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  • Kona

    Adopted 09/17/2022

    Kona hit the jackpot!!!!! She has picked a wonderful family to call her own. Watch for her competing in the junior handler agility.

  • Tio

    New Name: Sunka
    Adopted 09/13/2022

    Sweet Tio (now Sunka) went to his furever home today. A wonderful dog dad Thom, who had previously adopted way back in 2009. We are so excited for his next chapter!

  • Aria

    Adopted 09/10/2022

    Aria is home and settling in nicely. She did very well on the ride home thanks to my neighbor and friend (the dog whisperer) who held her while I drove. I’m very excited to have Aria and excited about our new adventures! Thank you AZBCR for this tremendous blessing!

  • Groot

    Adopted 08/25/2022

    Foster Groot went to his new home yesterday. This smart boy will be doing lots of training! And bring the love and silliness that he has shared with us over the previous weeks. What an amazing dog!

  • Bria

    New Name: Sabrina
    Adopted 08/21/2022

    This is Sabrina (formerly Bria). She’s the last of the Truth or Consequences 19. She came here last weekend with a volunteer who drove all the way from Anthem to Hereford to bring her to me. Bria had been in board and train for nearly two months. Thanks to her working her magic, Sabrina has moved past her issues and is ready to start her new life. She’s been reunited here with her half brother/cousin Banjo, and they are having so much fun! I adopted Banjo because I’d always wanted a puppy. Now I have three, all 6 months old! My life is crazy right now, but the best kind of crazy. They are an absolute joy! Welcome Sabrina! You are officially part of the family!

  • Kirby

    Adopted 08/20/2022

    And just like that....he's off to his new home! Kirby was adopted yesterday! His new mom is a retired lady who's already in love with him, even though it will take him some time to warm up to her. He'll have all the time in the world to get comfortable with her and learn the ropes of being a loved doggie. Happy life sweet boy!

  • Jackie

    Adopted 08/13/2022

    Jackie has been in her forever home in the mountains for five weeks now. She loves her stuffed toys, her bully sticks, her hikes, her bed and her people. She just had her teeth cleaned, she's gained three pounds, and the vet has said she doesn't need Valley Fever medicine anymore. She came to us at a hard time. We lost a beloved border collie unexpectedly in July, and we have another dear border collie on hospice care. Jackie is such a joy and a comfort. She is a wonderful girl. I just talk to her and tell her what I want, and she does it. She is so loving to all of us, and she's good to our old girl. I am so grateful for all the good people who saved Jackie from the awful situation she was in and brought her to her home with us. We'll make sure that all her days are happy ones.

  • Mav

    Adopted 08/02/2022

    Marvelous Foster Mav found his furever home with this wonderful family! He will get so much love, a very large backyard to play in, pool and get to go camping hiking! Plus he can go to work with his hooman to various golf courses occasionally! Way to go Mav! May you have many great adventures with your new family!

  • Scruffy Pup-1

    Adopted 07/31/2022

    Little scruffy man is on his way to Tucson with his new very excited Mom. Happy life little man!

  • Jessie

    Adopted 07/27/2022

    We've had this foxy little beauty, my Jessie girl, for 6 weeks. Her nose scar is completely healed and black again. She is so smart, and has learned so much. She is also the naughtiest pup I've ever had! Starting her in agility soon and hoping that will help. We love her to pieces and know she can't be a puppy forever. 8 months and counting!

  • Ryder

    Adopted 07/23/2022

    Congratulations to foster Ryder for ing these fun sisters Kaela and Kenzie as his new forever parents, along with AZBCR alum Fitch (AKA Fetch). I guess I'll have to start washing my own face now.

  • Gamora

    New Name: Spangle
    Adopted 07/12/2022

    Congratulations to Spangle (FKA Gamora) and her new family! Spangle moved to her new forever home yesterday where she will spend her days with Adele Robert. I am told she is already settling in nicely, sleeping in a crate by herself, napping like a pro and having major zoomies sessions in her new home.

  • Rita

    Adopted 07/12/2022

    Rita the amazing Bordoodle has chosen her forever home. She has a 10 year old girl to play with on 5 acres in Colorado. She is learning gaming. She has a new best friend! Best of all possible worlds!

  • Nova

    New Name: Fiona
    Adopted 07/12/2022

    Nova is officially going to her forever home today. Off to have an amazing life and lots of adventures, we will miss you little girl!

  • Smudge

    Adopted 07/10/2022

    Smudge has found her forever home with Gina, Chad and fur-sister Scout! Congratulations to the new family! Happy life sweet baby girl!!!

