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  • River

    Adopted 01/22/2024

    River just joined our family in January. We decided to foster because we love AZBCR so much, however our first foster was a fail! She’s the sweetest little ball of energy that we have ever met! She’s smart, fast and fitting into our family of 5 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats and a desert tortoise perfectly!

  • Beau

    Adopted 10/11/2023

    We have had Beau for about 3 months now. We adopted him on October 14, 2023. We kept his name Beau to make the transition to our family easier for him. Beau has been good for Colby, our terrier/retriever mix, helping him with his confidence. He and our cat Charles are not friends yet, but we are working on it. Beau is ALWAYS up for a run, walk, or doing obstacles. You name it, he is ready to GO. When we first got him, he was always eager to go on a hike, so I started taking him on trail runs after about 6 weeks. He was so happy on his first trail run, smiling the whole time. He has made our backyard pool and spa into a doggy obstacle course, jumping over the edges, the spa, and sometimes even Colby. Beau and Colby go almost everywhere with us - hiking, soccer games, dog friendly restaurants, and events. We Love Our Beau, but nobody told us about how much additional hair there would be . . .my static electric broom is my new best friend.

  • Marley

    Adopted 10/07/2023

    Marley is an amazing sweet, loving, special. It's quite obvious she had a loving home before us and she wasted no time in making us "her people". On day two with us she decided she needed to sleep on the bed with us....and then Ruby (used to be Nikki) decided that she should be there too. So now there are four of us every night in bed. The boys prefer the floor, thank goodness! We walk all four of our "angels" at the same time and not a day goes by that we don't get compliments on how calm and well behaved all our dogs are! We could not be happier with our pack of special "used" dogs. They are a daily joy to all of us. We adore them and could not imagine life without any of them now!

  • Nikki

    New Name: Ruby
    Adopted 10/07/2023

    Ruby came to us not eating out of a bowl, not wanting to walk in a door, would not walk on our tile floors, could not walk on a leash, knew no commands. She now does all of the above and does a perfect "heel" on our daily walks. We walk all four of our "angels" at the same time and not a day goes by that we don't get compliments on how calm and well behaved all our dogs are! We could not be happier with our pack of special "used" dogs. They are a daily joy to all of us. We adore them all and could not imagine life without any of them.

  • Toby

    New Name: Ryder
    Adopted 08/16/2023

    We adopted Ryder (previously known as Toby) this past August. He has been such a great addition to our family!! He loves to play chase and keep away with our two kids, running around the yard with his doggy "cousins," eating the snow and running in the snow and loves going for hikes. He also loves to cuddle up on the couch or bed with us when it's time to settle down. He does great in the car to pick up our kids from school, or when we have longer trips to CA. He was a stellar student at his obedience training, too. We are so happy he is a part of our family, and hope to give him a furry brother or sister sometime in the next year (I think he would LOVE to have someone like him around full time!)

  • Flyer

    New Name: Flyer
    Adopted 07/29/2023

    Flyer is 9 months old and about 55#. He brings our family so much joy. Although he is our only dog, we do have dog friends that we Love to get together with! He is always up for an adventure, or just hanging out at home snuggled on your lap. Flyer is a tad bit spoiled, and we look forward to the future with this boy in our lives.

  • Roy

    Adopted 07/29/2023

    Roy is one happy boy. He has leaned out with exercise and never ending ball chasing. He successfully stayed at his grandparents for a week where he got spoiled endlessly. He is still not a fan of baths or the nail clippers but if he would stop playing in the dirt he wouldn’t need constant baths. He will explore and search some trash cans when left alone and not zonked out on the couch. In all honesty, we couldn’t have asked for a better companion. He is loved and living his best life. We are thrilled to include him in our every step.

  • LeRoy

    Adopted 07/26/2023

    Leroy is the LOVE ?? of my life. He loves his life here and he likes to go with me wherever I go. Even with those small legs he doesn't miss a step when I am on the move. He loves his BC sisters but wishes they would play with him more. He LOVES his toys and runs around like a maniac in the morning trying to get someone to chase him. He feel in LOVE ?? ?? with Sophie my last foster. They were inseparable and played 24 x 7 unless I was sitting on my chair when both of them would come up and pick a side to sit on. He loves to go wherever we are. He has been such a great addition to our family. As much as I didn't want to foster fail, I AM SO GLAD I DID!

