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  • Luke

    Adopted 12/30/2006

    Luke was adopted by a family in Flagstaff, who are soon moving to California to live on 20 acres and raise Welsh ponies.

  • Bo

    New Name: Will
    Adopted 12/30/2006

    Bo (now named Will) was adopted by an active family in Ahwatukee area. Even though he left his brother, Luke, he has a new canine sister, Riley, to run with, two human siblings and a mom and dad, all of whom love to hike in the mountains. Happy life, sweet boy!

  • Chad

    Adopted 12/27/2006

    12/27/06 Chad was adopted by a wonderful family in Prescott.

  • Ryanne

    Adopted 12/26/2006

    Ryanne has a new adoptive family who love her energy and playfulness. Happy new life, little girl! Your foster mom misses you a lot.

  • Shaymus

    Adopted 12/23/2006

    Shaymus was lucky enough to find a wonderful home in Phoenix, with a couple who treasure their dogs. They were so taken with the special relationship between Shaymus and Brigh (two young border collies who got to know each other while in foster care) that they adopted them together.

  • Flip

    New Name: Bauer
    Adopted 12/23/2006

    12/20/06 Flip has been adopted, he will go to his new home in a few days (after his neuter). The family is very excited about their new baby!

  • Kaos

    New Name: Flurry
    Adopted 12/23/2006

    Kaos was adopted by a devoted family who think she is so sweet and wonderful that our name for this active girl was undeserved. They renamed her Flurry. Happy life, happy girl!

  • Jamee

    Adopted 12/21/2006

    12/20/06 Adopted by a very nice RV'ing woman. Happy travels Jamee. KQ

  • Hitch

    Adopted 12/19/2006

    12/17/06 Hitch was adopted by a wonderful family in Flagstaff - here's to a good life!

  • Casey

    Adopted 12/18/2006

    12/16/06 Casey was adopted by a wonderful family in Phoenix - here's to a great life Casey!

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