  • May

    New Name: May West
    Adopted 07/09/2022

    Mama May checking in. I was adopted and now living in Vegas. As you can see a have so many toys to play with. I have a fur brother (AZBCR Alum River) and 2 cat siblings. I start my day with a 2 mile walk every morning and will have many adventures to come. I'm so glad to see my pups are being adopted out. Paws out - Mama May

  • Stout

    Adopted 07/09/2022

    Do you think Mr. Stout likes the Sunrise in Flagstaff? Living his Best Life!!! Thank you again for everything you did foster Georgette!

  • Toolie

    New Name: BonBon
    Adopted 07/08/2022

    Congratulations to this happy family! Rachel and Ryan adopted Zoe (Toolie) this weekend and she’s in the best hands

  • Molly

    Adopted 07/01/2022

    We adopted Molly July 1st. She was very skittish/timid when we brought her home and has come a long way! She’s a momma’s girl, yet still a little unsure at times with Dad (unless he feeds her!) She’s a ball of energy at 5:30 AM! Does not like squeaky toys (scares herself when they do squeak). Loves to do zoomies and play with mom’s socks. Has met all the family dogs (Bolt is her favorite!) Will now come to me when I want to put a leash on her as she knows it’s either walk time, or car ride to somewhere fun (loves going to the breweries/bar) She goes most everywhere with us! Loves to sleep on pillows (and gently chew them) She is the cutest ever, especially her whiskers and freckles on her nose! Miss Molly rescued us (especially mom) when we needed her most. We just adore her!

  • Joeby

    Adopted 05/29/2022

    Joeby, who now goes by Vader, is loving his new life with baby brother Loki (former AZBCR Grady) and his older sister Olive. Play time is part of his daily routine. No one knows why he was overlooked by so many potential adopters, but he is now where he was meant to be. Happy Life, big guy!

  • Dandelion

    New Name: Reya
    Adopted 05/11/2022

    Reya has really blossomed from a fear-based aggressor to a dog with a healthy amount of self-confidence. She was very aggressive towards other dogs and children. Now she's a favorite at the dog park. She no longer hyper-focuses on children. She loves her walks and does great on hikes off leash. She knows a few tricks and is easy to train. That is, until her Pyrenees personality shows up. Regardless, she's definitely my baby girl and very (VERY) spoiled.

  • Tommy

    New Name: Paco
    Adopted 05/01/2022

    We got the pups Tommie and Rozzie from the NM litter (now Paco and Rey) and we are so in love! When we visited they were so darn cute together and we just couldn't bear to separate them so we decided we'd go home either empty-handed or with DOUBLE the puppy love...we chose the double dose:) They are doing great, adjusting very well to their new home, and still sleeping together in one adorable puppy pile. We love them so much and can't wait for them to grow (big!) alongside their human siblings.

  • Bobo

    New Name: Sidney
    Adopted 04/30/2022

    We think he’s settling in a bit finally. We discovered he’s got BIG ptsd from loud noise,, fireworks and thunderstorms! We are working with him to realize he can trust us and that we will keep him safe! It’s been a challenge for sure since we adopted him. We know we were his best hope at a great life! He enjoys his older sister Remmi as she helps with his learning for sure! We believe he’s finally coming to an understanding with his cat siblings. His brother kitty just ignores him for the most part. And his sister kitty allows him to follow her around ( most of the time). He does poke her with his nose on occasion to get a reaction from her and a chase follows. We keep trying to explain to him he’s retired from herding now! We are thankful we adopted him! As he settles in we hope his fun quirky personality shows up! On occasion we notice he kicks back and relaxes! One day we hope it to be 24/7!!

  • Seamus

    New Name: Rogue
    Adopted 04/27/2022

    Seamus is now Rogue and a whopping 70 pounds at 7 months! He is our monster and we love him. We got a house in Surprise on a corner lot so he could have a big yard. And he got him a girlfriend, Genasi. They bonded almost immediately. Rogue is a super active loveable goofball. His training is also going really well. His girlfriend is in a couple photos.

  • Mia

    Adopted 04/20/2022

    Mia has been living the good life with Richard and Marilyn for the past 5 months. She loves to snuggle with Marilyn, aka The Treat Giver, to hang out on the patio with Richard, and to serve as the queen overseeing her domain. I am so happy that Richard and Marilyn took Mia in and gave her a second lease on life for her senior years. She definitely won the lottery.

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