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  • Rodeo

    Adopted 06/05/2018

    Rodeo, now Jo Jo is doing well spending the rest of the summer in the mountains of Colorado with his fur friend Inca

  • Dixie

    Adopted 05/28/2018

    Dixie was described by her foster family as a huge snuggler and good ball player. We hope her new family is enjoy those qualities about her.

  • Journey

    Adopted 05/12/2018

    I have had Journey for a month and a half now, so named because of the trip from Texas that she had to take to get here. Journey is a young dog, and hadn't received much, if any, training before coming to the rescue, but she has come a long way in that regard also. Thanks to her doggie siblings, Pearl and Max, also AZBCR alumni, she has learned how to sit politely for treats and breakfast, and she is learning to be as calm as possible before we leash up for a walk. She truly wants to please, and she keeps on trying until she gets it right. Journey is gentle and sweet, and as loving as they come, not a cranky bone in her body. She will often come up and give me a lick or 2, just to say hello and let me know she loves me. She leaves behind memories of rough treatment that made her initially shy away from a touch, and now welcomes pats, rubs, and hugs. Journey caught my eye when her foster posted photos of her - her gentle nature was evident in her beautiful eyes-and I fell for her.

  • Bonnie

    New Name: Meeka
    Adopted 05/12/2018

    Meeka (also known as Bonnie) is now named Sadie. She reminds me so much of my first Sadie. She is so loving. We walk around Sedona once a week. She gets out to run twice a day and the in house playing is going on all the time. She gets along good with my other two Kids. Kloie a 13 years old Border Collie and Rascal a 10 year old Westie who thinks he is a Border Collie to. In Sedona she loves seeing the Kids and going in the shops. Sadie is very well behaved. They all love the Verde River I call the three of the Kids River Rats. It was a very good match!!!! I want to Thank Arizona Border Collie Rescue Very Very Much Sadie is Very Special

  • Shelby

    New Name: Shelby
    Adopted 05/12/2018

    Shelby is a perfect fit for our household. She is a charming, free-spirit who loves her people deeply. She and Bisbee (aka Pansy/Pan, another AZBCR alum, adopted 2016) are two peas in a pod. There was no transition period, just an instant friendship between the pups. Shelby also likes her kitties and birdies, maybe a bit too much! I can’t thank AZBCR enough for bringing not just Shelby, but Bisbee, too, into our lives.

  • Nikka

    Adopted 05/12/2018

    Nikka is my 2nd AZBCR dog. She is pictured here with her sister Harper. They are very different. Harper had alot of struggles, but we worked through them and she is a treasured member of our family and my current agility partner. Nikka is spicy, confident and full of herself! Her and Harper have become fast friends. She loves everyone and is so much fun! As well as being an awesome little dog herself, I think she will help Harper become more confident and a more fulfilled dog.Love my AZBCR pups!

  • Max

    Adopted 05/11/2018

    Max's foster mom decided that he wasn't going anywhere else after being bounced around to several different homes in his early years. Lucky guy you are! She says you are sweet, gentle and very loving. Good boy, Max!

  • Annie

    Adopted 05/08/2018

    Annie's foster family said that she just loved to play with other dogs, bound around the house and snuggle. I'm gonna guess that she is keeping her new family busy and entertained with her antics and affection.

  • Chap

    Adopted 05/06/2018

    Returning to Arizona after a 37 year absence and after recently sending my 13 year old BC across the Rainbow Bridge, I looked into getting involved with AZBCR as a volunteer. I felt I was in no position to foster or adopt but wanted to help. To my surprise, 2 weeks after signing up, I was blessed with the opportunity to adopt Chap, a 10+ year old, blind stray from UT. This amazing boy has brought so much life into my home. He has adjusted nicely to my retired herding BC (BOND) and learned very quickly how to maneuver through his surroundings. Ever so curious about the cat (CREAM), Chap plays a constant land based game of Marco Polo the cat always the winner-whew! Chap enjoys short walks and once and awhile getting the ball during playtime. A bonus I wasn’t expecting, Chap has become my hearing assistant. Often not hearing my phone ring, Chap alerts me every time to answer. Together we are a team therapy dog/person. Adopting an old dog has so many rewards.

