He's the cutest puppy and fun to have around.

  • Cricket

    Adopted 03/25/2018

    What a gem. Cricket has jumped (literally) right in to being a beloved farm dog. She's a natural. There are safety measures which I constantly monitor because she doesn't realize she can't see or hear and she has no fear. She senses her surroundings very well and learns in a flash, and of course has the patented Aussie tail wag bow forward and wriggle your whole butt with as much enthusiasm as possible! Also, she "talks". I realize AZBCR does not normally pick up Australian Sheep Dogs, so for whomever found and rescued this beautiful little bug, pink-nosed cutie, my heart-felt thanks.

  • Ted E. Baer (Teddy)

    Adopted 03/24/2018

    Two and a half years ago we made the best decision ever – we adopted a 6 month old puppy from AZBCR! Lina came to us a near perfect angel of a dog. She was potty trained and crate trained, and she loved our kitty. She quickly became part of our family. We would be lost without our #1 furbaby. So when we (I) decided that there was room in our emptying nest for another pup, it was a no-brainer for us. We began stalking (LOL) the dogs coming into the rescue and found our furbaby #2. Ted has been a joy and makes us laugh every day. Again we found that this sweet boy was crate trained, nearly potty trained, and quickly implanted himself into our house and hearts. Having owned both pedigree and shelter dogs, I have to say that these two rescue pups are the best dogs we have ever owned. You truly know what you are getting when you adopt a dog from this rescue – both the good and the areas that need work. There are no surprises. And I'm almost ready for #3 (don't tell me husband).

  • Maverick

    New Name: Maverick
    Adopted 03/24/2018

    We've had Maverick for 6 weeks now and he is an amazing boy. He is so smart and learns things so quickly. I've had dogs for 30 years, but I'm not sure I've ever had one as smart as Maverick. He has been in obedience training for 3 weeks and has mastered every move they throw at us. In fact, the instructor gives us more advanced things because he is so smart and so quick to learn. He has brought some life back into the household. My current dogs are 8 and 10 years old and used to spend most of the day sleeping. Well, since Maverick arrived, everybody has started playing more. He makes them play tug with him and gets them to chase him around the house. They are much more active since he came. We start agility class in 2 weeks and I am really excited to see what this boy can do.

  • Shep

    New Name: Bogey
    Adopted 03/24/2018

    Shep is now named Bogey. We are really enjoying having a dog again. We just signed up for a few private lessons for him. He has had some issues toward our daughter and we are fully committed to working on those. We take him on 2-3 walks per day and he looks forward to going to the park every morning to play with his buddies. We absolutely love him!

  • Brody

    Adopted 03/24/2018

    It’s been nearly a month since I chose my forever family, and I’m loving my new home! Mom and dad tell me I’m such a good boy and I’m SO smart (they haven’t seen nothing yet!). I’ve learned to shake for my treats, to sit at the corners and look both ways before we cross the street, and did I mention how much I love my walks? Mom and dad say I’m very well behaved (most of the time...I kind of ate a bed..), and are so grateful I chose to go home with them, I have SO much love to share and, and so do they ??. I’m getting along great with my new ‘brother’ Benny, and my new ‘sister’, Lucy (the cat) is super fun to chase around and herd! She probably doesn’t like the herding so much but we have fun and are becoming great friends ?? Thank you to everyone that helped me find my way home – Kerri and Tracey Castell, Traci Ludwig Johnson, Heidi Allen, and all the amazing volunteers that work with AZBCR. You all rock! Love, Brody ??

  • Aquiles (Wilbur)

    Adopted 03/23/2018

    Aquiles is doing great! He did right in with our very active family. He has started to learn the basics and is quickly becoming a great disc dog. This summer he will start training for dock diving. He's a very fast learner when is comes to training. All the other animals in the family have accepted him, the cats tolerate him, but the other dogs love to run and play with him as long as he doesn't try to take their discs!

  • Shalie

    Adopted 03/23/2018

    When you look up ‘adorable” in the dictionary, what you will find is a picture of Shalie. This 25lb red and white mix is a spunky little pup that is full of love and playfulness. Shalie is great with dogs and is working on respecting cats. Shalie loves women and is a little wary of men, but with treats and tenderness warms up to men fast. The large water bowls are of particular fun to her to jump in and knock over with pure puppy joy a couple times a day. Stuffed animals and nylabones are her toys of choice. Her foster family said all of these nice things about her and it didn't take her long to get snapped up by a wonderful forever family.

  • Sugar

    Adopted 03/22/2018

    Sugar is definitely as sweet as her name implies.

  • Arwen

    Adopted 03/22/2018

    Arwen is now Freckles. She is my loving companion and has helped me so much. Thank you AZBCR for this beautiful girl.

  • Ruby

    Adopted 03/19/2018

    Ruby has been a real blessing. She came to us when we needed her. She has settled in and is an awesome addition to our family. Thank you AZBCR for our girl!

  • Edison

    Adopted 03/17/2018

    Edison (we call him Eddie) is great with kids and people once he gets to know them. He's very protective, so he makes us feel very safe. He does great with our other dogs and our kids.. He is great with little kids and Treats motivate him to learn quickly and he's making big strides.. He is mostly house trained, but has had a few accidents. He was our foster dog and we couldn't let him go.

  • Dante

    New Name: Lucky
    Adopted 03/16/2018

    Dante was a 4 month old puppy when he came into rescue. His new mom calls him Lucky. And I'm hoping that everybody feels that way about this new connection.

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