  • Kobe

    New Name: Cooper
    Adopted 06/27/2023

    Cooper (the big guy) joined our family in July! He’s is an absolute sweetheart. We call him Super Cooper because he can easily jump six foot walls, but it’s only because he wants to meet and kiss anyone on the other side. We are working on that! He is goofy and a huge love. He’s an amazing addition to our family.

  • Roxy

    Adopted 06/18/2023

    Roxy is living her best life in Sun City.

  • Domingo

    Adopted 06/14/2023

    Domingo came into my life when I was not planning on adopting another dog, but my buddy Felix was declining fast and Domingo needed a loving place after being a Tijuana stray his whole life. Well, Felix passed away 6/2 and I decided Domingo was sent to me for a reason and adopted him. It was the best decision. We have road tripped to Northern Wisconsin together and it was amazing to watch him experience that. He is my buddy and shadow and I could not be happier to foster fail again with Domingo. We are both looking forward to our lives together and many more adventures.

  • Ladybird

    Adopted 06/09/2023

    Ladybird (we call her Bella now because she is such a beautiful dog) is doing great and loving life. She quickly got used to her new home and older sister. She loves going on long walks at our cabin in the mountains and is fascinated with all the wildlife. We also take her to doggy daycare occasionally where she gets to run with the other big dogs. Thanks to AZBCR for connecting us with our sweet girl.

  • Cheyenne

    Adopted 05/29/2023

    Cheyenne is a blessing for we two seniors. She is so calm, loves everybody she meets, and has become quite the popular girl in our hood.....we are delighted!

  • Lola

    Adopted 05/05/2023

    We adopted Lola on May 5th 2023, and she a very loved and happy pup. She is a younger sister to my 6 year old son and an older sister to my 6 month old baby girl. She gets wild and loves to play and rough house with my son and is the most gentle loving pup to my baby girl, only kisses and snuggles with her. Lola does well on a leash, does not like car rides, she gets car sick ?? something we can work on. Lola has truly completed our family and we love her dearly.

  • Dash

    New Name: Remy
    Adopted 04/30/2023

    Today is Remy’s (aka Dash) one month gotcha anniversary! He is the best boy ?? We took him to the river last week to see if he likes to swim. He acted like he wanted to but was happy being Zack’s cheerleader on the shore. Remy is excited for our summer adventures! He helped us pack up the trailer, enjoyed hanging out with Zack in the backseat, and now is enjoying 75 degrees and a peanut butter bone in Santa Fe! We will be spending time in NM, CO, MT, WA, OR, ID UT over the next 4 months. Remy is a great trail dog when we are running and hiking and we are excited to introduce him to mountain biking!

  • Mandy

    Adopted 04/25/2023

    From Mandy's perspective: My sisters are blind, and Aurora is real stubborn, so sometimes they need help getting around or coming inside. My job is to bring them to Dad. The trouble is that sometimes none of us are ready to! Even so, something in me wants to herd so I go from side to side to steer them to the house. Aurora the Husky loves to escape and has taught me lots of tricks! Dad worries when we get out and is always happy when we come back. Even though this makes him happy he wants us to stay in the yard, so part of my job is keeping Aurora home, or guiding her back if we are both outside the fence. Rescue people are different though. It's almost like they are part dog and are free with their love like us dogs are.

  • Maya

    New Name: Maya
    Adopted 04/18/2023

    We adopted our Maya back in April of this year. We rescued our lab Ranger in January. They just love each other! They both have puppy energy and play all day long. Maya weighed 25 pounds when we got her and now she’s around 45 pounds and looks very healthy. She is so loving and cuddly. She was s really a beautiful girl! We can’t imagine life without these pups. Thank you for letting us adopt Maya.

  • Trudy

    Adopted 04/08/2023

    Trudy had a hard time adjusting to the new home and our work schedules and for the first month she had really bad separation anxiety and she would cry and bark until we got home. But we started taking her to Camp BowWow daycare a couple times a week and she loves to play with all of her daycare friends. Now when she’s home, she just catches up on her naps. Trudy loves to play fetch and can play all day long. She loves to run wild at the dog park, go on walks and hikes, and is a squeaky toy fanatic. Trudy knows many commands like sit, paw, the ball, and more. She’s our little chatterbox-she expresses herself with adorable barks and growls when she wants attention, wants to play, or wants your food lol. She is still very shy and hesitant with new faces and startled at loud sounds, when she gets to know you she is a big cuddle bug. Since Trudy’s been home, she has filled our home with endless joy, , and continues to surprise us and make us laugh every day.