  • Coco Bear

    New Name: Tulane
    Adopted 05/01/2018

    Fostering, not adoption, was on my playlist for this summer, but all good stories have their share of plot twists. A conversation with my principal had us both considering the possibility of a therapy dog for our school and then another conversation took place. This one was with foster mom, Lori, who described a 4 month old puppy with a heart as big as his ears. Upon meeting him, with those mischievous green eyes, glowing even brighter set against the red brown of his fur, I thought “maybe.” I took in the freckled feet, the permanent smile on his face and the gentleness of his heart, evident in how freely he gives kisses away. There is a book I read to my class each year, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. It’s a story of a china rabbit who learns the purpose of a heart is to give and receive love. I knew I had found my Tulane. In May he became baby brother to AZBCR alum, Keagan. We begin the miraculous journey of training in hopes of becoming a therapy dog.

  • Drexel

    Adopted 04/29/2018

    We received Drexel on Cinco de Mayo. He is a very friendly, inventive, clever, full of energy dog. We walk him once a day, because of the heat, once it cools down we will walk him twice a day again. We try to play indoor games like tug-of-war to burn off his energy. He is always up for a game of tug-of-war. We try to go out and throw a Frisbee and a tennis ball in the morning or during the day, but it is very hot right now, so Drexel is not up for more than 10 tosses. We think he might have a bit of an allergy to certain foods, because sometimes he will nip at his tail and rub his nose – as though it is itching him, we are in the process of having him eat anti-allergenic food and monitoring his progress. His itching has calmed down, so we think he is ready for formal obedience training, his first lesson is tomorrow. All in all he is a very special, loyal, smart, loving, friendly dog – and has been a stellar addition to the family.

  • Tess

    Adopted 04/29/2018

    Tess is the love of my life, she has adjusted so well that she tell me where she wants to sleep and when she wants to go to the dog park, She has made lots of great friends at the park and last week she got to experience her first water day, needless to say, I couldn't get her out of lake pleasant. She has been to the groomer, they love her and say she is wonderful to work on. She has her own VET who also has a border collie and the VET Dr. Young, loves Tess and says she is in great health. She has big basket of toys and love playing catch with her ball. The people in my complex love seeing her and always want to pet her. She has worked her way out of the kennel and has the run of the house and loves laying on the cool wooden floors. She is a happy lady for sure.

  • Tucker

    New Name: Tucker
    Adopted 04/23/2018

    I adopted Jax (Formerly known as Tucker) in April 2018. I was impressed with him right away when he didn’t make a sound on the way home in the car. He just watched as cars passed and birds flew by out the window. From then on I discovered there are two sides to Jax, he has a calm, laid back side, and a seemingly never run out of energy side. He is still a puppy and gets very excited when meeting other people and especially new dogs. At home, Tax loves playing with his toys but also likes to take naps. I have discovered he will tolerate sleeping in his kennel but definitely prefers to be up on the bed. Overall, Jax has been great. He is so smart and easy to train. We are currently working on using just hand motions without voice with our tricks. From the picture, you can see Jax is always ready for a hike. He loves to go outside of Phoenix where the weather is nicer for a full day hike. Jax is my first dog outside of my family’s dogs. I can’t wait to get him a friend!

  • Patch

    Adopted 04/22/2018

    We welcomed Patch to our family on April 22nd and he has just blended right in! Patch is the biggest lover and cuddler and we couldn't be more in love! We are so blessed and thankful to AZ Border Collie Rescue for bringing Patch into our lives!

  • Ducky

    Adopted 04/21/2018

    His foster mom said that Ducky just loves to be with his people so I'm sure he is glued to the side of his new forever family.

  • Felix

    Adopted 04/20/2018

    I did the relinquishment for Felix, which was heart wrenching and fostered him. I had been looking for a female red head to adopt the last few months because after my Meg went to the rainbow bridge I have not had a female BC in the house. Well, after about 3 days I knew Felix wasn't going anywhere. He gets along great with Talley, is learning how to get along with Baxter who can be a bit finnicky with other dogs, and has been great with my foster. Felix is so much fun to have around....he loves to play ball, go for walks and car rides, and loves to cuddle. His best move is getting in between your legs, sitting down, and not letting you go anywhere to you give him some love. Anyways, I was not planning on adopting another male but sometimes when the right dog comes along you can't fight it and the right dog came along. I am so excited to see what adventures and trouble Felix and I can get into together.

  • Nugget

    Adopted 04/20/2018

    Nugget is doing great. He was a very nervous untrusting dog when he came to me. Everyone agrees he is getting so much better. We take him everywhere, shopping, to dinner, to the park, to work - he is learning that the world is very fun and loving. I believe, he is loving his new life He enjoys frisbee probably the most amazing frisbee dog I have ever seen. He gets serious air hangtime and catches everything. He goes to doggy daycare, loves the staff and enjoys the other dogs. Stitch the wonder dog - my other rescue and Nugget snuggle and play He is still a little nervous with the vet, however, he is doing better, does wear a muzzle when he is there but he is making headway. My vet is awesome and is working with him - invites him into the office just to hang out and get treats. He loves car rides, taking pictures and is being social. I would not call him a kids dog since anything small that moves on its own, is something to be chased - we are again working with this piece.

  • Maple

    New Name: Willie
    Adopted 04/18/2018

    We are very happy with the addition to our family. He is an amazing dog and is living a wonderful life full of love.

  • Gibbs

    Adopted 04/18/2018

    Gibbs (in bandana) is our second foster "failure". He is pictured here with Zeke, our first foster "failure". We had not planned on adopting again while old Zeke is still with us but Gibbs quickly changed our minds. The Urban Dictionary defines the word gentleman as one "whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety". That fits Gibbs to a T. He is friendly and well behaved with all the two-legged and four-legged individuals he meets. We are looking forward to many happy years with Gibbs at our side (and under foot, of course).

  • Gigi

    New Name: Gigi
    Adopted 04/15/2018

    We welcomed Gigi to our family in March. She is our 2nd rescue from AZBCR and had a pretty rough start as a puppy. We adopted her at 9 weeks old and she has already grown so big! She loves taking walks with sister Bailey and will start taking Puppy Lessons later this summer. She is definitely a puppy....loves to explore and chew everything!"

  • Priscilla

    New Name: Grey
    Adopted 04/15/2018

    Thank you to the AZBCR for bringing Priscilla (aka Grey) into our life. We love her, but she is a crazy dog! Every time she is given a new treat or toy, she has to take it outside- even in the rain! She doesn’t just walk through the dog door but blasts through like a bullet. Every time! And she’s always smiling. Just happy, happy, happy. These dogs are the best, eh?

  • Phyllis/Zoe

    New Name: Zoe
    Adopted 04/14/2018

    Four years ago, we lost our beloved Irish Setter. After we healed a bit, we began looking for a new dog and went on the AZBCR site. On it was a photo of a puppy named Phyllis and we were smitten. However, we were not meant to meet her then. We kept an open mind and set up a visit to meet her remaining litter mates because she had just been adopted the day before our visit. We were sad that we would not get to meet her but happy she had found a home. During our visit we fell head over heels in love with her sister, Lizzie who we adopted and named, Bertie. Imagine our surprise when we recently heard that Phyllis, who was renamed Zoe, was back with AZBCR. The moment we heard the news, we knew we wanted her in our family. Zoe is adorable and has fit in so well with our routines and lifestyle. It feels as though she belonged here all along and we couldn't be happier. Reuniting the sisters has been amazing! Thank you AZBCR!

  • Pippa

    New Name: Harley
    Adopted 04/14/2018

    Hi I'm Harley now (formerly Pippa). I'm the cutest, softest baby girl. Probably a BC mixed with mini Aussie. I'm pretty active and getting braver ever day. My new family is gonna have a lot of fun with me.

  • Charlotte

    Adopted 04/14/2018

    Charlotte is a regular member of our family and we all just love her so much. She loves her 5am walks around the neighborhood and going to the dog park in the evenings to chase tennis balls and be herded by her sister Helen the cattle dog. The two dogs get along great, they really enjoy each others company and the look out for each other. Her kidneys remain stable and she acts like nothing is wrong. Our vet did her dental work several weeks ago and she has pearly whites now. Took her for a swim in the pool for the first time this week. She trusted me and seemed to enjoy it when she got out. Still working on teaching her to swim to the steps. On the weekend, she is the garden manager and insists on getting squirted with the hose when Heather is watering. Chasing lizards is another hobby of hers. We also found out that she doesn't like big black crows. She barks at them when they fly over.She is a perfectly well mannered border collie.

  • Dakota

    New Name: Max
    Adopted 04/13/2018

    Max is such a love, and we are over the moon about him. Even my "I-have-dog-allergies" husband just loves him and lets him sleep in our room! Max quickly assimilated into our family and is best buds with our same-aged Golden, Honey. They keep our large yard bunny-free, and have fun chasing each other and grappling like puppies. We are so happy he's in our family. What an unexpected joy!

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