  • Bambino

    Adopted 04/01/2023

    Back in August of last year, I saw an announcement of a Border Collie in Tucson scheduled to be put down if no-one claimed him. He had open sores, ears filled with wax that was overflowing, caked on dirt, teeth that were filled with tar, valley fever and showed signs of being beaten - and he was only two years old. My husband and I fell in love with him from just one look. A generous and loving woman picked him up from the shelter and helped with transport to us in Phoenix. After a bath, and a meet and greet with his new brother and sister, he became a member of our family. He has gone through so much, X-Ray, needle bone biopsy, and more...he has always remained happy and loving. He has become a big mommas boy and daddy's boy as well as a great brother.

  • Benson

    New Name: Erik the Red
    Adopted 02/27/2023

    In November of 2022, we took Erik in to foster, and we just knew he was here to stay. Shortly after he joined our family he was diagnosed with Valley Fever, mostly in his pelvis and back legs, leaving him weak in the hind end. It didn't slow him down one bit. He had such a great attitude and even a sense of humor. He made fast friends with his new pack of 5 canine siblings, and adopting a Chichuahua mix as his bff. Unfortunately, he became weaker and the seizures became more frequent, so we knew it was time to say goodbye to him with dignity. We let him go in May of 2023, and is buried under the tree in his favorite shady spot. Our thanks to AZBCR for allowing us to foster, adopt and love Erik.

  • Nala

    Adopted 02/26/2023

    Here is that wonderful girl, Nala. She is doing well. We have been through a lot in three months but all is well. Nala has a regular schedule that includes a daily dog Walker session—to learn how to walk on a leash, and I take her out at night. On the weekend we go to the dog park where Nala loves to chase other dogs and bark at almost anything that moves fast—like bicycles. She has been to the vet for a check up and for a teeth cleaning. She has a clean bill of health. She loves to hang out on the tile floor, watch people out the window, and she loves to eat. But with all her exercise, Nala has actually lost a little weight. She is wonderful. Thank everyone at ABCR for taking good care of Nala and for giving her to me.

  • Jake

    New Name: Jake
    Adopted 02/16/2023

    Well, we are foster fails! It was bound to happen eventually. Jake is 1-2 years old, the only info we had on him was that he had been thrown from a vehicle in the middle of nowhere. Late on a Thursday night we drove out to pick him up, and were told that he was a GREAT DOG! We agreed immediately! We were smitten with his love bug nature and velcro abilities! 10 days later our 16 year old chow/shephard mix had a second stroke, and three days later we had to put him down. The hardest decision that we have to make as pet owners! This sweet boy has chosen my husband as his person, and they are quite the pair! Jake had his neuter surgery on Valentines day, and he is almost back to his old HAPPY self (he just hates the cone!) We are adjusting to a much more energetic dog, but it's been easy with this sweet soul! If you're on the fence about any of the dogs up for adoption, GO and meet them! And if you have it in your heart, FOSTER! Jake as our 6th foster, but he is HOME for good no

  • Jazzy

    Adopted 02/14/2023

    Another member of the foster fail club. I knew pretty quickly that I could not let this sweet girl go, so I adopted her and she became my valentine on February 14th. She fit right in and loves snuggling and sleeping on her canine sibling. She loves toys and has one with her at all times.

  • Spot

    New Name: Scout
    Adopted 02/10/2023

    Scout (previously Spot) has become an integral member of the family! He plays all the time with Lizzie, our other small collie rescue. Sleeps on any piece of furniture he wants including the bed. We trail walk for approximately 5 miles every morning and I am hoping to take him out trail riding with my horses in the winter this year. We love him to bits... he is a very smart, gentle, sweet boy! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make him a new member of the Murtagh Clan!

  • "Tux"edo

    Adopted 02/06/2023

    Another member of the foster fail club - Tuxedo put on the charm and made his foster family fall in love with him. He is now a permanent part of the family. His days are filled with ball zoomies and being chased by his oversized canine siblings. He is a great travel buddy and loves mommy snuggles. Huge thanks to AZBCR for rescuing him and his siblings.

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